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review 2018-04-05 21:40
This was good...I mean it was totally good...
Together Tied - Mary Calmes

'Together Tied' was an awesome little present from the author. Seriously before you read this one you need to read or refresh yourself on the authors series 'A Matter of Time', the standalone story 'Acrobat' (one of my personal favorites) and truthfully being relevant on 'Mine' and the her latest series 'The Vault' might be helpful as well...all I'm going to say here is 'gun' and what the hell while we're at it let's throw in a refresher on 'Kairos' for good measure.


I actually read this one in the middle of the night. My brain was not in sleep mode so I figured what the hell, why waste some good reading time and I dove right into this little gem and emerged just in time to grab a couple of hours of sleep before I had to start my day.


'Together Tied' is definitely more than a cute little Valentine's/ 'slice of life' story. As well as giving us a glimpse at what some of my favorite MC characters are up to...this one bridges a events from a whole lot of stories together. Touching either directly or indirectly on how certain events and people connect. 


I've decided that when it comes to playing the game 'six degrees of separation' in books Ms. Calmes is the master of the game. I don't think I've ever encountered an author who has so skillfully joined so many books both series and standalones together and not only that but we need to keep in mind that her books have also oveflowed into series by other authors as well...I'mma lookin' at you Ms Rhys Ford. I realize that for some this can become confusing especially if you've missed out on some of those books but I can't help but say that for me it's like catnip...I want more and yes, it does make me so happy that I purr with delight. 


While there are a few books by this author that haven't connected to these stories yet...I look forward to seeing how long that will last...will Jory and Stefan Josh ever meet? I hope not because I'm pretty sure the world would implode and what about Sam Kage and Rand? Seriously that's more testosterone than any one room or ranch in Texas could every handle...but, at the same time...think about it? Wouldn't it be fabulous? And then we could add in Ian and Miro, Ceaton & Brin, Darius & Efrem, Trevon & Landry and Lee...please, can we have more about The Vault's Knight, Lee and just all the secondary characters who haven't gotten their stories yet...the connections to be made...seriously...mind blown!!! on how amazing this would be.



A copy of 'Together Tied' is available to readers through 'instafreebie' or on the authors website.

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review 2018-04-01 02:07
So here's the deal...
Tell Me It's Real - T.J. Klune

I'm going to keep this short and sweet or now because times a wasting and I have to dedicate my attention to other thing...you see big changes are coming in my life those of you who have chatted with me over the past few years will know I've been living in a different province than the one I was born and grew up in but that's about change so it's time to pack my things because we're going home but in the mean time...


This book was awesome, it was at times touching and frequently amusing from quiet 'isn't that adorable' smiles to laugh out loud I I think I just peed my pants hilarity. I loved it. For me it was just what I needed during a challenging time and while I do need to take a break from this series at the moment I am very much looking forward to returning to it...maybe on the drive back to Ontario. Who knows...all I know for sure is I will finish listening to it as soon as possible. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who likes to cheer for the underdog and needs a chuckle...the kind where you're laughing with someone but not at them.


Ok, cheers and I'm outta' here. Hopefully I'll get to come back one day soon and write something that does this story justice but in the meantime if I don't read the story and have a chuckle or two. Paul and Vince really are a fun pair.

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review 2018-04-01 00:58
So daddy kink...not my thing...nope, nope, nope, I've always said it's on my 'no go' list...
Power Play - Cara Colter

and I have been frequently known to say 'never say never.' what happened here is not only proof of that but it's proof of the fact that a good book is a good book and when it comes to Cara Dee and her series 'Camassia Cove' a good book seems to be a given. While 'Power Play' isn't listed as one of the books in the 'Camassia Cove' series but as a stand alone it not only takes place mostly in 'Camassia Cove' it involves many of the characters that have been introduced in that series and for me it really should be it's just too connected to so many of the characters not to be...but that's just my meandering thoughts. I haven't read all of the 'Camassia Cove' books, but,  I have read enough to be familiar with the characters and their background stories. A fact that I think made this story just that little bit more enjoyable for me. 


Now, if you haven't read this book or any of the other books in this series but plan to than please stop here and come back when you've read the books. If you don't ever plan to read these books...well, I'm not sure I get you and if we're friends? Well, really you must be freakin' amazing for us to...no never mind, we're friends of course you're  amazing... anyways, carry on.


The other fun part of reading this story for me was that I got to read it with my Buddy Read Besties...Christelle, Josy and Simone, because what's a buddy read without an official stalker, right? You are all awesome and reading a story like this with friends like you is...well, it's just more fun than a barrel of monkeys.


'Power Play' is about a relationship that most people would deem outside of the norm...some would even say it's wrong, but that's because sometimes people are quick to judge. So lets take a look at the basic dynamics here before I get into all the thoughts, feelings and questions that this story provoked in me...


Madigan has known Abel and his brother from a very early age and was a close friend not only to their father but to Adie and Lincoln their adoptive parents he became a regular fixture in their lives when their father passed away and has always shared a special bond with Abel but Abel's not a little boy anymore...he's a hockey player in the NHL and he deals not only with the attention that this brings which can be challenging for anyone but for someone who has Bipolar Disorder it's an even more stressful life to lead. Consistency and routine are crucial to Abel but no one grounds him and just gets him like Mad (Madigan) and when Abel sends a simple text that reveals how he feels about Mad things between them become strained and suddenly Abel finds Mad avoiding him at every opportunity and Abel begins to unravel little by little until he suddenly finds himself with too much time on his hands after getting suspended from his team and decides to head home to Camassia, his family and to face Madigan.


Ok so now you've got the gist of things. We've got Madigan Monroe who's 40ish, making him approximately 20ish some years older than Abel and he's known Abel for most of Abel's  life...yeah, that's right we've arrived folks...we're in the land of Daddy kink...now, before you question the blurb or wonder how I missed this...I didn't I knew what I was getting myself into but I have these awesome friends who were there and saying 'come on Karen, read it with us. We'll hold your hand and keep you safe and then there was Christelle sitting there with me going I will if you will and Josy who being much braver than the apprehensive old ladies just smiled and offered encouragement and support until we all admitted that we knew we were doing this and got on with it.


I have to admit I've only ever read one other book that was about daddy kink...ok, I didn't really read it I listened to the audio book and can I just say...I totally blame Nick J. Russo for that one, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. So back to 'Power Play'. I have no other words for this but apprehension. Abel's not figuratively young enough to be Mad's son, he's literally young enough and he's known Mad since he was a wee little guy and Mad's been a sort of father figure for him for a good chunk of his life...seriously I was not seeing this as something that would go well and part way through it what I realized was that I was seeing how I thought the story would work for me and not how it really did work.


I was pretty much blown away by how easily the author just sucked me right into this one. It's got Daddy kink and DD/lb (which I didn't have to look up because I have friends who write awesome reviews and I might have done some peeking before I went into this one...not the norm for me but sometimes a little research helps. So if you want to know more before you read this one check out the book page and the fabulous reviews already posted on GoodReads for this title and others in Cara Dee's 'Camassia Cove' series. 


Ok, so at the bottom of all this was a story about two men who have loved each other for a long time but as with most things in this world they have both grown and changed and when this happens what was isn't always what's needed. Mad and Abel have both grown and the changes that's brought about in each of their lives has necessitated a change in their relationship dynamics and how it's going to work for them. I found myself wondering if Abel was my kid would I want this type of relationship for him and surprisingly I realized that yes I would. If it was as positive for him and enabled him to continue to spread his wings and grow to become all that he was capable of being while meeting his needs regardless of how I may feel about or perceive those needs because it's not for me to judge, than yes, I would love and support my child in their relationship. Ultimately as a parent it should be my child's happiness that matters most not whether or not my perceptions are met and then I wondered...if Madigan was my friend would I want this for him? and again my head and my heart said yes, if it made him truly happy than as his friend I should want that for him because again perceptions vs. happiness for those I care about...there's no real decision to be made here.


'Power Play' is not the first Cara Dee novel that's made me ask myself questions like these and I really enjoy that when an author not only draws me into an incredible story but leave me wondering and questioning myself and what I would think or do at the end of it...touching base with myself to ensure that I'm still the person that I want to be.


 There were other events in this story that I know concerned some readers and just to name the elephant in the room because it's been discussed to death and hey, you warned ages ago that if you planned on reading this book you needed to not go any further so I'm just going to touch briefly on the threesome that occurred towards the end of the book and all I'm going to say is that for me this was handled by the author in such a way as to make it totally a non-issue in my reading experience. In fact to be totally honest it was hot and really solidified the connection for me that was between Madigan and Abel. 


So far all the books that I've read in this series have all gotten 5 stars and while I only gave this one 4 stars that was probably as much a reflection of my personal comfort level with the topic of age play and daddy kink and it was any niggles that I may have had. But despite that I am so glad that I read this book and I really enjoyed it, I may not have loved every page but I definitely loved a whole lot more than I didn't so overall this was a win no doubt about it and if you're looking to check out a story about daddy kink, DD/lb, age play or just something good to read I definitely recommend this one...right after you've at  least read book #5 and possibly #3 from 'Camassia Cove' trust me you'll enjoy this all the more for having done that little thing and they're good stories by an awesome author...really, what have you got to loose?

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review 2018-03-31 01:34
Yes...I'm the great prorastinator...procrastinating all over town...
Dantes Unglued - Rinda Elliott,Jocelynn Drake

My need is such that I procrastinate too much...


Ok, I've procrastinated more than a little bit on this one. It's been well over a month since I went on a buddy read adventure with my awesome buddy read friends, Simone, Josy & Christelle...yep, the usual suspects and while I can only speak for myself, I know I was really, really excited to read this one...because...Quinn!!! Quinn is the awesome adorable oober geek at Ward Security and he's been around for a while. We've gotten a peek at him here and there in previous stories and I have a soft spot for geeks so naturally I was vary, vary happy to see him get a story of his own and I have to admit I was kind of hoping it would be with one of the men who worked as security for Ward Security... because you know adorable geek and big hunky security guard? What's not to love...but that's not quite what we got, however we did get adorable geek and hunky security guard...just not one of Ward's. So I can deal, I'm all grown up and stuff...that and the fact that our lovely Spymama, Simone posted copies of the authors inspiration for Quinn and can I just say for me they nailed it. I mean let's face it how the author envisions a character isn't always the same as what the reader is imagining but in this case the author's inspiration for Quinn and actually for Shane as well were both perfect.


Shane works for a private investigations firm and we were given a brief glimpse of him in a previous book when Hollis was let go from the local police force and accepted a position working with Shane at the Merleau Detection Agency and if this is all getting a bit confusing for you I strongly recommend reading this series from the beginning or better yet go back and start with the first book in the authors' series 'Unbreakable Bonds' because that's were a lot the background for this series really begins. So I'm going to jump back into this story and leave the background research up to you the reader.


When Shane accepts a case working for the mayor of Cincinnati he quickly figures out two things one he needs a computer expert and two things are not as he's been led to believe them to be. After meeting with Rowan Ward the owner of Ward Securities and one of the main characters from 'Unbreakable Bonds' he has himself a computer specialist...a very, sexy, cute, hot, adorable, geeky and oh my god why is he noticing this computer specialist named Quinn.


Quinn on the other hand takes one look at Shane and knows he's screwed 'Shane is pure trouble' for Quinn. He pushes all of Quinn's hot buttons and while resistance may be futile neither man is going to give in without a fight.


While I know that 3.5 stars is not a bad rating by any means I was feeling a bit disappointed because I truthfully was expecting to be over the moon crazy about this one. Maybe, I was being ridiculously silly with my expectations...I'm still not sure. I know there was a lot that I liked about this story. I honestly liked dichotomy of Quinn's work persona versus his personal image. When it came to his work Quinn was confident and outspoken he had total faith in his skills and abilities but when it came to his personal life it was a whole different story...Quinn was quiet, reserved, at times very obviously insecure and when it comes to relationships Quinn's not a one night stand. He's a take him home to meet the rents kind of guy but Shane...well, he likes his life, he enjoys playing things fast and easy...wham, bam thank you ma'am...err...sir? anyways, you get my drift.


Not only did Shane and Quinn have very differing ideas on relationships but they also had very different mothers. Shane's mother was...well...basically she was a total bitch and Quinn's mother...well, she was epic, awesome and incredibly heartbreaking all at once...this had me clutching my teddy bear and grabbing the tissues.


I also very much enjoyed getting a peek at Sven and Geoffrey, yes they are still adorable and Royce...we all love Royce. His story hasn't happened yet but soon...it's happening very soon and we are all going to be there...right ladies? and I think we all fell a little in love with Dominic and his boxer shorts, right?


So we've got characters that I absolutely loved both main and secondary, a story that I was totally on board with and an overall solid plot problem was the connection between Shane and Quinn just never quite happened for me...I mean I read and I read...well actually we did me and my buddy read besties...read and read to the very end and as I've already said there was a lot that I liked even some things that I loved and still that moment when things click into place and I could feel the connection between the MCs just never quite happened.


For some of us it was one character or the other that didn't work and for others like myself it I can't honestly say why I didn't feel the connection, but I didn't, things just didn't click and that's why this ended up being a 3.5 it was good and I liked it read rather than the 5 'oh-my-stars-and-garters-this-book-rocked-my-world' read that I'd been hoping for and yet, I'm totally on board for the next story...'Deadly Dorian' that's right folks dust off your classics and get ready for Royce's story it coming soon and I can't wait to see how this will all pan out...I'm going in with 5 stars for this next one, just like always for me they all start out with 5 stars it's what happens once I start reading that determines whether they keep them or not.

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review 2018-03-30 02:42
Let me just start by saying 3.5 stars is not that bad...unless...
Guns n' Boys: Gilded Agony - K.A. Merikan

everyone else is giving it 5 stars?


In the scheme of things I just couldn't connect with Seth and Dom this time around and in a strange way I think it kind of speaks to how good the author are because for much of this story Seth and Dom were at odds and they just weren't connecting with each other. So maybe I was just being overly empathetic...I don't know.


First off I'm just going to say if you haven't read the previous books in this series...well, seriously I'm not sure I understand you because I love this series and these guys are seriously hot...broken in so many ways but hot!!!


While this story does have its fair share of action and suspense in it...Dom's lost a five million dollar gun shipment and to add to his matters he's got to deal with the mysterious Diago who seems to rub on Dom in all the wrong ways while trying to rub on Seth in all the ways that could get a man dead if Dom has his way and then there's the issue of what exactly he thinks he's up to where Mark's concerned...so can we just say 'this guy is a jerk...total, absolute jerk.


At the end of  it all for Seth is a very old lesson to be learned and learned at a price that Seth never wanted to pay...'be careful what you wish for'...Seth wanted to not be part of the violence that had become their life. He just didn't want to know. So Dom took him at his word and in so doing has isolated Seth not just from the world but from Dom, himself. 


Seth knows this and because it's what he wanted he doesn't feel that he can complain about it now that he realizes that what he wished for and what he wanted aren't the same thing and sometimes when wishes come true the price we pay is more than we're willing to give up, the question becomes how to fix things. It's going to take some hard work on both of their parts to get back to where they were and with everything that's going on it becomes questionable as to whether or not Dom and Seth will survive much less keep their relationship in tact.


Meanwhile, Mark's playing the field and making some poor choices as to who he's playing with. It seems that Mark either wants who he shouldn't or gets who he's not suppose to. Both lead to disastrous results for Mark and ultimately the objects of his desires.


While this may not have been one of my favorite books to date I was definitely fascinated with  the look that we got at Dom and Seth's relationship now that they've been together for a while and given how explosive things can get between these two men seeing what happens when the outside world pulls and tugs at them drawing each in a different direction until priorities become unclear and things often times get taken for granted or are just assumed to be a certain way by one or both of them was definitely a huge contributing factor to how events played out. 


I honestly liked and enjoyed reading this story, but I just never felt connected to things like I have in other books from this series. However, I did get enough of a glimpse at what's coming next to know that I'm totally on board for the next one.  As for 'Gilded Agony' given how much so many of my friends loved it...I'm going to say that this may have been a case of 'right book, wrong time' for me but 3.5 stars is a far cry from "why did I read this?" Well, I already know that answer to that one. I read it because overall I love this series and I'll see you all for whatever comes next  because I'm not going anywhere.



An ARC of 'Gilded Agony' was graciously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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