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Discussion: KYD: Yellow Game player tracking and chat
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created by: Moonlight Reader
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I'm opening this thread for tracking and discussions other than playing cards for the specific rounds. Please reserve the Round Play threads for only playing your cards, otherwise I'll have to sift through too many posts and I am more likely to miss something!
Round 1- 5 pts
As Death Draws Near: (Author starts w/ A in Arsenic) Crime Scene- Arsenical Toothpaste

Round 2- 5 pts
Daughter of the Siren Queen: (Book w/ animal in story) COD- Mauled by a Demon Hound

Round 3- 5 pts
Gunslinger Girl: (Main character carries a gun) Victim- The Gunslinger

Round 4- 20 pts
A Man Lay Dead: (Main character is a doctor) Victim- Dr. John Watson

Round 5- 25 pts
Daughter of the Pirate King: (Author Last Name begins w/ L) Suspect- Harper Lee
>>Collect Victim- Ariadne Oliver- An English Murder by Cyril Hare (Book set in U.K.)
>>Collect Victim- Lydia Bennett- The Gender End by Bella Forrest (Annoying character-King of Patrus)

Round 6- 20 pts
Zero Limit: (Read a book set in the future) Crime Scene- The Hob, District 12

Round 7- 15 pts
Hunting Prince Dracula: (Read a YA book) Cause of Death- Killing Curse
>>Collect COD-Run Over By A Carriage- A Brush with Shadows by Anna Lee Huber (Author Last Name Begins with H in Horse)

Round 8- 15 pts
Guess for Victim- Meg Murry
Book Read: The Invisible Library: (Author's first name begins with G In Meg)
>>Collect CS- The Dark Tower- Artists in Crime by Ngaio Marsh (Series >8 books)

Round 9- 10 pts
>>Collect CS- Watts- Wake of Vultures by Lila Bowen (Character is a POC)

Round 10- 10 pts
>>Collect Suspect- Stephen King- Craven Manor by Darcy Coates (Read a Horror Book)

Round 11- 20 pts
>>Collect COD- Stabbed w/ a Sword - The Masked City by Genevieve Cogman (Silver on Cover)
>>Collect CS- Green Dragon Pub- The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman (3 Word Title)

Round 12- 20 pts
>>Collect Victim- Atticus Finch - The Lost Page by Genevieve Cogman (Author Last Name Begins with C in Finch)
>>Collect COD- Bow & Arrow- Lure of the Dead by Joseph Delaney (Teenage Hero)

Round 13- 10 pts
>>Collect COD- Dark Alley Beat Down - Death in a White Tie by Ngaio Marsh (Book written b/t 1925-1975)

Victim 1: Atticus Finch ✔ 10
COD: Bow and Arrow ✔ 10
CS: Watts, LA ✔ 10

Victim 2: Ariadne Oliver ✔ 10
COD: Run Over By A Carriage ✔ 10
CS: The Dark Tower ✔ 10

Victim 3: Lydia Bennet ✔ 10
COD: Dark Alley Beat Down ✔ 10
CS: Green Dragon Pub ✔ 10

Victim 4: John Watson ✔ 20
COD: Stabbed by a Sword ✔ 10
CS: The Hob, District 12 ✔ 20

Murderer: Stephen King ✔ 10
Incorrect Guesses: Six ✔ 30
Total Points: 180

Books Read that I Havent Played Yet:
Obsidio by Kaufman & Kristoff (In Progress- Red/Green Team)

Yay! Lucky with my first guess :D

Currently I'm reading The Ginza Ghost which would work for Doyle as suspect (it's a collection of short stories) and listening to The Woman of the Orient Express which would work for Crime Scene but I have no idea when I'll finish them
Congrats Witty Little Knitter!
We're on our way!

Using this thread to track our own cards/books/points is an awesome idea!

Round 1
Too slow! (Pass)

Round 2
Book: Railhead; Suspect: JRR Tolkien; No = 5 pts

Round 3
Book: Rebel Rising; Crime Scene: Planet Camazotz; No = 5 pts

Round 4
Too slow! (Pass)

13 March: Book: Labyrinth; Claimed Victim card for Lydia Bennett = 10 pts

Round 5
Book: The Awakening and Other Stories; Suspect: Harper Lee; No = 5 pts

Round 6
Book: The Dark Crystal; Crime Scene: Green Dragon Pub; Yes = 20 pts

Round 7
Too slow! (Pass)

21 March: Book: Endymion Spring; claimed Suspect card for Stephen King = 10 pts

Round 8
Book: Wonder Woman: Warbringer; Weapon: Dark Alley Beat Down; Yes = 20 pts

23 March: Book: Between Us; claimed Victim card for John Watson = 10 pts

25 March: Book: And Then There Were None; claimed Victim card for Ariadne Oliver = 10 pts

30 March: Book: The Lie Tree; claimed Victim card for Atticus Finch = 10 pts

Total = 105 pts
Right, so far my game play looks as follows (and I'm totally copying all of your formats of keeping track):

Round 1
Pass - 0 Points

Round 2
Book: Making the Monster
Suspect: Lydia Bennet - Yes: 20 Points

Round 3
Pass - 0 Points

Round 4
Book: I Contain Multitudes
Suspect: Madeleine L'Engle - No: 5 Points

11 March: Claiming the card for Ariadne Oliver - 10 Points

Round 5
Book: The Man in the Iron Mask - Alexandre Dumas
Suspect: Agatha Christie - No -5 Points

Round 6
Book: Dumb Witness - Agatha Christie
Crime Scene: The Dark Tower - Yes - 20 Points

Round 7
Book: I Stopped Time - Jane Davis
Cause of Death: Stabbed with a sword - Yes - 20 Points

18 March: Claiming the card for John Watson - 10 Points
18 March: Claiming the card for Run Over By A Carriage - 10 Points
18 March: Claiming the card for The Hob - 10 Points

Round 8
Book: The Bette Davis Club - Jane Lotter
Victim: Severus Snape - No - 5 Points

22 March: Claiming the card for Beaten In A Dark Alley - 10 Points
22 March: Claiming the card for Green Dragon Pub - 10 Points

23 March: Claiming the card for Watts, L.A. - 10 Points

27 March: Claiming the card for Stephen King (Book: Magic - William Goldman) - 10 Points

Total Points: 155

Books read that I haven't played, yet:

Cards that I haven't collected, yet:
Victim: Atticus Finch
COD: Shot with a bow and arrow
Round 1
Book: The Poisoned Chocolate Case
Victim: Ariadne Oliver - ✅ 20 Points

Round 2

Round 3
Book: The Ginza Ghost
Suspect: Artur Conan Doyle ❌ 5 points

Round 4
Book: The Woman on the Orient Express
Crime Scene: The Orient Express ❌ 5 points

Round 4
Book: Anette Dittert: London Calling
Crime Scene: Gryffindor Common Room ❌ 5 points

Round 4
Book: Christopher Isherwood: Berlin Stories
COD: Antique Hunter Rifle ❌ 5 points

4*5 points from wrong guesses: 20 points
20 Points from right guess
40 points


Murderer: Stephen King ✅ (10)

Victim: Atticus Finch ✅ (10)
COD: bow and arrow ❌
Crime Scene: Watts, LA ❌

Victim: Ariadne Oliver ✅ (20)
COD: run over by a carriage ✅ (10)
CS: the Dark Tower ✅ (10)

Victim: Lydia Bennet ✅ (10)
COD: dark alley beatdown ❌
CS: Green Dragon Pub ❌

Victim: John Watson ✅ (10)
COD: stabbed by a sword ❌
CS: the Hob, District 12 ❌

60 Points collected

100 points total
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Witty, I like your overview! It's easy to follow. I hope you don't mind if I borrow your concept. : )
Reply to post #8 (show post):

Of course not :) (I just shamelessly copy-pasted Monlight Reader's final list from the main game post. Ehem)
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