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Discussion: Feature Requests
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Hey you all, thank you for your comments and your insights. At the moment no big changes to the site are planned, however some minor updates and changes are possible. The idea of the ISBN numbers in the change edition window has been added to our agenda. As soon as we get new info, we'll let you know.

Thank you for your contribution and staying active both as readers-bloggers and site users. We always highlighted that our community is our best asset and that did not change. Thank you.
On the Reading list edit page...is there any way we could get a save button at the bottom of the list and not just at the top? I cannot count the number of times I've nearly deleted a list by mistake.
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Oooh yes, seconded. That almost happened to me, too ... with an almost 100 books-long list that is the backup reading list for a series of group reads!

Having just a "delete" and not also a "save" button at the bottom of the list really invites that sort of mistake.
I'll third that request! I too have almost deleted a couple of lists. Once they get past a certain length, all you see is that button on the bottom of the list and it's just too easy to click it without thinking. :P A Save button would be perfect!
And since I'm here - I've asked before, but I'll beg this time: can we please please please get the author search results on the edit book page extended from 3 results to 6? Pppplllleeeaaassseeeee???? It's not a major change - it's just one itty bitty number in the script template. And it would cut my author merging work in half.

Love ya BookLikes ;)
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I'll second that, as someone who is trying to enter some 5,000 Kindle titles . . . . . which would be made so much easier if some of the existing entries were cleaned up!!
Thank you, guys! The requests have been sent to our ITs.
Thank you! :D
Okay, here's one from my very frustrating experience today.

Can we get an author SORT feature that goes beyond just the last name? When I look at the titles on a shelf, I want all the Laura Black titles together, all the Cheryl Black titles together, all the J. Carson Black titles together. Right now they're all mixed together, and it's very frustrating when adding new titles to have to look through all of them. Yes, I know I can sort out just the specific author, but that can cause problems, too, when so many author names are already messed up or duplicated.
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This should be in the bug report thread because sort does NOT work properly - it fails to properly sort authors with the same last name.
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Okay. I can move it. I put it here because I thought you said it wasn't so much a bug as just a flaw in the initial set-up.
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Well, it's a flaw, but the kind that's a bug. :)
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