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review 2018-10-15 14:51
Flugangst 7A!!!
Flugangst 7A - Audible Studios,Sebastian Fitzek,Simon Jäger

German review (spoilerfree)

audiobook on audible


Grund Gütiger, was für eine Achterbahnfahrt. Am Anfang war ich mir wirklich nicht sicher ob mir das Buch gefallen würde, doch mit jedem Kapitel mehr wurde es besser und besser. Und das Ende. Das Ende!!!


Inhalt: Es gibt eine tödliche Waffe, die durch jede Kontrolle kommt.
Jeder kann sie ungehindert an Bord eines Flugzeugs bringen.

Ein Nachtflug Bueno Aires-Berlin.
Ein labiler Passagier, der unter Gewaltphantasien leidet.
Und ein Psychiater, der diesen Patienten manipulieren soll, um an Bord eine Katastrophe herbeizuführen.
Sonst verliert er etwas sehr viel Wichtigeres als sein Leben...


Ich werde nicht zu sehr ins Detail gehen, einfach weil es so spoilerfrei wie Möglich bleiben soll. Ich hatte wirklich absolut keine Ahnung was ich von dem Buch und der Story erwarten sollte und das war auch gut so. ich finde das Buch genießt man am Besten, wenn man so wenig wie möglich weiß und sich auf das Abendteuer einlässt. Aber das Anschnallen nicht vergessen!!!


Ich mochte die Geschichte unheimlich gerne, sie war von Anfang bis zum Ende unheimlich spannend und es gab viele, unerwartete Wendungen, die einen bis zum Schluss super unterhalten haben.


Die Charaktere waren alle so verschieden und vielschichtig, und es war super interessant, das die Geschichte aus mehreren Sichtweisen erzählt wurde.


Da ich es als Hörbuch gehört habe, muss ich noch unbedingt erwähnen, dass mir der Sprecher unheimlich gut gefallen hat und dass er mich mit seinem "Erzählen" wirklich fesseln konnte. (Es ist vielleicht nicht mein absolutes Lieblingsbuch bei Fitzek aber es war trotzdem unheimlich gut)


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review 2018-10-08 14:08
ABC Kids - Simon Basher
For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

A very clever alphabet book. As with many alphabet book, this one dedicates one page spread to each letter. The impressive thing is that it also creates a sentences using only words that start with that letter. This is even more remarkable later in the alphabet, especially for x, y, and z.

I'll admit some of the sentences are a little weird. "Kitty's kangaroo kicks koalas" was maybe not the best sentence to include. I know there's not a k-verbs. But maybe kisses? I think that may have gone over better than kicks. 

Cute illustrations. Some are weird, but overall this is a cute alphabet book. 
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review 2018-10-03 09:28
Will Computers Revolt? by Charles Simon
Will Computers Revolt?: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence - Simon Charles

TITLE:  Will Computers Revolt?  Preparing for hte Future of Artificial Intelligence


AUTHOR:  Charles Simon


PUBLICATION DATE:  30 October 2018




ISBN-13:  9781732687219


NOTE: I received a copy of this book from NetGalley. This review is my honest opinion of the book.





"Explore the world of computer intelligent technology and how we can prepare ourselves.

For those imagining the future directions of intelligent technology, this book gives readers an excellent place to start, as it is easy to read, well researched, and provocative.

This book includes many real-world examples to interest the layman along with enough technical detail to convince the computer scientist.

Written in layman's language by Charles J. Simon, an uniquely qualified, noted computer hardware expert and neural network software pioneer. He is exploring the world inf computer intelligent technology and how we can prepare ourselves."


The author discusses intelligence in terms of several specified behaviours which he thinks are necessary components of thinking and intelligence.  Simon then goes on to show how each behaviour is possible in future computers, but also inevitable.  He also takes a look at how humans will interact with intelligent computers in the future. 


This is an interesting, methodical and somewhat plodding introductory book to artificial intelligence. There are numerous coloured diagrams to help with the explanations.  Also numerous thought experiments and comparisons between machine and human brain functioning.  This book provides food for thought, but came across as a course text book for the subject, with repetitions.  I felt like I was in a collage classroom being lectured at.


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review 2018-10-02 21:55
Bag of Bones ★★★☆☆
Bag of Bones - Stephen King,Stephen King,Simon & Schuster Audio

This is a hard book for me to review. It’s got great creepy atmosphere and the mystery at its heart is fun to unravel. At the same time, it’s a hot mess of disjointed reveals, cartoonish villains, unconvincing romance, and a murderous revenant that I felt more sympathy for than almost any other character. Plus, the author gets unpleasantly meta, with the (author) main character musing on the injustice of fiction writers everywhere killing off their characters as a convenience when they aren’t sure what else to do with them, then… you guessed it. Unlike most SK books, I was ready for this one to be over long before the final pages.



Hardcover version, which has been on my shelf since I bought it brand new in 1998. I’d never written a review, so this is a re-read for the 2018 Halloween Bingo. I’ve decided to use Stephen King for my Wild Card author, but I’m holding onto it for now until I decide where best to play it.

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review 2018-09-25 00:32
Thank you for your service
Five Presidents: My Extraordinary Journey with Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford - George Newbern,Lisa McCubbin,Clint Hill

This was exactly what I expect: an oblique look at five presidents with whom many of us are already familiar. I find that the unsung hero of this book was Mrs. Hill, who, much like navy wives, pretty much raised her two sons her own while her husband did his job. Thank you, Mrs. Hill, for your sacrifice.


It helped that my expectations were low. I did not expect to learn any deep dark secrets about the Secret Service or even about the people it protected. Honestly, except for portions that cover the JFK assassination, there were no surprises for me.


One thing that did drive me crazy was the narrator, who did not do his homework and who made mistake after mistake in pronouncing what were household names -- Sander Vanocur, Wally Shirra, Pago Pago (which is pronounced Pango, Pango), Judge Sirica, Minot ND(/ˈmnɒt/ (About this sound listen) MY-not), William Ruckelshaus, just to name a few. I was 12 when Kennedy was assassinated. Drives me crazy when narrators don't take the time to learn the correct pronunciation of a name--and when it comes to names, there is only one correct pronunciation: the one used by the person you are talking about. I'll get off my soapbox now.

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