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Discussion: 2019 Booklikes-opoly Q & A
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You can DNF. According to the rules:

"*DNF's are allowed. You can count the # of pages read to get your payout - so if you read 120 pages before DNF'ing, you get $2.00 for your bank. The only caveat is that you have to read 10% of the book to get any payout."

As long as you didn't roll yesterday, you are free to roll immediately.

Oh - sorry, I didn't fully grasp your question. So, you don't need to finish it before you move on, but you do have to "complete" the square before you move on. You could treat it as a DNF and take what you have already gotten for the book and roll, and finish the book anyway.

You can't move until you complete the square, though, so you can't roll before the book is finished and still take all of the bank money for finishing after leaving the square.

Hope that makes sense.
I didn't read the rules properly, landed on a novelty square, thought it was a reading square and read a book for it *slaps head*. Should I start the game again? I'm not quite sure how to proceed now. Thanks.
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I think I did the same thing as you. The rules state that you roll again, but instead I used the card there and didn't move, effectively missing a roll. Didn't notice until you brought it up :)
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Did you just carry on with your current game?
I would just keep going. There's always another chance to land on one of those squares!
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yes i did :/
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thanks! yes that's true. I should have been more careful when reading the squares :$ but oh well...
I just rolled for the first time in weeks, it feels like, and landed on:

17. Why? Read a book that is non-fiction or a book with the word "why" in the title.

I just started Preet Bharara's book yesterday, on audio. Can I count that even though I started it yesterday?

If not, I'll wait and roll again on Saturday. :)
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Sure, why not. :)
Yay! Thanks!
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