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Oh, we know :/ Sorry about that! The Shelve it should be working from amazon.co.uk. The amz.com connection is examined by our IT team right now, we're hoping it will be back shortly. Sorry!!!
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Thank you! Glad to hear it. I had stopped updating my reviews because I need to catch up today and just knowing the UK site should work is fabulous. I can totally do that, thanks!
Can we please, please, please get a "sort" feature that distinguishes by author first name within author last name?

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If it helps triubleshoot: I'm not seeing any links on some book pages today. Some I still see Amazon.co.uk. None show Amazon.com.
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Ditto, Debbie. And because of the project I'm working on, I've been paying extra attention to that. Some pages, no links. And no .com links.
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Ah. That may explain it: there must be some tie to that link. Because I know I couldn't import information from, say, B&N, and we don't have those links. I'm guessing that the fact that .co.uk works for shelve it and the link is there has something to do with this. Just like I'm guessing that the missing link and inability to shelve directly from Amazon is linked.
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Grim: the missing link and the ShelveIt functionality are linked.

The rest of this is speculation, so take it with a grain of salt: I have an at home book database that used to use Amazon feeds to fetch book information. About 6 months ago, maybe?, the developers sent out a notice saying that every Amazon site (by country) now had it's own set of T&C/agreements, and each site could either accept or decline to offer data feeds to those that had been using them under one big Amazon umbrella. Which meant that the software developers lost all the feeds except the Amazon.com one.

I'm wondering if something similar has happened here on BL and that's why the feeds have (temporarily, hopefully) disappeared, except for the Amazon.co.uk feed.

PURE SPECULATION - I haven't the slightest idea what's really going on with it.
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I'm hoping so, too, because I miss the straight Amazon link comes back.

And that sounds like a legit possibility, but without knowing what's going on bedding the scenes, it's hard to do anything but speculate!
I know there are issues with Amazon link. I also know they have restrictive conditions on using their data and how it shows on the book page which at one time for most subscribers required the Amazon owned businesses be the exclusive purchase link shown. I understand the programming workload makes it tough to get changes on book pages.

That said, until and unless booklikes adds purchase links other than Amazon on the book pages (some amazon data subscribers get to put a link to take viewer to another page for more purchase links) -- can you share some manual coding we might be able to do to support booklikes when purchasing at Barnes and Noble and retailers other than Amazon?

Meaning how we need to edit the URL of book pages on those sites to include your referrer/affiliate codes so you get a share of the purchase?

I didn't think to note them back when Barnes and Noble, kobo, Powell's, etc. showed in book pages. Most of the retailer affiliate programs are no cost for booklikes to join (some sites that used to have like All Romance have since gone out of business).
Hi there, we just wanted to confirm we know about the search and affiliate links issues, and we do agree it's very unfortunate. Until our developers fix the issue(s) no changes, updates or manual URL edits to the book purchase links can be made. Thank you for your concern. We'll let you know more as soon as we receive more information.
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Your last reply was two weeks ago. Any updates on when the shelve it button for Amazon.com will be fixed? Since they don't sell single issues of comics for DC, and I believe Image, on Amazon.co.uk, I can't use shelve it via .co.uk. And no other foreign version of Amazon seems to work...
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So sorry for this situation. We're still waiting for an update :/ As soon as we have news, we'll write right away.
For adding new books, we need Music added to the genre list.
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