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text 2014-09-12 09:22
The Permaculture Way
The Permaculture Way: Practical Steps to Create a Self-Sustaining World - Graham Bell,Bill Mollison

I haven't finished reading this yet, but here it goes.


I don't care what Bill Graham claims at the beginning of the book, permaculture is a religion/ideology/sect. I've suffered through the spiritualistic voice of the author (using words such as 'visionary') and beaming optimism because the principles this book introduces are very much ones that I either: a) already adopt or b) want to adopt. Them being, roughly speaking:


1) Less work = better life (amen to that).

2) It's ridiculous that we pay the least to people doing the jobs we need the most (to which I would add that it's ridiculous that we pay the least for the jobs that the fewest people want).

3) Our inputs should roughly equal our outputs.

4) Non-intervention (doing nothing) should be the first response when we consider a problem (hmmm, not sure if it translates to human life so successfully).

5) Diversity of skills = good, even if you are not that great in any of them (mos def the point I've been driving home to everyone for years) . Skillshare great too.

6) Everything should be aimed at multifunctionality to minimise work.


There are others. Permaculturists observe the nature, take clues, then use them to optimise the yield of their crop. The method is also the one that is the least energy consuming (including the energy spent in labour). Then they use these principles of design to other areas of life, as we are a part of nature. The result is shitloads of zen and very good food.

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