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text 2019-07-21 19:13
AVR Weekly News ~ 301st Edition

AVR Weekly News ~ 301st Edition

Who keeps turning up the damn thermostat?!


Source: imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2019/07/avr-weekly-news-301st-edition.html
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text 2019-07-20 15:04
Modern Collection of Toilet and Basin Ideas for Cloakroom

Contemporary Toilets with Push Button Cistern

Transforming bathroom from luxury to more luxurious is the desire of every person. The contemporary toilets have push button cistern with simplest organic and contemporary designs which are no doubt simple, but they are perfect for your bathroom with soft square forms. Flush to wall features escalates importance of the toilets which hide all sort of pipework that thwarts your bathroom to give a disgusting look. Come to know about some important products of the collection.


Contemporary Basins; Easier to Install

The contemporary basins are the leading and wider part of the basin collection. Full pedestal, usually one-hole, round pedestal and capaciousness are the important features of the products. These basins and pedestal from the Code range will give your bathroom an elegant as well yet reliable feeling with a modern finish to your bathroom. Give a look at some products of the collection which are below!


Traditional Toilets with Steal handle and chrome finish

This traditional toilets from the Carlton range defines a stylish dimension of a bathroom with massive engineering for the sensation of vintage reliability. These are manufactured from long lasting and durable Material that makes the products perfect to use for a long time. Stunning white finishing will give a smooth and very clean look to your bathroom.


Traditional Basins with clean glazed ceramic

These classical yet utilitarian design basins and pedestal comply very well with any traditional bath and give your bathroom a conventional touch. This basin has 2 tap holes. During installation extra care must be taken to avoid damaging the fittings. Curvaceous corners of the basins will make cleaning easier. Get in touch with important products of the basin collection which are below!


Back to wall toilets with modern curves

These back to wall toilet suites is manufactured with modern curves. Super mixture of contemporary fashion and elegant look to complete a modern bathroom. These are supplied complete with an exceptional 5-year guarantee by Royal Bathrooms for total peace of mind, you can be assured that you are receiving an item of the highest quality. Find important products of the toilet wash basin below!


Pedestal Basins with easier patterns to fix in

These basin and pedestal from the Trim range will give you an elegant yet reliable feeling with a modern finish to your bathroom. These will make your bathroom more capacious as well as comfortable. Some important products are below!


Cloakroom Toilets with dual flush pattern

The cloakroom toilets possess the important feature of dual flush that follows the global consensus of making the water natural by saving water. The flush help to save water. Chrome push button cistern is also fixed that make them perfect for your usage.  You can also save space of your cloakroom by fixing the toilets in your bathroom. Get some credible products of the collection below!


WC Units with Beach wood Finish

WC units are made up of two basic parts which are as toilet pan, and furniture unit. It helps to conceals the cistern. When your bathroom has very small space to fix bathroom products, this WC and Pan combination is the perfect solution to all your worries. All WC Units have been specially selected to stand the test of time and help you to make the most of your available space. This unit is supplied pre-assembled, making installation easier without any visible pipework. High quality material is used in the whole process of manufacturing the units so that you may enjoy durability as well as longevity. Back to wall pan is an important feature of the units which conceals the pipework that helps you to hide any hole or bad smudge that can reduce beauty of your bathroom. Some important products of the units are below!


Cloakroom Basins of Semi pedestal

These cloakroom basins which are semi pedestal, come up with the fine edged design. These will finish off any bathroom. High edges of the basins will protect the floor from water spills. That is the reason; people get interested to make items of the collection part of their bathroom. Make your bathroom more capacious and make the products part of your cloakroom. Some important products are below in this regard.


Semi-Pedestal Basins with additional washing space

Curvaceous designed basin and semi pedestal from Pick & Mix range finishes off the bathroom’s appearance. The semi-pedestal basins are perfect for the configuration of bathroom. It also provides a deep basin that helps to save water that could be used for any other purpose. Some important products of the semi-pedestal are below!


Wall mounted Basins; your ultimate priority

The wall mounted basins are also known as wall hung basins. These could be fixed back to wall that stand them and not let to go down. These are fixed in wall that is the reason the space beneath the basins is free to use. This aspect helps you to save space if you do not enough space in your bathroom. Come to invest in the rounded cloakroom basins! Some important products of the collection are below!


Versatility of Counter top Basins

The counter top basins are attached with basins in which you can wash your mouth, teeth or hands. Because of the basins, you can stand easily to wash what you want, and the water will not reach to your clothes.  Royal Bathrooms prepares the counter top basins with 100% unique and quality material. Find some important products of the collection below!


Toilet and Basin Accessories for sturdy fitting and longevity

Toilet and Basin accessories are those things which are required to fix in bathroom products. How much your accessories will be sturdy and durable; it will help to increase life of the products which are to be installed in. There are basic two categories of the accessories which are as below

  • Toilet Accessories
  • Basin Accessories

Toilet Accessories for Perfect Fitting

The Premier MDF Painted Toilet Seat, Plastic Hinges, and many more are the important products of the toilet accessories from the exciting range of Toilet Seats. Manufactured to the highest standards, this model is designed for specific Premier toilet pans but may also fit other brands. Some important products are below!


Basin Accessories for corrosion resistance

Attach basin to the wall easily while lending a clean and fitted look to bathroom with the Basin Fixing Bolts. Offering everything you may need for bathroom basin fixing, this kit is easy to use and long lasting.


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text 2019-07-19 10:38
Why Upper Back Pain Is So Common in Runners?

Running is a physical activity that seems to involve mostly the lower part of your body. However, many runners complain of pain located in the upper back after a run. It’s a very common problem in runners. Especially in those who aren’t supervised by a professional coach. Why does it occur and what to do?


This problem may have several causes. The most common is bad running technique, but the level of muscular strength of the runner’s back also matters. However, many people who start running, do so with existing back problems caused by sedentary work and lifestyle.  When you start running, you will feel even the smallest back problems that you may not have been aware of previously.


Why Does Your Upper Back Hurt After Running?

If your upper back hurts during and after your running activity, read the list below and think if any of it relates to you. Depending on the problem, it may be solved with simply correcting your running technique and strengthening the spinal muscles. However, if the problem is deeper, you may need physical therapy or even chronic back pain treatment.


Weak spinal muscles

Although we think our upper spine isn’t involved in running, it’s a mistake. When we run, the entire body is involved. Therefore, the entire body gets tired. This reflects in our posture which becomes slouchier, with the head leaned forward. It gives additional strain over the upper spine, and it doesn’t take long for the pain to appear. 


Wrong hand position while running

When we feel tired, this not only affects our back but our hands as well. We change their position and place them either too high or too close to the body. To cope with tired hands and get to the finish line anyway, people may weave their hands or hold them tense. This only seems to make it easier but in fact, it actually increases the strain.


Radiated pain from the lower back

The fascia (connective tissue) gets stretched and radiates into the upper spine. So the source of the pain can be located much lower than you actually feel it. Or it can be a nerve that is located close to the skin that gets irritated while you run.


Change in pH level

The well-known DOMS syndrome is often linked to a change in the body’s acidity. The more you run, the more lactic acid is produced by your body and it influences your sensations of pain. There are special gels that help balance the pH in your muscles.

Sedentary behavior

Most runners are simple people who work in an office or at home in front of the computer all day long. Such way of life leads to various spinal problems including pain when running. While we walk, we can control it, but while running it’s difficult. Therefore, the balance of strain over the spine is irregular.


As you can see, proper running technique and muscle strength are very important. One is impossible without the other so you should work on both. Strong muscles will help you keep the proper position as you run and not overwhelm your spine.


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text 2019-07-16 17:58
Inclusive Guideline About Toilets & Basins

Toilets and Basins are the well-known Bathroom furniture toilet and basin products which have become necessity of all and sundry in the on-going era. People always prefer to fix in the toilets and basins in their bathrooms which possess divergent features. The industry of toilet and basin has become revolutionized because of the contribution of innovative ideas and latest designs which are always the sources of attraction for customers. Royal Bathrooms comprehends all demands and desires of its customers and endeavors to manufacture bath furniture toilet and basin for the best cause of its customers.


Provisions of Toilet & Basin suites

Toilet and basins are two different things, but are products or sub-categories of bathroom. To facilitate our customers, Royal Bathrooms provides the four ranges in the sub-categories of toilet and basin suites which are below!

  • Contemporary Suites
  • Traditional Suites
  • Cloakroom Suite
  • Small Bathroom Suite

Contemporary Suites with soft close seat

The Contemporary Suites give a great modern look with different designs. The short projection of these designs also makes it ideal for compact bathrooms. These basin and pedestal from the Ambrose range with such uncomplicated design and clean contours will comply well with a variety of bathroom styles. Come to invest in Bathroom furniture toilet and basin for beautification of your bathrooms with latest designs and stylish patterns! The suites are made up by keeping in mind the rising ecological issues of the world to make the world natural. For this cause, it is manufactured with the ecological feature of saving water. Most important products of the contemporary suits are below!

CONTEMPORARY SUITES-kartell_studio_1

Traditional Suites with Steal handle

Traditional suites production is the most elegant collection of suites. It is desired by those who make their cloakroom luxurious by upgrading their bathroom products. This defines a stylish dimension to a bathroom with massive engineering for the sensation of vintage reliability. Significant products in this regard are below!

Cloakroom Suite with high quality gloss white

This High Gloss White cloakroom suites with Ceramic Basin, make the most of your bathroom with our practical and attractive white gloss furniture options. You should not forget to browse our collection to update your bathroom products which give a shining look to your bathrooms. The cloakroom suites provide a practical storage solution. Add the basin toilet vanity unit in your bathroom furniture for better outcomes!  Some of the products are below!


May ford Floor Standing Cabinet & Basin

  • High quality modern gloss finish
  • Supplied with a sturdy ceramic basin for a heavyweight and durable vanity unit
  • Soft close doors
  • Chrome Handles
  • Supplied rigid for easy installation


Small Bathroom Suite with Durable ceramic basin

The small bathroom suites are coupled with a wide range of styles, designs and storage solution. The small suites not only cost less, but they are also perfect for your small bathroom. These will give a different look to your bathroom that will make you happy, especially because of storage solution. High gloss white is applied on the products of the sub-categories which make their look shining that is nice and smooth to touch. Sturdy ceramics basin and chrome handles are the most appealing features of collection. Find below some products of the collection.


Source: royalbathrooms.co.uk/toilets-basins.html
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text 2019-07-15 11:04
6 Signs That You Drink Too Much Coffee

Caffeine affects each of us differently. Here, as with alcohol, someone is carried away from a glass of beer, and someone will drain a couple of liters and not notice. Behind office coffee breaks, coffee shops at every turn and a sure morning habit it is easy not to notice that you have an addiction. Here are some signs that you have too much caffeine in your body.

6 Signs of Coffee Overdose

1. You have a headache

Despite the fact that caffeine is part of many drugs for headaches, its use must be controlled. An overdose of caffeine can cause the type of pain that similar to the overuse of drugs. If you suffer from chronic migraines or simply feel that your head suddenly hurts, you should be especially careful with caffeine.

2. Stomach problems

Coffee irritates the stomach and provokes heartburn. In addition, it stimulates the central nervous system, which causes the body to produce too much stomach acid. Even for those who do not have problems with the digestive tract, doctors do not recommend drinking coffee on an empty stomach. A strong love for caffeine can lead to gastritis and other digestive problems.

3. Feeling anxious

Caffeine makes our body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. When you are calm, it invigorates, but if you are tired or already excited, it can cause anxiety. Excess caffeine over time overloads your nervous system and will lead to chronic stress. If you feel that in the last few days you have been feeling anxious, try to replace coffee with other drinks.

4. Poor sleep

Do not underestimate the effect of caffeine on your sleep. Specialist of the American Council of Somnology and a member of the American Academy of Somnology, Dr. Michael Breus notes that with age, our body begins to process caffeine more slowly. 


Even 5-10 years ago, a cup of latte for the night had no effect on your sleep, but now your nervous system can be much more sensitive. If you noticed that it became harder to fall asleep, pay attention to what time you usually drink coffee and its quantity.

5. Your heart rate rises

Another effect of caffeine on the central nervous system is a rapid heartbeat. In a moderate amount, coffee is safe, but if you feel that the heart is pounding for no reason, it is possible that the cause is coffee. This sensation arises when you are calm and can last all day.

6. You go to the toilet more often than usual

Caffeine acts as a mild diuretic. But some people may be especially sensitive to it. If you start going to the bathroom more often than usual, try to limit yourself from coffee and other caffeine drinks.


What to Do When Coffee Overdose Happens?

First of all, you need to drink plenty of water, as coffee dehydrates the body. After that, it is worth eating foods rich in potassium like bananas. The drink flushes these elements out of the body, which is why a hand tremor and a feeling of tension may appear. 


If you are a coffee lover, we advise you to consume adequate calcium per day, because of its invigorating effect, it leeches this important element from our body. Lack of calcium in our body leads to shoulder, hip, pelvic and back pain.


Products with potassium have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. With an overdose of coffee, a good solution would be to get some fresh air. A short walk will ensure a flow of oxygen which your body lacks after consuming coffee.


An hour later, the state will improve, but on this day it is better to refrain from coffee and quickly lie down to rest. You need about 9.5 hours to reduce the caffeine level in your body by half. 

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