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hi there! more »
at her feet is finished, review should be up tonight more »
At her feet sounds intriguing, I'd be happy to review it. My blog here, and my goodreads profile have samples of my completed reviews, if you want to look. =) more »
Femdom/femsub? I'll take any of those =) more »
Whatever Master pleases was always my answer more »
I just read the serial once its both collected, and on sale, like I got the entire brie collection for 99 cents more »
We're in both places now, and glad to have you =) more »
I loved doing those book reviews, but I ramble, get off topic, end up with a giant jumbled mess, and have to edit and rewrite, takes me a long time more »
I've never had any bidding of my own, but I do like being encouraged! more »
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