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I have to say BA's educational posts are the best, most informative, I've come across. Easy to understand, some pictures, some humor, (thinking of your significant other, BA), never prurient. The ones I've read were things she has experienced or witnessed personally, so you get her perspective & fe... more »
AVR, cutest baby I've seen since my granddaughter was a baby, (highest complement I can pay). Seriously, the latest picture of her is truly adorable, her eyes are twinkling! more »
Thank you. more »
Thank you. more »
Does anyone know how long a draft is kept? Thanks more »
Oh, that's a great idea Petra! With info about the key players - not enough to identify anyone, but general age, interests, job, likes & dislikes. more »
Thanks for this Petra. Just following & playing with new BL! more »
Agreed! I didn't realize it was paranormal either, or I would have skipped it. I thought it could have used a good editor. Too much extraneous detail, which I could have done without, & did, it got so I just skimmed that. Also, how many times did someone cry 'a tear', or have 'a tear' in their e... more »
You're able to read in the car, you don't get car sick? Am looking forward to 'talking' with you about it. more »
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