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text 2018-05-24 21:06
Works on BookLikes - an update


Hey all readers, authors, publishers, avid readers, all book lovers!


Just wanted to confirm that the IT works on BookLikes will continue, however, they should not affect your BookLikes experience.


If you still encounter the difficulties on our site it maybe because your browser does not recognize the updates we've been doing. Please do consider clearing your browser's cache memory. 


If clearing the cookies won't change your BookLikes experience, please feel free to let us know, mail Kate@booklikes.com . You can mail Kate with any other queries as well :)


Happy reading and BookLiking! 

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text 2018-05-10 21:00
3 reasons to publish a book review. Now. Scheduling not working

You're on BookLikes among book lovers so you probably know why book reviews are so important. Just in case you're still wondering here are three points that should encourage you to publish a book review on your blog. Right now. 


3 reasons to share a book review:


1. Reading buddies know good books -- there's no better book recommender than a fellow book lover so if you're looking for a next read take a peak at your friend's bookshelf and a book blog. 


2. Deepen your reading experience -- writing a review makes you think, ponder, analyze the plot, characters, author's choices and perspective. 


3. Shout out -- if you receive good news, you want to scream it out; if you read a good book, you should spread the word out. It's great for your followers but also writers for whom positive feedback is an excellent fuel and wiring inspiration. 

Inspired to share a book review? 



Now a short note from the BookLikes staff. Oops!  


We wanted to let you know that the Post date option in the text editor mode received an unexpected hiccup and refuses to set a future post date, or any post date :/ Apparently, it follows Benjamin Franklin's motto: Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today. 


For the time being the best possible way of publishing is to publish NOW.

You CANNOT set up a future post date.

The calendar sticks to a cursor and dances around making it impossible to set a publication date other than NOW. 


The issue has been reported and awaits for a fix. 




If you have some reviews, articles, posts in your Drafts (no date scheduled) and you'd like to publish them NOW:

1. Go to your Drafts (Main menu -> Blog -> Drafts (in the right column)

2. Click Edit the post

3. Copy the source code (the text and images will be copied with the formatting)


4. Start a new Text post

5. Paste the source code

6. Publish with NOW date


If you have already scheduled your posts with the future dates, they will publish in accordance to the dates. It appears that the bug refers only to new posts.  


We're really sorry for the ongoing situation! ;(((

Please write to Kate@booklikes.com with any questions or concerns. 


We can only ask you to stay calm and follow Buddah's mantra: 


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text 2018-04-26 19:35
How to add links to your blog posts


Sharing your book reviews sometimes requires sharing links:

  • to your other blogs, webpages, social profiles etc
  • to the book pages
  • to the author pages
  • to your fellow bloggers


All of this can be easily done with your blog on BookLikes. We'll present you several ways on sharing additional links within your review or a post on BL. 


1. Source link


If you quote a piece of writing or share an image, a passage, a quote from other site, please use the Source Link spot (on the right).



The link will be added at the bottom of your post and will be visible in your Dahboard and the blog view. 




2. Book page links


When you write a book review, you select a book on the wooden bar, right? Did you notice that the little cover has got a link icon? Yes, it does! It's the link. And precisely it's a book title + author phrase linked to a book page. 



If you'd like to add a linked book title just click the icon and it will be added to your text. 



The text will be added with the book details from BookLikes book pages (title, author(s)).



But if you wish to change the text to display or link, mark the text (or just click on it) and click the Insert/edit link icon on the upper bar. 



Then make the changes to the text, and/or change the link. And Save to view the effect. 



3. Link your text or graphics


You can link any phrase or photo in your text. Simply mark the phrase and click the Insert/edit link icon visible on the text editor's upper bar, add a link and Save. 

It work the same for the image. 



Happy blogging! 



Looking for more BookLikes how-to and tutorial posts? Click HERE to view our tutorials and make sure to follow BookLikes blog to view our news on your Dashboard. 

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text 2018-04-19 18:58
Blogging - keep it your way


BookLikes is a book-social site with a blog format. However, it is the BookLikes member who decides how the webpage should look like. If you've not feeling like blogging, you can switch the blog feature off. If you don't like the virtual shelf (no way!), take it off your BookLikes webpage. BookLikes is flexible. Here's how. 


When you sign up you're asked what do you want to do on BookLikes? This may be, however, a tricky question. As a newbie it's really hard to determine what we gonna do, right? For this reason all the check boxes are marked: the blog, the virtual bookshelf, and the reading timeline. 



Your book blog: it's your place where you publish your book reviews, book quotes, photos and cover love examples, bookish memes, book trailers or interesting links.


Your blog doesn't have to be a standard book blog. It should represent you and your way of thinking about books. Don't feel obliged to write elaborate reviews, if you don't fell like doing it. Keep it your way. 


Your virtual shelf: it's your place to show, collect and organize books you've read, want to read or are currently reading. You can rate them in 5 star scale (half stars!), and add thematic shelves to help you put them in the right place. 


Your reading timeline: it's a graphic representation of your BookLikes activity. Your timeline will show what have you published, read, which blogs you've followed, and which posts you've liked. 


All those three places are visible on your personal BookLikes webpage in the main menu. 



If you don't wish to show off all your bookish places, you can hide them.


They will disappear form the public page but WON'T disappear from your internal view -- YOU WILL STILL VIEW THEM ONCE YOU LOG INTO YOUR BOOKLIKES.


If you wish to switch off blog, shelf, timeline, please go to your Settings (the main menu), and choose Blog tab. Scroll down and decide which pages should be visible. 



If you decide to switch them off, they won't be visible in the menu on your webpage.


Remember to click Save to make the changes visible. 



However, they will stay in your main menu. Visible only to you and letting you keep on shelving and organizing your bookshelf or sharing your book reviews. 



Please remember that although you switch off the shelf and blog pages, your bookish activities will be visible for your followers - your books and reviews will be visible on Dashboards of people who are following your blog, and on the book pages. 


Happy blogging! 


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text 2018-04-12 20:47
What are you reading now? 3 ways to find a new book on BookLikes


We're always looking for new books, new authors, new recommended reading. And we're always happy to look at your blogs and shelves, after all, who's better in recommending books than book lovers and bloggers?!


Here are three places to find a new book on BookLikes.


1. Your Dashboard


Your Dashboard is your bookish feed with your friend's reviews and bookshelf updates. Sometimes, however, you may overlook what titles have been picked up by bloggers you're following. Then all you have to do is to hover over the avatar on your Dash and to sneak peek into your friend's currently reading shelf. 



In order to have new bookish actions and reviews on your Dashboard, follow new bloggers. You can find them via the Book Catalog page (click the book cover and find new reviews on the book pages) and the Book Explore (click the blog title to visit the blog).

To follow new blogs remember to click Follow in the upper right corner once on the blog page. 


2. Visit blogs and Timeline 


When you visit a new blog page, remember to take a look at the Timeline. It's a graphic representation of the blogger's BookLikes actions and a nice overview of what the person is reading. 

The books with currently reading status are on the top. Click the cover to +Shelf/+Post the book.



3. Visit blog and book boxes


Did you know that all BookLikes blogs present books from the blogger's currently reading shelf? Make sure to search the currently reading boxes in the right or left column (depends on the blog layout) once you visit your friends' blogs. 



What are you reading now? :)



Looking for more BookLikes how-to and tutorial posts? Click HERE to view our tutorials and make sure to follow BookLikes blog to view our news on your Dashboard. 


P.S. The e-mail notifications are under reviews. We're working to bring them back ASAP. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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