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photo 2020-06-01 10:19
Thrift Shopping: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Buy Clothes

Thrift shopping is taken from the word ‘thrift shop’, which may be a store that sells pre-loved or second-hand stuff that's still decent and wearable. one among the most reasons why people prefer to shop in thrift stores is thanks to its super low price. Clothes that are sold in thrift stores in Destin, FL might not be that trendy or in-style, but it becomes all the more reason for you to be creative in mix-and-matching the garments that you simply stumbled upon. Furthermore, thrift shopping exposes the likelihood for you to seek out a hidden gem or limited-edition clothes that are not any longer sold within the market. 

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url 2020-05-30 11:55
Amazon Clone Script | Amazon Clone App | Multivendor Ecommerce Script

Launch your own Multi Vendor eCommerce platform like Amazon. We Employcoder provides you the complete Amazon Clone Script package which possesses both Amazon Clone Website and as well as Amazon clone app for Android and iOS.

Source: www.employcoder.com/amazon-clone
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text 2020-05-27 00:13
Murderbot books!

Artificial Condition - Martha Wells  Rogue Protocol - Martha Wells  Exit Strategy - Martha Wells  Network Effect - Martha Wells  


My last book order before finding out that layoffs are in my library's near future (how near? who knows!) has arrived. I now have a pile of Murderbot books. Yes, they were pretty expensive considering most of them are novellas priced more like novels, and if I do have to move sometime in the next few months I'll probably regret getting them as physical books. But hey, what's a handful more when you already own enough to fill four bookcases, right?


Anyway, they're very nice, and I'm looking forward to reading them. I'm hoping that Booklikesopoly will be accommodating and put me on a spot that lets me read Artificial Condition after I finish the third volume of Ascendance of a Bookworm.

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text 2020-05-26 11:40
5 best places in Malaysia for your honeymoon

A Honeymoon is one of the most memorable occasions in a couple’s married lives. It is the first journey that they embark on after the auspicious ceremony. The factor that makes a honeymoon vacation more memorable is the destination that they choose. There is no rule set on paper as to where one should go for their honeymoon vacations. Some couples might prefer adventure and exploration, they might visit New Zealand or South Africa. Some couples would want to indulge in a lot of cultural exploration, they would prefer Europe or South-East Asia. Some couples would just want to indulge in leisure and luxury and they might choose the island and beach destinations. The choice of destination varies from couple to couple.

One thing that is common to all honeymooners is that they want the destination to be memorable, scenic and give them the space to enjoy each other's company. Honeymooners who are looking for pristine beaches, untapped nature and cosmopolitan cities should have Malaysia in their list of places.

Top 5 best places in Malaysia for a honeymoon vacation

The Top 5 best places in Malaysia for a honeymoon vacation are

1. Langkawi
2. Perhentian Islands
3. Tioman Islands
4. Mabul Island
5. Batu Ferringhi Beach

1. Langkawi

Langkawi is the largest island in the archipelago consisting of 104 exotic islands with pristine waters and white sandy beaches. This famous island is also popularly known as the jewel of Kedah. The Langkawi islands are one of the best places in Malaysia for a honeymoon vacation.

The Langkawi island is famous for its duty-free shopping, beautiful beaches, paddy fields and lush greenery. The island is a nature lover’s delight. One should go there to enjoy the shopping and the scenic beauty of Malaysia.


The best time to visit Langkawi is between November and April. One can reach Langkawi through air travel with the national carriers. You can also choose to take a ferry, but it would be a much longer journey.

Recommended Experiences in Langkawi

1. Duty-free shopping


On your trip to Langkawi, duty-free shopping should be on top of the bucket list of things to do. Some of the vendors give huge discounts which should not be missed. It is to be noted that one is eligible for Duty-free shopping only if they stay in Langkawi for 48 hours or more.



2. Langkawi Underwater world


The underwater world in Langkawi houses one of the largest freshwater and marine aquariums in South East Asia.



3. Sunset Cruises


Sunset cruises are one of the most romantic ways to spend your time in Langkawi. If you are lucky enough, you will also be able to see dolphins and flying fish.


2. Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands is an ideal getaway for honeymooners in Malaysia. The Perhentian Islands have two main islands, The Besar which is preferred by couples and families and the Kecil which is preferred by budget backpackers. The Perhentian islands are perfect for leisure vacation and water sport and adventure activities. One should not miss out on Scuba diving and trekking.


The best time is to visit from March to October. Travellers can fly in from Kuala Lumpur, take a train or bus from Kuala Terengganu or Kota Bharu and take a ferry from Kuala Besut.

Recommended Experiences in Perhentian Islands

1. Diving at Turtle Bay


Diving at Turtle bay gives the option of diving with whales and octopuses. If you are a beginner you can also take a 3-hour crash course on Diving.



2. Enjoy the Sunset in a Beach bar


This is a no brainer in the Perhentian Islands. The islands are one of the best places to enjoy the sunset at the beach as you sip your cocktails in the bar.



3. Jungle Trekking


The Perhentian islands are not just famous for their beaches, but also their lush green forests suitable for a trek.



3. Tioman Islands

The Tioman Islands which is one of the most popular nature reserves in Malaysia is located in the South China sea. This island is famous for its emerald dragon shape. The Tioman islands are covered with beautiful exotic beaches with lots of mountain streams and lush green forests.


The best time to visit the island is from March to October. One can fly to Tioman Island to the Pulau Tioman Airport.

Recommended Experiences in Tioman island:

1. Visit the Asah Waterfall


The Asah waterfall is a small yet breathtaking waterfall that can be reached after a short hike in the jungles.



2. Watersports


Tioman Island is also very famous for its watersports activities.




4. Mabul Island

Mabul Island is one of the most underrated honeymoon destinations in Malaysia. It is home to long sandy beaches, clear waters and lush greenery. As it is not a major tourist destination, you are guaranteed your privacy. You need not bother renting a car as it is a small island that can be covered on foot. It is one of the best places to experience Muck Diving.




The best time to visit the island is from March to October. The best way to reach the island is to travel to Semporna and take a short boat ride from there.

Recommended Experiences in Mabul:

1. Visit the Bajau Laut Village


The Bajau Laut Village is also known as the village of sea gipsies. These people are the last of the marine nomads in Southeast Asia.


2. Muck Diving


Mabula island is one of the best places in the world to experience Muck diving and explore the reefs.


3. Explore the waters in a transparent kayak.

5. Batu Ferringhi Beach

The Batu Ferringhi Beach which is also known as the foreigners rock is a perfect beach honeymoon destination. This beach located near Penang, on the northwestern side of George Town, is perfect for honeymoon vacations. Its long beaches accommodated by the top beach resorts make it an ideal getaway.


The beach can be visited pretty much most of the year except for the rainy months of October and November. The best way to reach the island is to go to Penang airport and take a cab or a bus.

Recommended Experiences:

1. One should not miss out on the open-air bazaar shopping. This night market is one of the best places to shop for Malaysian souvenirs.



2. The beach is also perfect for a lot of water sport activities.


These are the top 5 best honeymoon destinations in Malaysia. One can pick their choice based on their preferences. One can plan their honeymoon vacation with the experts at Pickyourtrail and get the best honeymoon packages to visit these exotic locations. 

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photo 2020-05-11 05:08
Benefits of The Secondhand Clothing Industry

The secondhand clothing industry’s environment benefits range from reducing carbon emissions to saving water and reducing waste. A garment that's purchased through the secondhand market helps to save the resources. Similarly, for fabrics that are made up of plants, like cotton and flax many gallons of water and plenty of harmful pesticides are needed to grow the crops, while the manufacture of clothing from these fibers also has numerous hazardous impacts on environment. Thrift shopping at thrift shops in Destin, FL can be so much fun. It takes a little bit of time, patience and practice. In the end, it is rewarding and you can really find the best things. 

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