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Discussion: Feature Requests
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It would be great to be able to group discussion topics under specific headings within a group.
Being able to unsubscribe from comment-threads. Sometimes I post something to a hige discussion and then the notification clutter up my inbox and I might miss others.

If somebody reblogs or likes a post I made from another person who already reblogged it from me I'd like to get a notification about that, too.

Currently if I want to review a book I have to click on the book, add the review and then click on it again to mark it as finished. I'd like a possibility to review + mark as finished a book in one go (that is a rather low priority compared to the other two things)

Also: thirding the 'I don't want to invite my FB-friends'. I disconnected BL & FB again because that annoyed me so much.
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I'll second being able to like a post away from your dashboard - I went to booklikes blog to read about the new Thursday feature, but couldn't like the post without going back to my dashboard to search through recent posts to find BL's and like it from there.

Also, in the realm of small requests: When I'm adding a book as read and inputting dates started and finished, is there anyway we can make those fields tab-able? Makes entry much faster. :)

Lastly, thank you! The groups function is great and I'm excited about sorting by covers too - that will come in handy when librarian type features are available and I can replace damaged/placeholder covers, as well as any that are just missing. Thank you so much to everyone at BL.
Cheers! Thanks for adding discussion groups.

I think the re-blogging feature needs several changes, to make it clear to the viewer of multiple reblogs who is the original author, have the text added by each reblogger clearly differentiated from the original text, add the link to the source automatically (when the user hits reblog button), add the source link to the top, add automatically a text like [Reblog] to the title (perhaps editable, but present by default). I'm sorry for the wall of text, I think you can see where I'm going with this: I believe the feature needs to differentiate much more clearly between the authors and their texts.
It would be really nice if the notifications that say "so and so like your post" included the name of the post, so I know what they liked.
Is there a way to associate reviews to a book? At the moment if you click on a book it just takes you to the external page. It would be nice to see what reviews members have written.
Oh, I forgot to add my support for tracking multiple start/end dates for re-reading. :)

(also, tracking ownership of books would be huge bonus.)
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I like this idea too.

Is there an option to choose whether you want to use the endless scrolling or a next page button for the dashboard and the timeline?
Two things that would be super helpful for group posts: 1) ability to post hot links or Have URLs automatically turn into hot links and 2) ability to edit your own posts!

And thank you for the groups!
I have noticed that after my import completed, a lot of my books didn't come through as the correct edition (they were labelled 'textbook' or 'ebook' when they were, in fact, paperback or hardcover. I've been replacing the wrong ones as I go through and add start dates to my reviewed books and this leads me to my next request/wish:

When I replace a book on my review, can it also replace the book on my shelf, instead of just adding another copy to my shelves? As it is, I have to replace the book in the review, then go back to the shelf, find the duplicate, and remove it, which is quite a lot of work when working through 600 reviews. :)

I don't want to imply that there is never a need for multiple copies on shelves: I have several printed/audio/ebook combinations myself. But I'm hoping there's a way to differentiate between those and replacing wrong editions. Thanks!
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Not a problem to do so on goodreads just used to have to click each edition and shelve/rate/review; but, where "other editions" used to display at upper right is now amazon's "readers also enjoyed" ad. If you can't see "all editions" choice below book description, either click "more details" ( goodreads chose to not show unless clicked for whatever reason) or get to by hovering/clicking on the bookcover image where there are now two choices, one to enlarge and one to see the other editions. The only time goodreads had an issue with a member having multiple editions was when an author plus sockpuppets would go thru rating each and every edition ( plus creating extra duplicate editions to increase how many they could rate). — from a former goodreads librarian
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In groups, it would be nice if replies to a post would show immediately below posts -- like comments on dashboard/blog posts show replies would be grand.
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REVIEWS: I absolutely agree with Petra about book review reblogging. I'm okay with reblogging regular posts (would prefer original poster showing clearly versus just last person reblogged from but I'm getting used to it for text, url, photo, quote blogs).

Posts marked "review" just should not be reblogged as a review that loses original reviewer's name and unfairly adds a duplicate review and rating to the book.

With so many of us moving so many reviews over at one time, I think it would even be helpful if we could choose whether review even posted to the dashboard feed or just to the review. No one wants to see 500 of my reviews when I copy them over (I've been getting around flooding the dashboard feed by changing the post date from "now" to my read date). Once settled in and only writing new reviews, that will be less of an issue.
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To add a header/topic/folder to group discussions, I think you just click "add new" and title the thing.
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