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Discussion: Swing Into Spring Swap!
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created by: Jessica (HDB)
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Guys, Grim spoiled the HELL out of me. I'm still pretty much speechless at how much I adore this package. Can you believe she wrote a handwritten note for EVERY SINGLE book she put in this box? I'm keeping them all in the books they came in. Forever.

Aw, I hope you liked it all!
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The notes were so much fun!

Glad you enjoyed them.
My box was placed in the mail today.
I must have been asleep at the wheel ... I totally missed the notification for this swap. :-( I hope there'll be another one down the road. I promise to pay more attention to my notification emails.
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I'm fairly sure there will be.
Next swap is slated for July! :) So we'll do sign ups late June.
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