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Book club: Bookish Box Swaps
The home of the bookish box swap! Send a box filled with book related goodies, and receive one in return!
Group info Book club page administrator: Jessica (HDB)
members: 22 discussions: 7 posts: 473 last activity: 1 day ago
Winter Chills Book Swap
created by: Mallory Kellogg, Chubbygirlreads
Last post: Forgot to mention: filled out the form! by Grimlock ♥ Inhumans
Fandom boxes in September
created by: Grimlock ♥ Inhumans
Last post: Mallory can you email me which email address you want me to allow you admin access under? I'll get you all set up to do sign ups :). by Jessica (HDB)
Endless Summer Swap
created by: Jessica (HDB)
Last post: My card came, and I loooove it! Thank you for the note, Jessica. And you're the best. Perfect timing on the card coming, too! by Grimlock ♥ Inhumans
Swing Into Spring Swap!
created by: Jessica (HDB)
Last post: Great! I am glad the package made it. Good thing your daughter already took advantage of it. :D by Moyas Buchgewimmel
Cozy Up Swap 2016
created by: Jessica (HDB)
Last post: Looking forward to seeing it Jessica! :) by Murder by Death
Spooky Swap 2016 - Shipping Form & Thank You Page!
created by: Jessica (HDB)
Last post: Yay! Glad you liked it all. I'm especially glad you liked the scarf. I found the color and accents and had to make it work. I was super happy with how it came out. Ju... by Grimlock ♥ Inhumans
Explanation and General Rules
created by: Jessica (HDB)
Last post: By the time I saw the notification it was deleted by Grimlock ♥ Inhumans
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