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text 2017-10-04 00:21
A Different Kind of Hero



I thought it was time to develop a different kind of hero children can relate to. 


Too many existing heroes have a common background- an adult mourning the death of a relative. This horrific experience laid the path of the said person to become a superhero. Batman, Spiderman, and many others became heroes due to losing a relative from an act of crime.


I thought it would be hilarious to create a child who uses a malfunctioning gadget suit to protect his accident prone parents who were first responders. The defected gadgets is an addition to the humor. But Jeff is not a quitter. The themes of persistence and determination to attain goals is apparent. Right vs. Wrong. Good vs. Evil. All that are elements in this tight action-pack book with great illustrations by my brother Aaron Harris.


10 year-old Jeffrey Morgan is on a never-ending conquest to save his mother, a police officer, and his father, a firefighter from the acts of tyrants looking to compromise the quality of life in Springdale. Thus, Jeff's secret intervention makes him a protecter of the city too (Of course he eventually realizes that in the chapter-book).


Please check out "Jet Set Jeff: The Science Defender" on Amazon as a paperback and ebook at http://a.co/ipx06VE and http://a.co/53SJIc8 Subscribe to my FREE monthly newsletter about the history of comic strips, comic superheroes, and their creators at http://kforpartnership.wixsite.com/educ


You and the children won't be disappointed in the story of Jet Set Jeff: Science Defender.


My brother Aaron is fantastic. Check out his art gallery at http://Amiablecomics.wixsite.com/entertainment and at http://aarongharris.deviantart.com (parental advisory for some content)





Source: www.amazon/author/harriskenneth
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review 2017-02-23 00:00
The Forge of War: An Eberron Supplement
The Forge of War: An Eberron Supplement - James Wyatt,Ari Marmell,Wolfgang Baur The Last War is what defines Eberron. The campaign setting has a lot going for it, but the century-long conflict that divided the human kingdom of Galifar is the intended backdrop for 90% of the action. The Forge of War gives takes an in-depth look at the events of the war and gives plenty of adventure ideas and twists on an Eberron campaign. I liked the emphasis on setting adventures in Khorvaire's 'past' rather than always starting a few years after the war's end.

The book is structured so that the bulk of it is a detailed overview of what happened during the war, the main battles, the shifting alliances, and the conceit is that this section of The Forge of War is taken, with scholarly commentary, from a standard text on the history of the war. For the most part, it worked. It tended to get a little dry and monotonous, a little more color would have been appreciated.

My biggest complaint with the Eberron manuals is that its clear that the Campaign Setting and "core" supplements like Five Nations were deliberately kept brief so there would be enough content to make up yet another hardback manual. This isn't unique to Eberron, of course, but since this is the only setting I've explored this thoroughly it s frustrating. The Forge of War's doesn't contain any blow-by-blow adventure for immediate game use, it has very few new items or monsters or prestige classes. It is an excellent source of background information on the setting and that is it.

I liked it, but others might be disappointed.
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