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review 2014-03-18 23:18
Review: The Archived by Victoria Schwab
The Archived - Victoria Schwab
Read from February 12 to 18, 2014


One thing I shouldn't have let myself do is get myself all Amp'd up with excitement and anticipation before even reading this book. Because of all the rave reviews it got you can see why I would do so.

I ended up giving this read 3 Stars
The first half of the book was slow and kind of repetitive. I was confused by the whole point of "The Archived", why and how the keepers were chosen, how it all came to be....Maybe it was explained but I was just to blahhhhh to even pay attention. In the very beginning I was flying through pages, but really, that was just because I was excited. The excitement ended soon, real soon.

When the book finally did pick up I've already lost all interest. I also kind of predicted the ending as well which bummed me out. Book 2, The Unbound, is already sitting in my bookcase but I don't think I'll be reading it any time soon.

I really wish I would of enjoyed this more. I must of missed what everyone else loved about it! I'll try Ms. Schwab's Vicious and see how I'll like that one.
Source: bookhangoversbb.blogspot.com
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review 2014-03-18 23:09
Review: No One Else Can Have You
No One Else Can Have You - Kathleen Hale





(I read this back in January and forgot to post my review on booklikes. So here it is. I guess because this book was so, eeehhhhhh, I forgot all about the review. Whoops)

It took a lot for me to finish this book. Thank GAH, like one of the character's says, it was a really easy book to read! "Don't cha know"

I was interested at first because it was about a murder in a small town. I like some mystery and suspense, a bit of a thriller. So I checked it out from the library. Glad I didn't buy it b/c I was happy to return this one!

It's about a murder in a small town called Friendship, Wisconsin. Kippy Bushman's best friend, Ruth has been murdered and with the help of Ruth's diary, Kippy does her own investigation to find the real murderer.
It was so cheesy right from the start and I basically knew who the killer was a couple chapters in. I found the characters to be really immature. You'd expect that, maybe, from the younger characters but from the adult characters too??!?!?! What was up with all the nick names Kippy's dad gave her. Pimple? Pickle? Cactus?!! 


This book was definitely not my cup of tea and I really wouldn't recommend to anyone.

Source: bookhangoversbb.blogspot.com
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