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Discussion: Cozy Up Swap 2016
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created by: Jessica (HDB)
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Oh, well, all things considered, I'll take that. My BF sent me chocolate bars one year and when they arrived they had all melted, collected at one end of their wrappers (obviously the package wasn't right side up) and then re-hardened with all the cocoa butter separated out. Messy, and we had to use a hammer to break it all up, but it still tasted ok. :)

I'm glad the coffee was good too - I was totally out of my element there; she asked what grind and just got a very blank look in return, lol. And you're very welcome - this was a lot of fun to do. :)
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Tina, the last part of your swap went in the mail today! According to USPS, it should arrive on Friday! I hope you like everything in it! :)
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Can't wait!
Thanks for all my goodies Moonlight! Love them
Bonus pic of my daughter reading my awesome note
Yay! I'm so glad that everything showed up, and that the glass in the frame didn't get broken!
Kate asked if I would write a post about our group, which I'm currently working on! Would you all mind if I steal some of your pictures for examples?
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Not at all. I want to mention you in the post I'm writing for Kate - but I'll message or text you deets?
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Of course Grim! You know I'm always here for ya!
Go for it!
I don't mind. Go ahead.
You're welcome to use any of my photos! :)
Thank you all! Kate showed me an example of the post, and it goes live Thursday! Hopefully we can get some new faces in here :).
Looking forward to seeing it Jessica! :)
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