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text 2017-08-22 09:07
My Partner Can't Make It to a Wedding. Can I Bring a Friend Instead?


As the “no ring, no bring” rule continues to fade, brides and grooms are finding new ways to define which couples will get invitations to their wedding as a pair. Were you and your partner lucky enough to make the cut? Congrats! Of course, now it’s time to look at both of your calendars, which could very well mean your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t going to be able to make it. So can you swap him or her out for another friend when you send in your RSVP? Well, it’s not that simple…

When you’re invited to a wedding, don’t throw away the envelope before you fill out your RSVP card! The way the envelope is addressed does a lot more than make sure it gets to your house.

First, it tells you whether you were invited solo or with a plus one. An invitation that is addressed to you, and only you, means you’re the only one invited. So, if it says “Miss Amelia Walters”—and nothing else—your RSVP should be for just one person. If the envelope says either “Miss Amelia Walters and Guest” or “Miss Amelia Walters and Mr. Jason Scott,” your RSVP should include your response for two people.

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Next, the envelope will tell you who you are invited with. “Miss Amelia Walters and Guest” means you have your choice of guest, whether it’s your long-term boyfriend, your twin sister, or a close friend. An envelope that reads “Miss Amelia Walters and Mr. Jason Scott” means that Amelia and Jason are invited together, with no exceptions. So, if Amelia is free but Jason will be out of town on business, that means she’s going solo—and can’t swap in her BFF to take Jason’s place.

Yup, wedding invitations are non-transferrable. You might think that, because the couple has allotted two seats for you and your partner, you can fill that seat with someone else, but that isn’t the case. Guest lists are full of politics and negotiations, and couples like to know who will be attending, so swapping your boyfriend or girlfriend with a friend the couple may not know will throw a monkey wrench in their plans.

Are you convinced the bride or groom won’t mind? Give them a call before you mail in that RSVP. Acknowledge the traditional etiquette before you ask if you can bring someone else with you, which will give them an easy out if they’d prefer that you not attend with a total stranger. It’s better to have the conversation with them before you and your friend have booked your flights, instead of finding out that they really would prefer that you come alone once your hotel room is paid for.

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review 2017-08-22 07:00
Lick - Kylie Scott

 Evelyn had plans for Vegas.  She was going to find a hot guy and lose her virginity all over again.  That is not exactly what went down.


David has been through a lot.  As a famous rockstar, he gets what he wants.  Only this time, what he wants may walk away.  


This is a great story about true love and how is can happen quickly.  I loved the characters and their interaction.  Even the other characters in Stage Dive series are funny and worth reading.  I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2017-08-15 12:19
A Vintage Wedding - Katie Fforde

Three women Beth, Lindy, and Rachel quickly became friends. One is Beth who is to organize a wedding for her sister Helena and loved to paint but paint everything white. Lindy is a single mother who had lived in the village all her life. Where the other two women were fairly new to the area.Rachel admits she has a problem cleanliness and her obsession with getting things just right. Lindy was a loving mom even if her life didn’t really turn out as she had planned it. Beth had Charlie but but then he cheats and has sex with other women and even though it wasn’t stated her and Charlie  were exclusive Beth felt Charlie was a dirty cheater. Then it took awhile but Beth did get get over Charlie and yet she didn’t really know him. Then Beth talks to Finn a couple of times and all of a sudden she is in love with Finn. Then she is again heart broken when Finn gets mad at her. Lindy was having sex with her ex husband’s brother Angus and never discussed how odd their relationship was.

I had mixed feelings about this story. I felt there was too many leading characters and there just didn’t need so much sex in this book. I also think there were certain aspects in this story that was just so unrealistic. But this was a fun read and I liked the plot/ I basically like the women and were glad they became friends. I didn’t care for the insta love/lust aspect of this book. But  did really like how the women weren’t afraid of hard work and were determined women. I did think that Angus and Lindy’s relationship was odd. So as I said there were things I liked about this book and others not so much.

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