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Discussion: Feature Requests
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In Chrome it started expanding upwards (losing your place) rather than downwards a few days ago.
Yeah, I can see how that would be super annoying.
Does that mean I should point it out in the Bug thread instead of the feature thread?
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I would; it sounds like it's a new behaviour tied either to a change BL made or perhaps, if Chrome was updated, a new way it handles that function. It might just need an adjustment (hopefully), and if so, it'll get done faster if you report it as a bug. :)
Thank you for all the ideas.
I just posted a review and linked it to my Facebook and Twitter account. After I posted it, I got a message that my Facebook connection has expired and that I need to reconnect it. Awesome, now my review won't be on FB until I copy the link and do a manual FB post.

Why does the Facebook connection have to expire at all? I don't know of any other site where that's the case.
Blog Tour features. (Actually, there are monetizing possibilities there for booklikes.)
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So sorry to hear this. We are afraid that it's on the Facebook end and we cannot do anything to overcome it. To connect your FB, please go to your Settings and click Facebook Connect, it should take no longer than several seconds and you'll be all connected again.
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Thank you! That's a lovely idea, we'd love to hear more :)
A way to mark/categorize books as about a book rather than the book itself that would improve search results. Maybe always put the about a books last in search results, last under " show more," an option like "show more" on search such as "books about a book," an option in our settings to choose to ignore ...

For example, the difference between "Much Ado About Nothing" (by William Shakesoeare) and "Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare" (by SparkNotes).

Maybe prioritize books in search results by the number of editions, reviews or shelvings (by the logic that even Bookrags won't have as many editions of a classic book as the actual classic book and certainly the actual book would mostly be more in use by us booklikers than a book about it...).

Maybe at least take a page out of defunct Leafmarks and have librarian policy add something to the title like "SparkNotes: Much Ado..."

Not sure what the correct fix is or what works with your search/database structures. But I sure just had a miserable time with adding books to a post. Hit the big plus sign to search for things like "Dune by Frank Herbert" and other likely mainstream titles/authors — only to get books about them from so-called authors like Bookrags, Books LLC, Hephaestus Books, Expert Book Reviews ... from the main search as well but more likely to get a "show more" with those results at least. Hour spent on blasted post (partly because I was flummoxed trying to figure out how to make it work) that took less than 10 minutes on other sites.
Series: Will it ever be possible to click the series name on the book page and see the books in the series?

A continuing disappointment for me with booklikes is lack of series features beyind being able to enter series name on book pages.
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Sorry to hear about the disappointment but we hear you. We wish we could implement that ASAP. If we know something more, you'll be the first one to know.
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