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review 2017-06-15 17:23
good story and characters
The Wedding Date Bargain - Mira Lyn Kelly

Max wanted to punch his best friend Sean in the face but the church was not the place to do it. Normally all the bull Sean spewed to the press and females didn’t bother Max.  Max was a cop and his partner  C J was getting married. Max was a follow the rules kind of guy but Sean had brought the one person that Max has problems following the rules around - Sarah Cole. One week ago Sarah had almost slept with Max  now she was here with Sean who Max didn’t know was Sarah’s boss. Max loved Sean like a brother but no girl he cared about was getting in with Sean.  Maax has the reputation of being a player but he was getting tired of different women all the time. Sarah hadn’t really dated anyone in eleven months and that had been a flop and he was a butt of major proportions Sarah thrived on the challenges of her career. The last person Sarah had involved with was Corey who was a butt and and she had been engaged to that was four years ago. Eight years ago Sarah and Max had become unexpected friends. Sarah had thought about Max a lot and wished she had made a different choice. Sarah’s smile had hit Max like a freight train all those years ago and he worked to get that smile as often as he could. Sarah had also loved Max’s smile. Piper was Sarah’s best friend and they had known each other since first grade. Sarah had a mission to get rid of her virginity. Max used to walk Sarah home after the library closed. But eventually Max let Sarah go because there was things Sarah wanted that she would not have been able to have with Max. But here Sarah was again and he wasn’t going to let her go as quickly this time. But Sarah knew Max wouldn’t be helping her out with her mission as he had the chance eight years ago and turned her down.

This was a good read. I loved how Max was very protective of Sarah even if it was even if it was the best thing for her. I loved Sarah and Max together they were just right. I didn’t want to put this down once I started it. I loved Sarah and Piper’s friendship. I liked the closeness of Max and his fellow cops. I

liked the plot a lot. This drag at times for me. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-06-11 01:34
The Wedding Journey
The Wedding Journey - Carla Kelly

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts...

It’s always a little difficult for me to review a Carla Kelly book, mostly because I know I won’t be able to capture the life of her stories. So I can only hope that I make anyone reading my reviews intrigued enough to consider checking out that book. The Wedding Journey is one from her quite lengthy backlist (thank God for that, I hope she continues to write for years to come!) and a book that was equally heartwarming and heartwrenching. I just don’t know how to else to put it but this is what her books do to you. They make you feel every single emotion her characters are going thru!

Much like many of Ms. Kelly’s books, The Wedding Journey, is set around wartime. The Napoleonic Wars to be precise. The story begins in a camp somewhere in Spain where we find little Elinore, AKA Nell Mason, working around the Head Surgeon’s tent. Her parents were the dumbest people out there, or so everyone knew them to be. She had a younger brother whom she had to take care of most of the times, much like she had taken care of herself since she’s learned to walk and talk. Her father, Major Mason, was always in his cups and never had enough money to take care of his family. Not that he bothered. Her mother, Audrey, had suffered thru it all. She’s now a shell of a woman after years of trudging thru war-zones with her husband. She simply didn’t care anymore. But Nell, even at the age of 10, knew she had to take care of her family.

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