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Discussion: Dos and don'ts for Adding New Books
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All right, here's another question.

The book is 110 Shanghai Road. Two editions are listed, a hard cover and a paperback. Both show the same cover. I have the paperback, so I scanned the correct cover for the paperback edition and uploaded it.

On the List View for my books, there is a green "change edition" button under the title. It doesn't seem to work correctly, or else I'm doing something wrong. Since my original migration file put it in as the hardcover, the only way I was able to switch it tot he paperback was to add hte paperback and hten delete the hardcover on my List view. Is there an easier way to switch editions?
First, to address the ASIN that didn't exist; there are thousands of these in the system - near as I can tell they are/were Amazon merchant ASINs for used books. Speculation on my part but I can't figure out why else they'd have been imported. There are a few (proportionately speaking) that are actual kindle books but have had new ASINs assigned to them (you can tell b/c if you do a google search for the ASIN you'll get an Amazon page of book reviews, but not the actual book). When I'm cleaning up an author's records/editions, I try to go through and merge these into the correct kindle edition. I've seen some titles have as many as 5 or 6 of these...

Second - the change edition function does work, really well in fact, but it's not as intuitive as it could be. Step by step:

1. Click "change edition"

2. In the little pop-up search field, the title of the book is there by default, but you can also use the ISBN if you have it (presumably the ASIN too). Hit 'enter' or 'return' on your keyboard.

3. This will return a list of results exactly like the basic BL search function - find the book title you want and click on it with your mouse.

4. This brings up a larger popup window that shows you all the editions tied to that title, and you can choose the one you want to switch to. If there's a limited number of editions associated with the title, as in your example, you can just choose the one with the correct format. BUT... if it's a title like, say, Persuasion, well, now it's a pain in the ass because you'll notice that the edition information BL offers on that popup does NOT include ISBN/ASIN. So it's a guessing game unless your edition has a distinctive cover that none of the other similarly formatted editions shares. I've reported this to BL a couple of times, and I imagine it's somewhere on their very long list of things they're working on. I wish they'd move it up a bit though because it's a pain - I've had to change editions several times on a couple of my books before I stumbled across the right one.

Let me know if you'd like more serious step by step - I can do up a post with screenshots.
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