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text 2022-08-12 07:09
5 Great Reasons to Consider a Party Bus for Your Next Big Event


Drunk driving causes many deaths around the world each year. You could hire a designated driving service to handle that part of your night to stay safe on the road. One of these possibilities is renting a party bus. Renting a party bus for your friends and family is a great way to take your friends and family to your special events. There are many benefits to hiring party buses that make your nights more fun. Have you ever thought about renting a party bus on the way to an event? It’s a great way to celebrate in style while being safe on the road.


The PartyParty Doesn’t Stop


Why should you break up the fun you’re having? With a party bus rental, you can drink, enjoy, play games, or whatever. From bachelor’s and bachelorette parties to corporate parties, renting a party bus ensures you can keep the PartyParty going. Whether you go out with friends, coworkers, or family, you can spend the time travelling by hanging out, playing games, or whatever your heart desires. Most party buses will have ambient lighting, sound systems and big-screen TVs you can enjoy on the way to your destination. Of course, you won’t have to drink to enjoy the party bus. You can accommodate guests who don’t drink by playing games or other activities between destinations.


You Have a Designated Driver


You always have that with a professional party bus service, so you won’t have to worry about anyone being the designated driver and missing out on the fun or drinking as you feel like it. This means you can enjoy the PartyParty and relax. Another benefit of having a party bus is that guests won’t have to deal with the added stress of worrying about driving in traffic and finding a parking spot. Drivers spend a lot of time trying to find a parking space for their vehicles each year. You won’t have to frustrate yourself with it as you circle, looking for a spot you can take. Just let the driver handle the traffic as you relax with your friends.


You Can Hit All the Hot Spots


Are you planning on hitting a few different locations during your party night? Not a problem, since you can provide your driver with a list of places you want to go. The driver knows the city and the nightlife it offers, so you won’t need to worry about parking spots even if you hit the busiest bars, nightclubs and concert venues. They can drop you off and pick you up when you need to leave without having to deal with parking issues.


You and Your Guests Arrive Together


When people drive separately to some event, they all arrive at different times. However, this may not seem like much, but getting lost or stuck in traffic or lacking a place to park can put a damper on the mood if you want to have fun together. With a party bus, you can eliminate that uncertainty, tell your guests when to arrive at the pickup spot and be ready for the party bus. Even if your friends come late, you can still have a few drinks, play games, and get the PartyParty started while you wait.


You Can Bring More People


There are only so many people you can fit in a regular cab. Most of the ride-sharing programs will also have limited space. You may not be able to book a larger vehicle if you need one, leaving you and your guests to deal with this on your own. You can fit 20-30 people or even more in a party bus. This makes it an excellent solution for bachelor’s or bachelorette parties, corporate gatherings, or other larger parties involving a larger group of people.


©Fast Limo Hire


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text 2022-07-11 08:48
5 Good Tips for Choosing a Wedding Limo Service


There may be multiple wedding transportation services in your area, but the limo remains an elegant and time-tested classic. The first step toward hiring one is to start looking early. That way, you can be sure that the best service will be available and not booked when you need it the most. Let’s get started:


Choosing a Limousine Service Offering Variety


The best limo service offers a wider variety of limos to choose from. If you can find the best service with a wide array of limos, you can have the colour and style you want without compromising. Most couples will go for themed weddings, where they get to choose a specific type of colour combination or have a limo that complements that theme. You will need to have wedding transportation that works alongside the rest of your wedding theme.


Keeping Your Budget in Mind


Consider how much you can afford before looking at the available limo options. This vital part of your decision should be based on the budget you’re working with. Most companies charge by the hour, and you may need several hours of the rental period or more, depending on your plans. If you pay by the hour, you may have to pay when on standby, so you can avoid the company giving the limo to someone else during the downtime. Set a price range before you start and let the companies know what you’re looking for. Good limo companies will give you options that fit that budget and needs.


Ask About Wedding Packages


Most limo services offer wedding packages you can use, and they have a great deal for you if you’re looking for multiple vehicles. You should ask if they have offers for something else other than providing a ride, such as red carpet arrivals, airport transfers, champagne toasts, or anything that makes your trips more enjoyable. You need to check if they offer drinks and what kind of avoiding disappointments. Don’t make assumptions, but ask.


Check Reviews and Referrals


If you enjoyed a limousine during a previous wedding done by friends or family, you could ask the couple for references or a review. You can do the same with friends, family, and coworkers. If that doesn’t work, you can research online to find company reviews of previous customers. Reviews can help determine which company is worth hiring for your special day. You need to compare several companies, as this is the one time in your life where you need to make things perfect. During the research, you should ensure the limo service is licensed and insured, then check their safety records. The age of the limo, their cancellation policy and more, all those details matter when looking for the perfect company. You should check if they provide any extras, in case you need to do more to make the trip more memorable. It is a significant event in your life, so make sure you’re ready for everything.


Ask How Trained the Chauffeurs Are


When you’re looking for transportation, it’s best to inquire about the drivers in charge of your trip. Since not all drivers are the same, you should ensure you have someone good watching your back and driving you around since this day needs to be perfect and safe. Getting a professional driver who arrives on time, groomed and experienced in driving and etiquette is extremely important to the event. Limo drivers need to be professional at all times.


©Fast Limo Hire


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text 2022-03-17 03:33
Wedding Limo Transportation Ideas that You Need to Consider


When you’re busy making plans for a wedding, it may seem that every detail is something major. A lot of those seemingly major decisions end upswept in the planning, most importantly transportation. You need to consider how your bridal party and other people at the wedding will get around on your big day.


Making a big entrance and impressive wedding limos aside, you will need to be aware of the exact route you will take from the ceremony to your reception. You need to know how you will travel and before you do that, you need to find the right company, making the first steps. The following examples will give you a few pointers, so you can get things done right:


  • Book Your Limo Online

There is a reason why ordering online is convenient and easy. You can have a copy of the reservation and confirmation done on your phone or computer, but when you book online, you should screenshot the details of the order, as well as the pertinent confirmation information. When this is done, the information will be easy to find and access, whenever you feel like it. Brides or grooms who share the screenshot can also keep people informed of the plans and where the limo is going.


  • Ask For A Backup Route Plan

Although it may seem like overkill, since you will trust the driving service to know your immediate area, having a route plan will help select the best route from point A to point B. A backup plan will account for heavy traffic, unseen road accidents and other issues. Your wedding may be planned ahead of time, but unexpected circumstances happen, so you would do well to have a backup plan just in case.


  • Research the Limo Company

Since not every service will have what you need, some may even be downright disappointing. You should ask a few important questions before you commit and hire one. Can you decorate the vehicle? Will all your guests fit inside? Can you take photos inside? Is the car of your choice available on your wedding day? Can the car be in the wedding photos? With a good and classy limo ride, you won’t have to worry about transportation at all. You want a company that arrives on time and gets the job done right.


  • Figure Out Who Needs Transport

Though the bride and bridal party are the main stars of the limo’s arrival, you need to consider how everyone else will be transported. There is also the need to take multiple venues in mind. How will the group get from the ceremony to the reception, if the limo ride is private? Consider the newlyweds, but also the wedding party, both sets of parents, grandparents and siblings as you get your plans prepared. 


If you want to be especially considerate to your guests, you can hire a limo to transport the out-of-town guests as well. For a more budget-oriented approach, you should consider renting a party bus, instead of using separate transportation for a lot of guests. You could also use the limo service as a way to have a little privacy and comfort with your new spouse. It will give you breathing room before the main event and the start of the party.


  • Book Ahead of Time

This is something very important to keep in mind. Whenever graduation season or proms arrive, limos are hired all the time, so you may need to schedule months in advance if you want to even have a free slot to have your limo ride.


©Fast Limo Hire

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text 2022-01-20 07:32
7 Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Limo Hire Service

Your city or town may have different wedding transportation options, but the most impressive and elegant of all remains the limo. After all, pulling up to your wedding in a limo carries the same importance as choosing your suit and dress, the theme of the wedding, the accessories and so much more. This is a day to remember, so arriving and leaving in style should be a core memory of that event. You can take a few steps to make the right choice of a limo early on, so let’s cover the seven steps:

Choose a Limo Service With Variety

Limousine services that offer variety are the kind you need. Depending on the wedding transportation needs, your choice of vehicle may vary. Colour and style, as well as the car’s size, may be important when you make your choice. Couples often go for themed weddings, where colour combinations and a limo that matches those can work quite well together.

Picking a budget

One of the important bits of any wedding is budgeting and planning. Knowing how much you can set aside for a luxurious limousine is what will drive your choice when you pick a company. Most of the businesses out there charge by the hour, so you will likely need at least 5-6 hours worth, depending on your situation. Set your price range beforehand and contact a company early on to figure things out.

Wedding Packages

Most limo services offer packages for weddings, so there may be a good deal right around the corner. If you need multiple vehicles, this is the way to go. There may be additional services offered as part of the package.

Consider Checking the Reviews

If you know another couple satisfied with a company, you should ask them for references and reviews. That may spare you some time looking for the proper business. Check reviews and decide which one will work best, focusing on licensed and insured limo services. Another thing worth noting is the cancellation policy, in case you need to negate your plans for any reason.

Consider the Experience of the Limo Drivers

When you look for transportation, it is important to check the drivers in charge. Since not all drivers will have the same level of experience, you need to ensure you’ll have a good one backing you on your wedding day. Professional drivers will arrive on time, they will be well-groomed, acting appropriately for the event. Sophistication and professionalism are the hallmarks of a good limo driver.

Check Out the Limo Seating Arrangements

How many people will need transportation via limo? You may want to plan by asking the limousine service about the capacity of their vehicles and whether they can provide what you need. Depending on the theme of the wedding, some couples may prefer a nice and quiet ride in privacy. Others may prefer a more lively group event with a larger number of people during the ride, so choose wisely. When you make your choice, check whether you can use the limo as transport, or just as a theme for your photography moments.

Will You Sign a Contract?

In most cases, wedding transport services provide a contract, which cements the conditions for both sides. The contract will lay out the details of what is expected, so you can determine the time of arrival, the length of use of the vehicle and the costs involved. You should check if you can extend the duration in case of unforeseen circumstances. The contract provides additional assurances for clients.

© Fast Limo Hire

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text 2022-01-11 08:20
5 Reasons Why you Want to Hire a Limo for Your Next Business Trip


If you believe that a limo service offers nothing more than a mere luxurious way to travel and arrange transport means, then you have simply not explored your options well enough. Limo hire is a fantastic service to consider when you are faced with business travels and long business trips. With all of the added extras, like a comfortable interior and charging stations, you can get a lot of value for your money. With a professional chauffeur to bring you where you need to be on time and a comfortable and safe means of transportation, you will be making a mistake in not considering limo rental when doing business trips. 

Following are a few of the benefits you get when you consider a limo hire service for your business needs: 

  • Top comfort after travelling for a long time – if you are on a business trip that involves plane travel to some destination, you know just how tiring it can be. If you have travelled for hours, the last thing you want is to be bothered with taxis and public transport. Rather, you would much rather enjoy a relaxing trip inside a comfortable limousine interior. Not only will this allow you to regain some energy and prepare for your business meetings, but also enjoy the comfort and extras of a limo service. Limousines are best suited for this sort of thing. 

  • Your safety is guaranteed – when you travel with a limousine, you and your baggage are safe throughout the trip. Because limousine chauffeurs are so well-trained, you can expect no issues on the road. Besides, limousines come equipped with some safety measures and they rank as some of the safest vehicles you can rely on. 

  • You always arrive on time – limo companies always make sure to get their clients where they need to be without any delay. To achieve this, they monitor traffic conditions and always pick the fastest route that doesn’t include heavy traffic. They will also make sure they consider the timeline of the client and show up to pick you up right on time. Punctuality is one of the strongest aspects of limo hire companies and that is why they will do everything in their power to not waste their client’s time. 

  • A limo is always good for securing good impressions – if you are going on a business deal with some new partner or a major client of the company, you want to impress as much as possible. Nothing does this better than a great looking limousine that pulls off and takes you to your destination. Limousines have long been synonymous with luxury and they have a certain of capturing interest. When you use such a service, you immediately set yourself up for success in your business dealings. 

  • It is convenient – when it comes to limousines, the best thing about them is the fact that arranging the service is just convenient. You can easily do research on limo companies in the area and arrange a service with one of them. As long as you do it some time in advance, you don’t have anything to worry about. Limo companies know that clients value their time a lot, so they have made the booking process as convenient as possible. You will be surprised to find just how easy it is to book a limo. 

All of these benefits are great for anyone doing an important business trip. Thanks to limo hire, it can be a better success. 

© Fast Limo Hire


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