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review 2015-12-04 23:15
I Tried.
Cody's Dragon - K.M. Mahoney

I wanted to like this book. I really did. Unfortunately, I just couldn't.


I liked the idea of dragons. Yay, gimme some awesome overgrown lizards. I can't comment on how well the dragons were portrayed in this novel, heck, I can't even tell you how much of the word was fleshed out. I didn't get that far.


I finished reading at around chapter eight. I know, I know, not very far in. Here's the thing though, I found myself trudging through this book. Constantly checking how long I had to go until I was done. Then I realised, why am I even reading it? Whats the point of reading a book that is making me not want to read. Now, this is probably me being quite harsh, but well, whatever. 


I think that my main problem with this book is the insta-love. I can't stand it. I'm sorry, I just can't. And this book was particularly bad. Like I don't even think Cody knew the dragon's name and he had fallen in love. The dragon I can understand, because they have this dragon power thing, which lets them know if its true love, and their soul mate and blah blah blah. But Cody? Nope, he's a regular old (well, he aint old, but yanno) human. I'm sorry to those who do like insta-love. I just don't. Its not for me.


If insta-love is your thing, then I would definitely recommend this book. Hopefully you'll make it past chapter eight.

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review 2015-11-23 03:44
Super Cute, Gimme More
Monster Petite Panic - Neko Kanda

Ah, Neko Kanda, how do you always manage to deliver such cute stories ?!


Monster Petite Panic is set in a world in which people have powers, known as Kago. The power is derived from angels, demons, beasts, ghost, monsters and so forth. It follows Kojirou Suzuki, who is in a high school for those with very powerful Kago, and Lauri Asagiri, the Public Morals Committee president.


The story itself flows nicely, and the characters are really loveable. The art is, as always amazing, with the colour pages looking stunning. I really enjoyed the progression of the story, and the progression of the relationship. It was really natural.


The story is quite short, only four chapters long, with a bonus at the end. I would be really happy if a sequel was produced, but am content.


In terms of 'heat' it was quite low. Only a kiss in the main story. There was a blow-job in the bonus at the end, but nothing further. I personally did not mind this, as I don't think that sex makes the story. I'm more interested in the emotional connections between characters. (Not that I don't appreciate some nice smut.) We do know who the uke and who the seme is, as it says in the book's description. Kojirou is the uke, and Lauri the seme.


The world that Neko Kanda has created is really interesting. Is is solid, and believable. I would love to see her continue with this universe, either through continuing Kojirou and Lauri's story, or following other characters from the school. (I wouldn't mind seeing a story about Hiraoka and the other committee member.)


I recommend this manga to anyone looking for a light, cute romance, with great characters.

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review 2015-11-23 02:40
Standard Yoneda Kou
NightS - Kou Yoneda

What to say about this manga ?


Well, to begin with, it's Yoneda Kou, which in my biased opinion makes it already a good manga. This manga is a collection of stories, so I will review them individually, then the book as a whole.


The title story, NightS, is fairly standard Yoneda Kou. The story is about a Yakuza who hires a 'transporter'. While I personally didn't find it particularly captivating, it was presented nicely. The pages of colour were very beautiful.


The second story, Emotion Spectrum, was the best story of the book in my opinion. Kugo notices Usui always staring at Nakama, his friend. Kugo offers to help Usui confess. The mood of this story is really chill, and the progression is natural. The confession scene is adorable. It is quite chaste, only a kiss, but I don't feel like its lacking.


The third, and final, story is called Reply. It is about a shy mechanic, Seki, who falls in love with a salesman, Tamaki.  The set-up of this story is very interesting. It is told from alternating perspectives, chapters one and three from Seki, and chapter two from Tamaki. I think that this style is very effective for this story, and is a great way of seeing both characters motivations.


At the end of the book has a short bonus related to the first story. 


Overall I liked the book. It was not the most memorable, nor the best BL i've read, but the story telling and pacing of all the stories were good. There was no insta-love, which I am not overly fond of. I have re-read it a few times. I recommend it, particularly to Yoneeda Kou fans, and BL fans. 

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review 2009-01-01 00:00
Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln (Turning Point Books) - Judith St. George Details the Lincoln's childhood, from birth to one winter night when stepmother informed father that Abe's studies were more important than 'chores that could wait until the morrow.' The immense positive influence of stepmother Sally to Lincoln and his family is made clear. Arranged into 6 chapters dividing his childhood into sections based on major events such as early childhood, death of mother, and the introduction of a stepmother. Caricature like illustrations are full of detail, expression and color. Full page afterward provides brief details of Lincoln's adult life (including his legal and political careers) and death. Additional reference aid: Bibliography.
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