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Discussion: What would you like to see here?
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created by: La Crimson Femme
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This is all pretty new to many of us. What would you like to see here?
I am not a blogger, but a bunch of you are and this seems like it lends itself to that so maybe more blog reviews and discussions of blogs. I am just throwing something out there that doesn't seem like it would be the mirror to GR's (not that there can't be overlap, but ....original content would make it more of a destination)
That's all the world needs is me blogging =p
:) you should give it a try and see....you might find you have minions that have just been waiting to Follow you. Could there be a better irony a slave with minions?
I wouldn't know what to do with minions! I do like that my reviews autopop up in the blog place though
MINIONS! Does anyone else think of onions when they see the word minions? Or is it just me?
lol, no but I might now. Those little "pearl" onions might become my minions. And Poison, I am pretty darn sure you know exactly what to do with minions, they do your bidding! but I think maybe in the blog follower realm maybe they just read your posts and then post supportive and encouraging comments.
I've never had any bidding of my own, but I do like being encouraged!
I can't imagine me doing a blog & don't think the world needs me blogging. It would be the land of run-on sentences and random thoughts. :)

@ BA/LCF could be that you think of onions because all you have to do do is switch out the "mi" w/an "o" (aaack no pun or anything intended there). Although now like judyblueeyes the connection might be made & I will think of it now. lol
what would i like to see here?

has the answer porn pics been taken?
I have one picture posted on my profile. It is another sculpture, which I really love. The song "this little piggy went to market" has always made me feel better.
I was thinking of challenges too. This application isn't exactly user friendly yet. :/
I'd like to see this site & my pc play well together. lol So until they do sadly my visits may be a bit sporadic.

It's a cookie thing so as soon as I can figure out what cookies I can have and have this work and not irritate the household "IT" things will be much better.

At any rate thats what I am hoping cause I have had nothing but browser trouble since my first visit here - sadness. So need to figure out what is the problem - at least I know it is not a virus or the like I have run more scans than an EEG technologist.

Challenges would be cool! :)
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That's a great option for ARCs,thanks for sharing :)
Do people want to see book discussions here too? Like what we have in the BDSM Group on Goodreads?
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