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review 2017-10-20 02:24
When in doubt blame it on the cookies...
A Forced Silence - Cate Ashwood,R. Scott Smith


I've been wanting to read or listen on audio as was the case here to something by this author for quite a while now. So when I saw 'A Forced Silence' on audio and Scott R. Smith was the narrator. I was intrigued a new to me author and a new to narrator. This was going to be an adventure and I was looking forward to it.


Unfortunately my adventure turned out to be not so epic. 'A Forced Silence' had so much potential for me...enemies to lovers, coming out and second chances I was ready. Adam Carson and Sam McKenna went to school together. Adam tormented Sam and made his school years miserable. But that was years ago and both men have changed. Sam's out and Adam's firmly ensconced in the closet, but somehow these two men find themselves drawn to each other and a relationship begins.


While the story itself appealed to me it was Adam and Sam and the overall dynamics of the relationship that just didn't work for me. I really didn't feel the connection between them and their banter not only didn't work for me, but at times I was actually a bit put off by their interactions. Overall as a couple these two guys just didn't work for me.


Add in the fact that while for the most part the narration was ok, there were times that it lacked the consistency that I really appreciate in an audio book. At times I just couldn't hear enough distinction between some of the voices and it left my brain scrambling to catch up and figure out who was speaking which tended to yank me out of the story. 


I'm not sure if it was the just the story that wasn't working for me or the narrator or a combination of both...so, while I'll definitely give try something else by this author and the narrator as well...just maybe, not at the same time.

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review 2017-10-05 11:36
"White Silence" Jodi Taylor - DNF
White Silence - Jodi Taylor

I bought"White Silence" as soon as it came out last month because it has a beautiful cover, is written by Jodi Taylor, whose "St. Mary's" series has given me a great deal of pleasure and is described by the publisher as:


The first instalment in the new, gripping supernatural thriller series
and as:

"a twisty supernatural thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat"


Well, I'm twelve chapters and four hours into this ten-hour audiobook and I have yet to experience anything like tension. I'm having difficulty maintaining more than mild curiosity so I'm giving up and reluctantly adding "White Silence" to my Did Not Finish pile.


The premise of "White Silence" is intriguing. It tells the story of Elizabeth Cage, an adopted child with the ability to see people so clearly that she knows their character, intent and inclinations on sight. Trained from childhood to hide her powers, she seeks out a quiet life with a quiet man, only to be manoeuvred into the hands of unscrupulous people who want to use her powers for evil.


Sounds like stirring stuff in a sort of Superman meets Sixth Sense meets Medium kind of way. Except it isn't. The pace is agonisingly slow. Elizabeth Cage has so little personality that I struggled to care what happened to her and the England of the story seems to be trapped somewhere in an idealised 1950s.


Maybe all the good stuff happens in the last 60% of the book and I'm missing out by walking away but life is short and other books are calling to me, so I'll take that chance.

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text 2017-09-10 03:58
Reading progress update: I've read 141 out of 264 pages.
The Silence Between Breaths - Cath Staincliffe

terrific read! getting a bit scary now. doesn't exactly make me want to jump on a train with a lot of strangers...

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text 2017-09-09 14:58
Reading progress update: I've read 52 out of 264 pages.
The Silence Between Breaths - Cath Staincliffe

this book is taking a real slow-burn approach to the Crime and Suspense elements, but despite my desire for things to start happening, I'm sure that will all come along soon. meanwhile, various characters are being fleshed out--all the people who happen to be on the train that, I think, soon is going to rocked by trouble, plus one or two others--and so the book has a human factor, as I now have to worry about these random people, because I know so much about their lives (most of them are somewhat unhappy...but there woes might seem as nothing, or even rather precious in their mundanity, very soon).

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text 2017-09-09 02:39
Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 264 pages.
The Silence Between Breaths - Cath Staincliffe

this sounds like it will be brilliant, intense, timely...and ultimately disturbing.

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