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Hi, I was just followed by http://crystenasbooks.booklikes.com. more »
Thanks, Char. I've followed him just in case. more »
There is a meme going around on FB that asks people to really think about whether the old normal is really worth getting back to and whether this isn't a good opportunity to assess which parts of the old "normal" we really want to get back. I'm not usually one for memes and FB images, but that one ... more »
@Darth - are you sure it's a hamster? Not a porg? Anyway, I hope your reading mojo comes back soon. more »
@Char: I hope your uncle recovers soon. more »
I had to switch off the televised UK Govt. briefing yesterday for the first time. All of the briefings have been full of BS and the govt. not taking responsibility for their mistakes and for not supporting the NHS as they should but yesterday's briefing took the proverbial biscuit when the Home Secr... more »
^^^^ Exactly! more »
I entirely agree with you. more »
I mostly stayed in, too, except for a brief walk yesterday morning. I mean to go for a walk today also, but there were far too many people on the road for my liking (my road leads to the beach, which is only a 10 minute walk away). So, I bet lots of people were at the beach, which is insane. I have ... more »
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