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url 2018-12-26 06:14
Lip-Smacking Food You Can Make in Electric Rice Cooker

In a world of pioneering ergonomic kitchen appliances, the significance of electric rice cooker hasn’t declined a bit and is still considered as ‘The king of The kitchen’. For those who do not believe us, what can be a better way than seeing delicious food you can make in an electric cooker? So without wasting time, let’s get started.

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review 2018-12-10 17:15
took getting into.
The Tiger and the Wolf - Adrian Tchaikovsky

This was a bit of work to get into.

Maniye is the daughter of a Wolf clan chieftain and a kidnapped Tiger Clan queen. She can shift into both shapes but now she's getting to an age where she needs to choose one or suffer consequences. However her father has plans and they are not for her. When she runs she's going to bring change with her and it will spark changes in the world.

Interesting but not quite for me.

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review 2018-11-28 14:39
ARC REVIEW Tiger's Claim by Celia Kyle
Wolf's Mate - Celia Kyle
Tiger's Claim - Celia Kyle



Tiger's Claim (Shifter Rogues, #2)


Rogue Shifters #2, I knew from the first book with how dickish Cole acted toward Declan trying to lure Abby away that he would get his comeuppance when it came to his book and boy does Stella lead him on a merry chase. I would recommend reading Wolf's Mate first just because it has an ongoing story arc. Third person POV that switches from Cole's perspective to Stella's with a couple of chapters from Grant which means I am going to assume the next book is his, and with what's going on in his chapters I can't wait for. This is a well paced PNR with plenty of action and I loved the chemistry between Cole and Stella. Stella is headstrong and determined and even though she sometimes doesn't think things through and ends up in trouble Cole loves her for it. He loves her fighting spirit their arguing acts like an aphrodisiac for them both.

Stella Moore lost her twin when they were kids, she was taken by the anti-shifter organization after she accidentally shifted in public. The Moore family fell apart after that and now Stella has no one. Stella is determined to get revenge on the man who stole her sister, James Walters, he's a very wealthy man who is deep with Unified Humanity and Stella is going to kill him.

Cole Turner normally works with explosives but with his family being rich the team needed his last name and his family connection to get an "in" with Walters, so this time around Cole is working undercover. Cole knew at first glance that Stella was something special, he knew at the first whiff of C4 from the bomb she had under her dress that she was the one for him, it just took both of them a while to admit it. In order to protect the op and Stella they have to bring her in on it even if having her there now is a distraction for Cole that can lead to some very dangerous consequences. 


Overall, it was another outstanding book. It's a great PNR Suspense, plenty of action and romance with enough internal conflict to make the characters interesting and to hook you into their world. 



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review 2018-10-23 14:20
The shadow over Guangzhou
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Tiger - David A. McIntee

When the TARDIS materializes in China in 1865, the Doctor and his companions arrive in a land plagued by foreign occupation and a shadowy threat. Mistaken for the commander of the local garrison of British troops, Ian is attacked by the patrons of a local restaurant. As he recovers from his injuries, the Doctor, Barbara, and Vicki discover that an unknown group has infiltrated the Black Flag militia and is using the organization to their own mysterious ends. With their forces seizing various locations and their men ordered to kill scholars and teachers, the Doctor begins to suspect that the threat before him may not be of this world and is one that knows more about him than he does about it.


David McIntee's book is an interesting entry in the Past Doctor Adventures series. Focused on the First Doctor and one of his teams of companions, it evokes nicely the sort of slow-developing (for better and for worse) history-centric adventure that was common to the series at that time. McIntee's characterization of the crew is particularly strong, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that the locals the encounter are featured more prominently in the narrative. What makes the book stand out, though, is McIntee's subtle employment of an antagonist from later in the televised series, one whom a subsequent regeneration of the Doctor defeated hundreds of years prior to the events in his book. It's a neat twist, and one that manages to avoid any of the logic-twisting issues that so often come up in time travel stories premised on such a scenario. The book cemented for me McIntee's status as my favorite author of Doctor Who novels, and I plan on reading all of his other contributions to the franchise as soon as I can get my hands on them.

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review 2018-07-26 13:41
Goodnight, Daniel Tiger - Angela C. Santomero

For more reviews, check out my blog: Craft-Cycle

A nice little bedtime story featuring Daniel Tiger. Daniel does not want to go to sleep, but with some creative songs from his parents, he finally realized the importance of sleep.

It is a simple book with great illustrations. Reading the book aloud is a little awkward because it includes many song lyrics (which if you haven't watched the show and don't know any of the songs, can be kinda weird). It is still a nice book and some of the other friends in the neighborhood make appearances (a fact the kid I read it to loves, because O the Owl is his absolute favorite).

Nice book with cute and calming illustrations. Good for fans of Daniel Tiger.

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