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text 2014-01-05 07:02
Why I Don't Mind Insta-Love
Last night I finished a book, rated it, and as per my usual I checked Goodreads to see if other bloggers agreed, or had differing opinions from me. The book will remain nameless, but I found a lot of reviews bashing it because it had Instant Love. This got me thinking, what has everyone got against Instant Love? Am I the last blogger who doesn’t hate it?
Insta-Love is not realistic
Actually, it is realistic. If not for Insta-Love I wouldn’t be here today! My parents met and were engaged within 2 weeks, they’ve been married almost 30 years. My Grandparents met and were engaged within a month. Both of their loves were instant. They knew they had met that special someone and just went with it.
I am not saying that everyone meets and has a whirlwind romance. I’m just saying that it does happen, more often then you think. And I’m glad both my parents and grandparents believed in insta-love because without it I probably wouldn’t be here.
Characters aren’t as fleshed out with Insta-Love
I think this is a generalization. Whether the characters meet and fall in love instantly, were dating prior to the novel, or got together in the middle of the story. The problem isn’t the love. The problem is the characters themselves. An author has to make you fall in love with both parties and give you a reason to care about them both independently and together.
I think this is the kiss of death for Insta-Love. The real reason people dislike it so much isn’t because they don’t believe in instant love or connections. Readers don’t like Instant love because they don’t care about the characters as individuals before they become a couple.
I like the Slow Burn
Me too. I love a long, drawn out romance. The kind where you’re never really sure if the characters will get together or not. But again, this is more about the characters themselves. I’ve become invested in both of them as individuals so I want to see them as a couple. I think romance with Instant love can be just as good as a slow burn if the author makes you care about the characters and their relationship.


So what I’m trying to say is. Hello my name is Emily and I don’t mind Instant Love. Tell me in the comments your opinions on Instant love!  
Source: www.fallingforya.com/2014/01/why-i-dont-mind-insta-love.html
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