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text 2020-01-20 20:52

The Unrequited Trilogy #3


Several months have passed since Tristan and Joshua's relationship was pushed to its limit, in the worst of ways, yet they've managed to overcome the lies and deceit. Their relationship is now stronger than it’s ever been, however, a single phone call may be about to change all of that. As Tristan discovers something that could irrevocably destroy everything they have built, Joshua has a life altering decision to make.
In this final installment of the Unrequited Trilogy, Tristan and Joshua’s relationship is faced with yet another complication, neither of them could have ever seen coming. With the arrival of a new man in Tristan’s life, will Joshua make his lover’s fear a reality, or will he prove that their love is indeed destined?
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text 2020-01-01 23:08

The Unrequited Trilogy #2


Following the difficult trials leading to their newfound relationship, Tristan and Joshua thought things would get easier. They had fought their dark pasts together, and made a vow to never allow them to control their lives again. Now a whole new kind of complication has arrived to test their loyalty and trust. A sexy complication in the form of Logan Mclean.

Lust, lies, and emotions run rampant as the Scottish businessman wedges himself between the lovers. Have Tristan and Joshua truly laid the ghosts of their pasts to rest, or will they allow another’s desires to ruin everything? For in this ever-growing world of emotion, one step can lead to either complete happiness or an ultimate betrayal.

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text 2019-12-29 21:25

The Unrequited Trilogy #1

Tristan Bailey is a man who never takes no for an answer in anything he does or wants. Life treats him good as the CEO of his own airline, and one of New York's finest bachelors. Men and women alike fall at his feet, the world opens to him without complaint. There isn't much he desires. Until he lays eyes on Joshua, that is.

Death has become a living nightmare for Joshua Malone. No matter what he does, a past riveted with pain and destruction follows him and forces him to make life decisions he would rather not. Josh never wanted to be reminded of the heartache that loving someone could bring, but he finds himself struggling to deny Tristan's advances.

Two different worlds collide in a heated meeting of longing and lust. Can the inner fears of one be laid to rest by the newfound love for the other, or will they both be denied?


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text 2017-03-19 18:15

Do you enjoy MM Romance?

Fancy the chance of winning the complete ebook set of the Unrequited Trilogy by Amara Lebel? Then simply follow the link below, Like my FB page, and then Like, Share and Comment on, the Easter Giveaway post!





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review 2015-03-27 00:00
Denial (The Unrequited Trilogy #1)
Denial (The Unrequited Trilogy #1) - Amara Lebel 3.5 stars

I'm such a sucker for a relentless possessive man. And this Tristan guy just hit all of my buttons. Of course we got lust at the first sight in here. But I have to warn you if you decide to pick this you're going to get 'drama'. Yes, drama, drama, drama. I rounded up because I liked Tristan a LOT.

What I disliked :
- Josh called himself straight. But he got male ex-lover (dead ex-lover, to be precise). That's not straight, dude.
- Sometimes it confused me who's talking and who's thinking...
- Sissy fit. Is that supposed to be 'hissy fit'? Well, I'm sorry if I'm wrong. I'm not a native speaker. I don't know much about urban language.
- When you're about to have a sex with someone, it's not cool to think about your dead lover. It's just not cool. That's why I usually avoid this plot.

Warning : Dub/con, dead lover.
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