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Discussion: The Worst and the Best of Halloween Bingo 2017
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created by: Linda Hilton
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I know, right? The only books that weren't great were some random new picture books that I picked up because cute covers. And they were both good.
That's awesome, Kaethe.
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That's fabulous, Kaethe!

By and large I am very happy with my bingo reads so far, too. "Amateur sleuth" (The Amateur Corpse by Stephen Brett) reminded me why I really don't particularly miss the 1970s (what I remember from them in the first place, that is), and there were a few books that would have had a bit more potential, but almost all of my reads have been in the 3 1/2 to 5 star range. What more can you ask for?
Worst: The Thin man
Best so far: Rose Madder by Stephen King
Most disappointing was In the woods by Tara French
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True. That's the impression this horrible book left me. Some romances are not as bad. Some left me feeling sick the same way as if I have eaten 3 cup cakes in a row.
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Sorry that you didn't like In the Woods. I loved that one and felt very annoyed by book #2.
I'm happy to say I'm having a pretty good streak so far.

Best: The Crucible and Left Hand of Darkness are elbowing each other, and Joyland is around, even if they raised very different emotions.

Worst: The Woman in Black, bland and boring to me.
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