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review 2017-08-07 00:29
Visions in Death (Robb)
Visions in Death - J.D. Robb

This was a light and easy impulse read before I embark again on my more literary projects. I've read a couple of these "In Death" mysteries before; they're set in the 2050s in an entirely recognizable New York City. I had no trouble navigating the relatively minor tweaks that Robb introduces to make her world futuristically fresh while still operating on very familiar patterns. It's a police procedural about tracking a serial killer in a large urban area. Even the introduction of a professional psychic as a civilian assistant - and the various degrees of skepticism she encounters - would be entirely plausible in a present-day setting. It is the presence of this psychic, rebranded in Robb's future lingo as a "sensitive", that gives us the title of the novel. Our tough and sassy detective, Eve Dallas, conducts a fairly flawless case, sorting out the forensic evidence with aplomb, getting the profiling right and eventually tracking the serial killer to a country property where most of his (female, of course) victims are buried. Though the case doesn't echo the Robert Pickton horror in either perpetrator psychology or the low social status of Pickton's victims, nonetheless the timing of publication (2004) leads me to think that sensational case from a couple of years before was at least at the back of the author's mind as she detailed the grim discoveries of the bodies. To keep us all from sinking into despair, perhaps, Robb adds an interesting twist at the end that I will not disclose.

The protagonists - Eve Dallas, her detective sidekick Delia Peabody, and Peabody's main squeeze and computer nerd McNab - are very easy to like and root for. I would add Dallas' wealthy and extraordinarily helpful husband Roarke, but, as in the other books I read, I find him irritatingly just a little too perfect to be true,  and the obligatory sex scene with Dallas annoying - just Nora Roberts the romance writer intruding where she is not needed. However, it's a small flaw in an otherwise enjoyable and undemanding read.

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review 2017-06-16 21:53
Still going strong
Visions in Death (In Death Series #19) -

Visions in Death (In Death Series #19) 


Nineteen books and still going strong.  This one was interesting and had a twist at the end that I wasn't expecting!  That's what I love about this series.  It still keeps me on my toes.  And poor Peabody got put through the wringer in this one.  But luckily she pulled through.


I'm slowly working my way through this series, and have loved every minute of it.  I don't think I'll be able to hold off on the next book as I got a sneak peek and have to know how this one turns out. 

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text 2017-06-06 03:44
Currently free — another one where I had liked the sample
First Visions - Heather Topham Wood

Free for kindle at least.


I should organize my booklikes shelves more often because while languishing on my "Sampled Liked" shelf this one dropped in price.


I didn't note what I liked about the sample (doesn't sound like my usual read), so I assume it was a liking for the heroine and/or the writing style.

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review 2017-03-06 18:32
Great Twist Thrown In
Visions in Death (In Death Series #19) -

After reading the latest In Death books, I went back to my bookshelf this weekend and re-read some of my favorites. It was nice to see what drew me to this series and what I hope to see again one day.

"Visions in Death" follows Eve and company as they try to track down a serial killer. I really do love this one because we get to see the friendship of Eve and Peabody come full circle. We have fan favorites like Louise and Charles show up too (I love Charles). We have Feeney, Summerset, and Mavis. Heck, we even have Nadine. For once the huge cast of characters does very well together, though there were a couple of minor things that happened that took me out of the story. And what I really love is that Robb threw in a twist in the ending too. You think you know what went down til Eve reveals all. I will give Robb crap for that though since I wish we had seen clues of this in the book. I am not a fan when a mystery writer hides the clues so to speak to give a surprise ending to the audience.

Eve in "Visions in Death" is doing her best to track down a serial killer. The man leaves women dead, taking their eyes with him (shudder). As more and more women start to pile up, Eve is actually reluctantly inclined to involve a psychic in the hunt for the serial killer. What I do love about the "In Death" books which I wish that Robb would go back to more, is that men and women who are psychic or have the ability to read people are prevalent in this world. No one is mocking it and not saying it's not real. And in one of the earlier books, Robb mentions that Dr. Mira has a daughter who is psychic.

What I really do love about this book is that we see a transformed Eve in this one. She opens up to Peabody and lets her know about her past. Because of what the revelations about Eve's past could do to her current position on the NYPD, not a lot of people know about what happened to Eve as a child and also what she ended up doing (if you have read this series before now, you know that she murdered her father when he was about to beat and rape her again). Having her tell Peabody about that felt right. And Peabody's reaction to the news confirms what she had started to suspect regarding Eve and her empathy for Eve breaks you a bit when you read it in print.

Roarke is Roarke in this one. He is juggling his billion dollar a day businesses while helping Eve in her hunt for this killer. When someone close to them gets injured, Roarke is all in to bring the person down. We also get to see Roarke in the end with Eve and they actually have a serious talk about what they want done if they die (it's grim, but believe me when you read that scene you get it).

As I said above, we also get welcomed appearances by many in the "In Death" family. They are introduced organically and do not wreck the flow of the story at all. I really do wish at times we could go back to the earlier books when we didn't have so many people to keep track of. Ah well.

The writing is top notch Robb. This is one of the earlier books and the payoff of 18 books and novellas at this point is really worth it. I did think the writing got a bit too much at one point when Eve is interviewing someone (no spoilers) and the person went from being out of it and high as anything due to meds being pumped in to being able to give a report to Eve in five seconds. Apparently in the future, meds work really fast.

The flow as I said earlier works.

The setting of the crimes takes place in Central Park. I have never been there, but Robb manages to capture the location and the many people/women in this story brilliant. I have said before, Robb does a good job with tertiary characters in this book I found. She manages to make them feel real to you in just a few short paragraphs. I have always wondered what happened to people after Eve no longer is investigating. In some of the books they do pop up again which is nice.

As I said, this book has a twist thrown in that when I first read it years ago I remember had my mouth hanging open. I was surprised as anything. Of course now re-reading this, I already knew that the twist was coming. But I have to say, that even though Eve lays everything out to you. I wish that we as readers had gotten more clues our way that this was an option.

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review 2017-02-19 02:37
Stevie Nicks: Visions, Dreams & Rumors - Zoë Howe

This is a re-release of a book from a few years ago. I received it from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.
I have always been enthralled, "bewitched", and fascinated by Stevie Nicks. From the first time I listened to Fleetwood Mac in the mid-seventies until today. That voice. That music. And, later, when I would see concert clips of them on The Midnight Special and other shows, the pure enchantment of watching Stevie perform. And, later, to actually seeing them perform in concert in person. It would just fill me with a sense of wonder.
And the rumors. Of the drug use. Of the drama. Of the in-fighting. What to believe?
Well, it's pretty much all laid bare in this book. I found that I just could not put it down. And it left me, at age 57, still feeling the same way about Stevie Nicks as I did when I was a teenager. Fascinating!

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