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text 2016-11-03 06:25
Food Habits To Add Size And Build Muscles

If you wish to bulk up, you would have to take proper care of the food that you eat. You would need to talk to your dietician and develop a plan for that purpose. Food products such as fish, eggs, rice, potatoes, and lean red meat are great for body builders.


Some of the food habits you would have to inculcate to get that perfect physique are mentioned below.


Take calories in moderation


Do not reduce your calorie intake drastically in a bid to reduce the amount of fat accumulated in your body. If your body does not have enough calories at any given point in time, it would have to break down your muscle mass in a bid to provide energy for everyday activities. Reduce the number of calories moderately to cut down body fat without causing any damage to your muscle mass.


Eat food high in volume


Opt for fresh green vegetables that keep you feeling full without adding too much to the calorie intake. You could also eat a lot of protein rich food to maintain the muscle mass while cutting down on body fat.


Satiate your hunger pangs


The pangs of hunger are signs that your body needs energy; these also mean that your body is burning muscle to get that energy. So, never take these hunger pangs casually, and always reach out for food products rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates to satisfy these pangs.


Stay away from processed and junk foods. Do not give in to the temptations of soft drinks, chips, and fast food.


Designate cheat days


You can give in to your cravings for all sorts of foods on certain days to maintain your emotional wellbeing. You can designate one or two days in a week when no eating rules apply. This simple practice can help you deal with the stress of body building and keep you focused and motivated for a longer period of time. On the cheat days, you can eat whatever you want, but in moderation. 


Switch between high and low carb meals


Make sure to change the amount of carbohydrates you consume on a daily basis. This simple practice increases the metabolic rate of the body and triggers the burning of accumulated fat. You can opt for a high carb diet after three to four days of low carb diet to maintain the health of your muscles and reduce body fat effectively.


Start using body building supplements


Opt for the right body building supplements. Try the products from Crazy Bulk, which is a leading name in the domain, to cut body fat and build muscle mass without facing any side effects. All the products from the brand are FDA approved and have received accolades and recommendations from users. You can go through Crazy Bulk review online and then decide to buy from the company.


Take a day off your training schedules


Take a day off from your weekly workout schedules so that your muscles get the time to recover, rejuvenate, and grow. On this weekly off, you can focus on your diet instead.


Resource Box:


Go through Crazy bulk review online and get a basic understanding of how this brand has helped millions of men and women get fitter and stronger bodies. You can then log on to the official website and connect with the product experts. Start with the Crazy Bulk bodybuilding supplements and find out how you can change your body for the better.


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text 2016-10-21 10:42
Top 10 Delicious Protein Shakes For Building Muscle

Combine your exercising with top protein rich shakes that have been tested and recommended by top nutritionists to enhance your diet.


  1. Very berry super shake:

Blend 1 cup spinach, 12 ounces (oz) of water, milk or yogurt, 2 cups of frozen berries, 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 tbsp. each of walnuts and ground flaxseed and ½ cup fat free yogurt. (57 grams protein, 500 calories, 54 g carbs, 14 g fiber, 11 g fat)


  1. Apple and great grains shake:

Blend 12 oz. of yogurt or milk with water, one sliced and peeled apple, 2 scoops protein vanilla flavored, 1 cup of spinach, 2 tbsp. almonds, and ¼ raw oats. Add some cinnamon for taste. Serve it with ice. (535 calories, 9 g fiber, 13 g fat, 58 g protein and 46 g carbs)


  1. Strawberry banana shake:

Blend one banana, 1 cup each of frozen strawberries and spinach, 12 ounces (oz) of water, milk or yogurt, 1 cup of frozen berries, 2 scoops strawberry or vanilla protein powder, 2 tbsp. ground flaxseed. (55 g proteins, 490 calories, 47 g carbs, and 11 g fiber)


  1. Chocolate cherry awesomeness shake:

Blend 12oz. of yogurt or milk with water, two cups dark cherries, 2 scoops chocolate flavored protein powder, 1 cup of spinach, 1 tbsp. each of ground flax, walnuts and dark cacao powder. (530 calories, 9 g fiber, 13 g fat, 56 g protein and 47 g carbs)


  1. Chocolate peanut butter and banana shake:

Blend 12 oz. of yogurt or milk with water, 1 banana, 2 scoops chocolate flavored protein powder, 1 cup of spinach, 1 tbsp. each of ground flax, walnuts, and dark cacao powder. (585 calories, 8 g fiber, 22 g fat, 59 g protein and 38 g carbs)


  1. Tropical power shake:

Blend half banana, 12 ounces (oz) of water, milk or yogurt, 1 cup each of pineapple and spinach, 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 2 tbsp. unsweetened coconut flakes, 1 tbsp. ground flax and ½ cup plain yogurt or vegan alternative.  (58 g protein, 525 calories, 46 g carbs, 8.5 g fiber and 12 g fat)


  1. Superfood shake:

Blend ½ cup each of frozen cherries, chopped raw beets, frozen strawberries & blueberries, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, 8 ounces of water, ½ banana, 1 tbsp. ground flaxseed. (28 g proteins, 329 calories, 52 g carbs, 11 g fiber and 4 g fat).


  1. Double chocolate mint smoothie:

Blend 2 mint leaves, ¼ cup of water, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 2 tbsp. cacao powder, and 1 tbsp. cacao nibs (25 g proteins, 292 calories, 32 g carbs, and 12 g fat).


  1. Vanilla pumpkin pie shake:

Blend 12 ounces of water, milk or yogurt, ¾ cup pumpkin puree, 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 tbsp. each of walnuts and ground flax, and ½ cup uncooked oats, (58 g proteins, 525 calories, 46 g carbs, 8.5 g fiber and 12 g fat).

  1. Orange Creamsicle:

Blend 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 orange, 1 tbsp. walnuts, 2 tbsp. flaxseed meal, 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/4 orange peel, and 1 cup water. (399 calories, 32 g proteins, 14 g fat and 39 g carbs)

You can also go for Crazy Bulk health supplements to aid your body building efforts. You can have them any time of the day or even replace your lunch or dinner with them.

Resource Box: Combine your exercises with any of these protein shakes, which you can have daily, and have a healthy life.

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Source: www.crazybulkstacks.com
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text 2016-10-15 12:40
Amazingly Healthy Features of Whey Protein for Bodybuilders

Protein is a completely require in your eating regimen as it is the muscle building bit in the muscle tissue. Without it, the sustenance of muscles changes into a truly troublesome errand. Protein in whey edge is thought to be an eager holding wellspring of protein, and it offers support to the review muscles in your body. Crazy bulk reviews have requested that their things help in nitrogen support which is better than go on proteins in your cells. In case you are a muscle head, you should harden whey protein in your eating regimen as there are a couple glorify conditions that you are likely going to get.



Shield muscle while losing fat


Whey is amply rich in amino acids. There are two sorts of amino acids - earnest and unimportant. Both are made using the sustenance that you use yet the last can in like way be made in your body. Both key and irrelevant amino acids give the supplements that your body requires to stockpile muscles and anabolic hormones. Utilization of amino acids helps in controlling muscle soreness and assistants in muscle fiber recovery and change.


Decreases increase


Whey proteins decrease a hormone called Cortisol, which is one of the key drivers of addition. Whey overhauls the mixes of serotonin which screens and controls the human emotions. It has been found in a couple gets a couple data about that nonattendance of serotonin can open up suppositions like make, pity, and weight in the human character. People under push and torment take a gander at for solace by swinging to alcohol which helps them dismiss the devastation and deception however the evil it causes to your body is known to the entire amassing. Use of whey updates the serotonin mean in your body and aides in controlling emotions. Hence, when you are concerned, it is recommended that you endeavor whey protein shakes.


Controls afflictions


Whey proteins are fit for updating cytokine response, which helps in controlling aggravations that are the premier driver of scatters like asthma. Whey is known for its wealth in amino acids like Cysteine that produces glutathione which is used by your body as a cell support to get insistence against dangerous oxidants which affect the guaranteed structure. Glutathione insufficiency can comprehend signs of HIV. Glutathione in addition controls hepatitis. Whey proteins can keep certain sorts of development by controlling strain obliged as a conceivable consequence of hurting oxidants. Whey proteins also help in controlling hypertension.



Drags out conclusion totality


Proteins are acclaimed for keeping the stomach more full for longer periods than exchange supplements like fiber, fats, and starches. Whey covers the slant longing for and lessens hunger, and thusly helps in weight control. Whey in like course associates in making fat oxidation while refining the body ingestion framework. It has on various events been showed up in various looks at that whey see an essential part in isolating fat in your body. It also helps in working up the bulk substance and gives you more centrality to work out and hone more. These zones are all open in the legal Crazy Bulk things which are regular weight diminishment supplements.


Resource Box:


Proteins fit as a fiddle are strengthened to be eaten up as they overhaul your tries of weight diminishment and working out. You could attempt a cycle of Crazy Bulk things.

Read More: http://www.crazybulkstacks.com/

Source: www.crazybulkstacks.com
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