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review 2015-02-03 20:32
Alpha Falling
Alpha Falling - Syls Darkplace

Read years ago, so correct me if any of my information is wrong, but I still remember it was pretty good and that I definitely enjoyed it.

Alpha Falling has a very interesting concept regarding the ABO universe: alphas can be turned into omegas when fucked by another alpha. This is exactly what happens with alphas Jared and Jensen, where Jared decides to get revenge on Jensen by turning him, only to have it backfire when he knots Jensen, thereby tying the two together forever, mating them. Many complications arise after the mating, especially since the transformation also bumps Jensen down in the social hierarchy, and Jared is already in a relationship with Dana, although the two aren't mated. Jared and Dana come to realize that their relationship isn't going to continue to work and the two break up and eventually Jared and Jensen form their own relationship, consensual and with children of their own.

Not the best writing, and if you have problems with (initial) cheating then this story isn't for you. But it's definitely worth a read for the ABO concept it presents, since I don't believe I've seen it used in any other story.

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review 2015-01-27 20:58
Most Prized Possession
Most Prized Possession - mznaughty01 Most Prized Possession - mznaughty01

An amusing, light and easy read. But, while it is pretty enjoyable, I would've liked there to be a sequel or a second chapter, although that isn't necessary, just something I would personally like, since the author ends the fic with a glimpse of what is to come for Jared and Jensen now that they have been mated.


“We’re doing this, so I figured we should at least know each other’s names. I’m Jensen. And you’re a fucking moron.”

“I’ve been called worse,” Jared said, a smug smirk covering his face. “But the name is Jared.”

“Or fucking moron.”

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review 2015-01-06 20:30
Wood, Screws, & Nails
Wood, Screws, & Nails - Piper Vaughn,Kade Boehme

So. Shit happened in this book and...yeah. I don't even know. I skipped through most of it. Partially that's because I'm more in the mood for watching TV shows damnit Baba! but mostly I just couldn't get into this story from the very start. Nothing about it pulled me in, not even the sex.

And slam went the first thrust.


I'm disappointed because I've really liked other stories by both these authors (Vaughn = An Oral Fixation*4stars, Three Strikes*4stars, One True Thing*3stars and Boehme = Trouble & the Wallflower*5stars) but the combination just didn't work for me. Oh well, moving on.

Note: not rated because I literally skimmed through everything after the first chapter.

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review 2015-01-05 22:40
Bird Meets Cage
Bird Meets Cage - Anyta Sunday

3.5 stars

There has been a lot of hype for this story so I was expecting a bit more out of it. It's certainly good and I understand why people have been liking it so much, but I kept hoping for it to captivate me only to be left wanting.

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review 2015-01-05 09:10
Carve Your Kisses in My Skin
Carve Your Kisses in My Skin - jmcats

3.25 stars

Not quite what I was hoping for, but all around still a good fic.

Often the prose flows rather beautifully (from what little I've read of the fanfiction for this fandom that seems to be a constant) but there are quite a few times where little errors will pop up that disrupt the flow. It happens often enough in this one that it's rather distracting and makes this a bit of an awkward read in parts. Although you could argue that the stop and go moments, especially if it makes you fumble or double back, only adds to the atmosphere of the character's youth and teenage moments of awkwardness. From that perspective, the prose is probably pretty flawless. Still, I found myself nitpicking this just a bit, which made it difficult to get lost in the story as I was hoping to do, as had happened with the previous two 1D fics I've had the pleasure of reading.

Overall this was still enjoyable.

Note: for anyone who cares, Zayn uses the word "babe" a total of 16 times throughout this fic. Does anyone know if Zayn actually says babe that often irl? It's cute and sweet, but close to too much for me.

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