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Discussion: Swing Into Spring Swap!
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created by: Jessica (HDB)
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I can't seem to figure out how to get a picture into my text box to save my life. It might be because I'm trying to do this on my iPad instead of a computer.

I managed to get a photo uploaded to my Booklikes:

This box was fantastic. I immediately lost the Alice in Wonderland book to my five year olds who wanted to look at the pictures. My eight year old took the butterflies to hang in her room. I love this bag! Not too long ago, the other adult and I were in Target and I told him I wanted a new tote to take to work. My Avengers backpack was getting a little too bulky for spring. I didn't even have to look! This bag is perfect for me to take back and forth to work! I love it. The other teachers have given me such wonderful compliments about it. The tea went right back in the bag and that came with me to work too.

The picnic book is great. I actually have a secret obsession with cookbooks. The other adult says I have way too many cookbooks for a woman who only gets new recipes from Pinterest. That may be true but the cookbooks look great on the buffet in my dinning room.

And the books? Having just finished books by those authors, I'm excited to read more of their respective works.

Thank-You! Thank-You! Thank-You!

(Sorry this came a little late. I missed a week of work so naturally I'm now a year behind.)
I am so glad that you enjoyed it!

FYI, Winter Sea is, IMHO, Kearsley's best book, which is why I picked it for you! I'm also a huge fan of Deanna Raybourn, so I hope you enjoy the series! I'm glad that Alice in Wonderland appealed to your daughters - I bought it both for the illustrations and because it matched the fabric in the tote bag! I am hoping that I have enough of the fabric left for an Alice in Wonderland lap quilt!

You're welcome!
Rushing in to let you know that I got my swap parcel today! I've been out for a few days and when I came home there was a surprise-box waiting for me! Haven't managed to take a picture yet, but I will do so asap. Meanwhile I am very impressed with my swap and all the lovely things I got! :D Many, many thanks to Melissa. I very much hope my parcel to you will also arrive soon!

- Sam
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YAY! I started to track your parcel last week, but then life got in the way and I hadn't been on the computer the last couple of days. So happy you liked the box of goodies!
I am tracking yours for days now but DHL hasn't made an update since March 30th. It's driving me nuts!

The goodies you send me are awesome. This really is a really fun thing. I might have underestimated the whole thing a bit though, since this is my first swap. But we'll see. Hopefully it won't take much longer until the delivery guy rings on your door. :)

Meanwhile I managed to take a picture of all the nice things I got:

Ooohhh lovely package! Is that Washi Tape? I think I have a mild Washi Tape obsession. Hahahaha. So many pretty things!
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It is! I need to write a lot of letters only to have an excuse to use that washi tape! :D
I too have a washi tape addiction. It is just so expensive at my base arts and crafts store.

I use washi tape in my reading journal.
I finally received my box today! Thanks Moyas for the lovely things - my daughter helped me open the box and immediately took the bottle of bubbles for her own use. Here is a pic from my IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTYqYNghbGj/?taken-by=tearainbook
Great! I am glad the package made it. Good thing your daughter already took advantage of it. :D
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