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url 2018-02-21 18:47
Follow Links Vs. No Follow Links: Should You Care?

"SEO" in this article stands for Search Engine Optimization (e,g., maybe you don't want your warning against some site or person to improve their search engine ranking positions on Google, yahoo, Bing, etc.).  Won't prevent search engine bots from indexing your post with that text, but clicking the link won't aid SEO.


The nofollow tag is basically a notice sign for search engines saying “don’t count this.” Per article: "A no follow link is a link that does not count as a point in the page’s favor, does not boost PageRank, and doesn’t help a page’s placement in the SERPs. No follow links get no love. Theirs is a sad and lonely life.". By removing referring site as well, makes it harder to trace back to your own sites.


On booklikes, to insert the nofollow tag, create your link* then edit the HTML (the last edit option on menu line with block quotes, bold, italics,merc. that looks like a less-than-sign greater-than sign) and manually enter it.  Add the rel="nofollow" right before the link's closing > .


*Normally, just typing in the link starting with "http://" creates a URL link in a booklikes post.  But, if your created link appears in your post as, for example, "http://blog.booklikes.com" instead of http://booklikes.com -- try just adding a space immediately after as a quick fix.  Signifies to booklikes the url is finished ( and allows more complicated links with = ?  / , etc.).  If that doesn't work, highlight link text and click the chainlink icon to insert relevant info (if still nothing working, resort to the HTML editor and manually type in the code).

Source: www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/07/24/follow-nofollow-links
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text 2018-02-15 21:11
Blogging about books - additional blog post options, part 2

Writing on BookLikes is super fun, right? We've already mentioned 6 ways to blog about books (click to read more), and the side bar menu in the text edition (click to read more). Today we'd like to continue the topic of the text editor features.


When you click the Text, Quote, Photo, Video, URL on the upper bar on your Dashboard, you'll be moved to the text editor with some additional options at the top. Let's have a closer look, beginning from the first icon on the left: 



1. Embed

Embed your tweets into your posts. Just copy the code from a tweet, paste into the embed box and voila


Go to any tweet and click Embed Tweet from the menu on the right. Copy the code.


Go to your post. Click the Embed icon in the text editor, paste the code and click OK. 

In the editor the embedded tweet will look like a plain text but once you publish a post, it will look like this:


Did we mention you can embed any tweet? Yes, you can! Try it out!


2. Blockquote.

Use this to highlight a quote in your text. 


Write your post. Mark the passage which should be highlighted and click the Blockquote icon. The text will be given additional space on the sides. Just like that.  


3. Spoiler

Hide a passage not to reveal the book ending! 


Write your review, decide which part to hide, mark it and click the SP icon. The text will receive addition markers in the text editor and will be hidden once published online. 

(spoiler show)



4. Text options

Decide how to write: in bold, italics, underline your most important sentences or cross them out. 
Mark the text and choose the property. 



5.  Text layout

Align your text to right, left, center or justify.

Mark the text and choose the property. 



6. Make lists

You can easily make list in your text. Mark the text and decide which list format to choose:

  • bullet list or
  1. numbered list



7. Insert image

If you'd like to add an image you can use either the Add photo+ under the editor box or the Image icon on the top.



The Insert image icon works for image URL only. You can also edit the image with some advanced options, like style or additional border. 


8. Add link

Add link to your text.

Mark the text and click the link icon to insert the URL.




9. Page break

Add "read more" to your post. 

Write your article or review and decide where to add the READ MORE button. Put your cursor in that place and click Page break. The READ MORE button will be added to your text .


10. Source code

You can add more formatting to your text.

Write a full text and click the source code feature, add more features, like different font or color, etc.



You may also want to read: 

Happy writing! 

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text 2018-02-08 20:03
BookLikes Fixes: Facebook, ASINs, Last tags

As we've mentioned several days ago our developers prepared several BookLikes updates. Some of the features were fixed, some of them were brought back, and other will receive additional works. 


Please look at the following list of the updates:





Yes! BookLikes + Facebook connection is finally back!


You can connect your Facebook profile with your BookLikes account in your Settings (menu -> Settings). 




When you connect your BL and FB account all your posts and reviews will be shared automatically on your Facebook profile. You can turn off the auto-posting any time by deactivating the Facebook icon next to the text editor window.


Gree icon = active, grey icon = inactive. Click the icon to switch from active into inactive. 


You can also log in to your BookLikes account with your Facebook account. 



Just remember that the e-mail address for your Fb and BL account should be the same in order to make the connection successful. 


Note: Please have in mind that our developers will be improving the BookLikes-> Facebook connection and auto-posting. Some works are planned but they should not interfere with the actual status. 





ASIN problem is finally fixed! Now you can add, remove and edit the ASINs in the book edit form. All users can edit the book details -- the changes will appear on the book pages once accepted by the BookLikes Librarians so don't worry when your edits won't be visible instantly. 



Click edit to add or update the book information 


Now you can add a new Kindle edition of your favorite books


The edits made by the Librarians don't require verification and are visible one the book pages immediately. 





Last tags are finally here! The feature vanished but it was successfully brought back presenting your most recently used tags in the handy Last tags spot next to the text editor. 




We're still working on:


- BookLikes -> Goodreads synchronization - the feature is under review and will be turned on shortly 

- The longer list of authors in the book edit form (sorry Jenn, it will be available with the next round


And now, let's celebrate! 




BookLikes should be working fine but if you notice anything alarming about the service or its features, please don' hesitate and let us know at contact@booklikes.com or mail Kate@booklikes.com or use the Need help? supprt box on the left.

Thank you! 

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text 2018-02-01 17:33
Maintenance works on BookLikes on Tuesday, Feb. 06, 2018


Dear readers, authors, bloggers, all book lovers!

We're planning some IT updates and maintenance works on BookLikes on Tuesday, Feb. 06. 


We'll do all to make BookLikes available during the updates, however, some hiccups and temporary interruptions may happen.



When it happens, lift your mood with a good book. We're really curious what would you pick as your emergency read? Share your reading suggestions :) 


All updates will be posted in the comment section below - to receive a notification, please click "Yes" in the notification spot in the comment section below. 


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text 2018-01-25 17:13
What to do with a new book?

Here are some handy tips on how to deal with a new book. Ready? Pick up. Open up. Read up. And write about it on your BookLikes book blog!



1. Check if it's in BookLikes book catalog


Please use the book search box and check if the book is already in our data base. You can use the title author phrase or simply paste ISBN.


If it's here. Bravo and congrats! Make sure the book data are correct, if something is missing, go to the book page and edit the details. Your edits will be verified by the BookLikes Librarians before being published on the book page. 


If the book isn't here, add it. Use the new book link in the book search



OR add a new book directly on the author page. 




You may also want to check the following posts:



2. Add it to your bookshelf and read


Shelve, read and review. You know the drill. You can add the book to your additional bookshelf, e.g. new 2018 releases.



If you decide to make it a separate status, it will be visible just under Read/Planning/Currently menu. 


If you decide to make is a regular shelf, it will be added as a thematic shelf in the shelf menu on the left. 


You may also want to check the following posts:



3. Share your thoughts!


There's nothing better than a new book, right?! Make sure your readers and followers know your opinion about the title. Write a short post or a review, share a quote or a book trailer. Make sure you're honest about your review, no matter whether it's positive or negative. It's you who read the book, right? :)



You may also want to check the following posts:



4. Giveaway


Give a book a second reading life, and give it away! You can decide who gonna receive the book by selecting ME in the Select winners by... section.



If you're an author, share your new book or ARC among book lovers.


You may also want to check the following posts:



5. Add it to a reading list


We love book lists! We share new releases and other interesting reads on the reading lists page. Add a new title to your existing list or create a new list with the upcoming books you can't wait for.



You may also want to check the following post:



6. Invite friends to a book launch



Remind your friends and readers that the book is finally out! Add the title to the release calendar and invite other readers who would be interested in the title. 



You may also want to check the following posts:

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