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review 2018-06-11 08:42
September - Robert Winter

Wonderful May-December romance.
There is a significant age gap between David and Brandon, and although it's now an issue between the two of them, they struggle with how the world outside their relationship perceives them. I wanted to slap both of them at times for letting other people's opinions affect them so much, but at the same time their issues seemed very realistic to me.
So things fall apart until shit happens and help them get their priorities straight. Well shit and Kyle happen.
Kyle makes himself known in David's mind regularly throughout the story - usually with some wonderful snappy and to-the-point sarcastic remarks when David is being stupid. Even dead, Kyle played a large role in the story and I was glad to see there was room for him without Brandon feeling threatened in any way by his memory.

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text 2018-06-05 00:51
Reading progress update: I've read 84 out of 319 pages.
Death in Winter: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Michael Jan Friedman

"Columbus found the Americas by mistake."


Not to be "that" person, but Columbus didn't discover anything. Especially America. All he did was get lost, land in the Bahamas, and commit mass genocide. 


But I will forgive Picard because this is fiction and was written in 2005, before it seems people cared about the murdering Italian "explorer".

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text 2018-06-04 02:25
Reading progress update: I've read 50 out of 319 pages.
Death in Winter: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Michael Jan Friedman

I remember when Data died and it was one of those moments that tore out my heart. The ship isn't the same without his dry humor. At least we still have Geordi and Worf. 

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-05-30 16:39
A Time for Healing and an Impromptu Family
Winter Solstice - Rosamunde Pilcher

I ended up enjoying the two books of Pilcher I read so much I decided to read this one and hang waiting until this Fall. "Winter Solstice" touched me a lot. I can see why Moonlight re-reads this one every year. I can see me re-reading this come December. It was a really delightful book and I have to say that everyone in it was fantastic. I am also glad that Pilcher didn't give the characters of Sam and Carrie a happily ever after with romance linked to it. If anything, I see these two as friends, and believe that is probably things will stay due to Carrie's job. I for one am thrilled we didn't have some mess with a woman giving up her sense of self and job for a man. 


I am going to give a word of warning here for those who think this is typical romance. There is adultery in this one, and even a situation where we have something going on between a recently widowed man and one of the main characters. I was a bit surprised at first, but rolled with it since it just worked. Moving on to the book now. 


Elfrida is a retired actress who has recently moved out of London and is determined to start over again for the last time. She has adopted a dog (Horace) and is determined to be more involved with her nephew and his family. She is taken in by a local family, the Blundell's anf feels a kinship with the father, Oscar, and his daughter, Francine. She realizes she is in danger of it turning into something more and goes away for a month in order to be with her family. When she returns, she finds out that Oscar's wife and daughter have been killed, and he is subsequently being turfed out of his home by his stepsons. Elfrida is taking into Oscar's uncle's confidence and is told about half a house he owns in Scotland. She decides that is where she and Oscar will go so that he can heal away from the village that has so many memories of his dead wife and child. 


The book then flips back and forth between Elfrida's nephew's daughter Carrie, a businessman named Sam, Oscar, and Carrie's niece Lucy. All of these people have something going on in their lives that will cause them to be in Scotland for Winter Solstice (and Christmas). 


Carrie is getting over a love affair that went south. Moving back to London has her realizing that her mother and sister are still selfish. She ends up taking the reigns on being there for her niece Lucy after her sister is insisted on going to the U.S. for the holidays and her mother refusing to cancel her holiday plans. When Carrie reaches out to her aunt to stay with for the holidays (they really have no place else to go) they join her and Oscar in Scotland with the promise that no one will be celebrating the holiday.

Lucy is a teenager and is frustrated that her father has pretty much disappeared into his new life with his new wife and no her mother is trying to do the same. Her Aunt Carrie coming to the rescue with them going to Scotland for the holidays is just what Lucy needs. She meets a boy named Rory Kennedy and finds herself getting some confidence and finally someone to champion her. 


Sam is English, but had lived in New York for years. Newly separated, he is back in England with the proposition of a new job that will have him living in Scotland. I was meh on Sam. He wasn't a bad character or anything. I just didn't find him as engaging as everyone else in this book. And I thought it was pretty bad taste for him to try things on a bit with Carrie. I am glad that got the needed push back it deserved. 


I loved each and every piece of this. I also loved Elfrida actually being frustrated with Oscar at times (it's believable) with him wanting to hide from the world and the church and being at first upset that Elfrida's nieces are forced to come to them for the holidays. 


The book's settings move from a village in England and then mainly to Scotland. The whole place seemed quite magical. We get to read some what about the inhabitants of the place, but not too much though. We get insights into the Kennedy clan, a widowed and ill man, and Elfrida's housekeeper and her husband. 


I do think that the ending made sense for this book. There are still troubles thrown characters way, but they are doing the best that they can with what they got. I would have loved a sequel to this just to see how Elfrida, Oscar, and Lucy end up with Elfrida and Oscar in essence deciding to raise Lucy cause her mother has pretty much abandoned her.  

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text 2018-05-29 11:38
Reading progress update: I've read 10%.
Texas Winter - R.J. Scott

“Okay,“ Jack said carefully. He mimicked Riley’s stance and leaned forward. “Come closer so I can hit you for being stupid. Do you think that would help?”


lol – Riley is still a work in progress

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