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review 2017-08-01 02:16
Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line - Jennifer Graham,Rob Thomas,Kristen Bell



Fun Veronica Mars mystery that will appeal to fans of the show and the movie.  This book picks up three months after the action covered in the film (which I promptly checked out from the library and watched upon realizing the book was making references to it, and I still hadn't seen it).  The book, like the film, is set in 2014, ten years after Veronica graduated from high school.  In the interim, she has completed undergrad and a law degree from Stanford.  Although she's had a lucrative job offer with a Manhattan law firm, she's found herself drawn to her father's PI business, Mars Investigations.  And now there is a juicy case to investigate:  two girls have disappeared from a mysteriously bankrolled spring-break "party" house, and the Neptune Chamber of Commerce is eager to stop a "Nancy Grace"-style cable-TV commentator from continuing to warn parents away from allowing their college-aged children from spring-breaking in Neptune, CA.  And of course, the incompetent but politically expedient Sheriff Lamb can't be relied upon to solve the case.  So enter Veronica.


As a fan of the show, I of course pictured the actors who played Veronica, her father Keith, hacker friend/colleague Mac, love interest Logan Eccles, and others.  The mystery is just twisty enough to keep things interesting, and Veronica's wit and humor makes the story fun.  I suspect that even readers who didn't follow the show can enjoy this, but they might decide they want to catch up on DVD or Netflix.  It's just three seasons (sob), so go for it!  (Watch the movie, too.)


I am using this book to fulfill the week-five theme of my library's summer-reading program:  Genre fiction (mystery, of course).  There is a book two to this series, but the library doesn't own it (hint, hint).

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review 2016-03-05 06:17
Prodigals and Those Who Love Them by Graham, Ruth Bell (1999) Paperback - Ruth Bell Graham

I think my problem with this book is that I thought the blurb was just being humble and that it really was a book of insight into bringing back or living without the prodigal. All I felt this book was conveying were various stories about and prayers for the prodigal. Nothing I could sink my teeth into and say, "I will try that." So although this book is chock full of prayers for the prodigal, there wasn't anything that would help my situation. I was disappointed.

If the above is just what you need to get through this time, then this book is perfect for you.

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review 2015-11-17 00:00
Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line
Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line - Rob Thomas,Jennifer Graham,Kristen Bell The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line was an enjoyable but not spectacular continuation of Veronica Mars. I really liked that Kristen Bell was the narrator. It made listening to the audio book kind of feel like watching the TV show. This was set after the TV movie which took place 9 years after the TV show ended. I honestly miss the teenage Veronica and am not crazy about reading about her as an adult. I would like to know what would have happened next if the TV show had continued. Some fill in books for that time period would be great. I just wish that after 9 years there had been more character growth for Veronica and her friends. Why is Wallace working as a teacher/coach? What happened to Wallace's dreams of becoming an engineer? He gave up basketball for it after all. With the exception of Weevil they are 28 years old and none of them are married or even engaged. Dick Casablancas is still acting like a teenage idiot at 28. Weevil went back to the motorcycle gang for some reason that isn't explained. Keith is still not remarried. And I know I am definitely in the minority here, and will probably have people coming after me with pitchforks for saying this, but I wish that Veronica had moved on from Logan and not gone back to him. I was never a huge fan of that relationship. Multiple viewpoints like the TV show would have been nice too, especially since the book is written in third person. Overall it wasn't a bad read, just a little lack luster.
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text 2014-09-12 09:22
The Permaculture Way
The Permaculture Way: Practical Steps to Create a Self-Sustaining World - Graham Bell,Bill Mollison

I haven't finished reading this yet, but here it goes.


I don't care what Bill Graham claims at the beginning of the book, permaculture is a religion/ideology/sect. I've suffered through the spiritualistic voice of the author (using words such as 'visionary') and beaming optimism because the principles this book introduces are very much ones that I either: a) already adopt or b) want to adopt. Them being, roughly speaking:


1) Less work = better life (amen to that).

2) It's ridiculous that we pay the least to people doing the jobs we need the most (to which I would add that it's ridiculous that we pay the least for the jobs that the fewest people want).

3) Our inputs should roughly equal our outputs.

4) Non-intervention (doing nothing) should be the first response when we consider a problem (hmmm, not sure if it translates to human life so successfully).

5) Diversity of skills = good, even if you are not that great in any of them (mos def the point I've been driving home to everyone for years) . Skillshare great too.

6) Everything should be aimed at multifunctionality to minimise work.


There are others. Permaculturists observe the nature, take clues, then use them to optimise the yield of their crop. The method is also the one that is the least energy consuming (including the energy spent in labour). Then they use these principles of design to other areas of life, as we are a part of nature. The result is shitloads of zen and very good food.

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review 2011-08-18 11:06
Letters From Ruth's Attic: 31 Daily Insights for Knowing God's Love
Letters From Ruth's Attic: 31 Daily Insights for Knowing God's Love - Ruth Bell Graham Warm, insightful and brief devotions for keeping on track with God!
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