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Discussion: The Worst and the Best of Halloween Bingo 2017
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I think I outgrew my mom's romance books. Way too problematic.
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Same here. I just couldn't stand romance any more.
I have only read three and am on my fourth but...

Best so far was Rituals by Kelley Armstrong because I love the whole series it's based on; and
Worst so far was The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie only because I am not used to that time period of writing.
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I do enjoy romance books, but I realize that the 80s/90s romance books were not for me. I do love Amanda Quick books, along with some older Julie Garwood. I would recommend taking a look at her historical books. I think contemporary romance books are really good and I always tell people to look at Courtney Milan.
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Kell's I hope that you give Christie another try!
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Why "of course"?
Best book so far has been Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. I was so pleasantly surprised at how intriguing and well done that story was! I'd read it again in a heartbeat.

Worst book was probably Little Heaven, honestly. I think Nick Cutter hit a wall and wasn't willing to admit it, so the book suffered. The beginning was great, ending was pretty good, but the middle was tough. I don't think I'd read it again.

Chiming in on romance, I thought for a long time that romance wasn't for me. Then I read The Hating Game by Sally Thorne. It was funny, charming, and the main character was strong as hell. That made me realize that I just hadn't found the right romance books up until then. That genre is a lot larger than most people expect it to be.
I wish I had noted author names better back then. I come across good ones sometimes but the slush pile is big nowadays and a lot is directed to high school or college age. I've been out of school too long to identify with those. Having said that, I did enjoy reading Shiver. The otherworldly werewolf aspect appealed to me and most importantly, it was written well.
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If you're ready to give some more YA romance a shot, I always recommend Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. It's really sweet and actually has a meaty plot to it too!
So far I've only read a couple of short stories, a Miss Marple, the Hammett buddy read and currently A Royal Spyness series book. Aside from some problematic stuff in The Thin Man and a so-so M/M romance short story, nothing I've read has been bad. I think I enjoyed Christie's 'The Body in the Library' best, and 'Naughty in Nice' --the Royal Spyness book-- is good fluffy fun.
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Actually, Jessica, the book I just started for Witches square is another one, but I sort of half expected it to be. It's not bad, I'll be posting about it tomorrow.
I've read a lot of romance, and have managed to never read anything like this:

"The premise of women being desperate and looking for sex with handsome men circulating like sharks offering their dicks disgusted me."

In fact, tbh, this looks a lot more like The Thin Man than it does like any romance novel I've ever read. And that was a mystery.
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Maybe the best book I read for Halloween Bingo was "Men Explain Things to Me." It was so appropriate. After all, men have been terrifying women for so very long.
I'm useless in this discussion: I've really enjoyed everything I've read so far. Seriously, September has been my best reading run this year.
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Hey, that's great!
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