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thank you Char! :) more »
thank you! i will. :) more »
thank you! i appreciate your thoughts. :) more »
thank you Lora. :) more »
sorry again guys for posting this here but i promised to tell you why and it's the 31st. October is a "red-letter" month for me especially the 30th. 6 years ago, my Mom passed away and i was with her until she passed. we were very close and the events leading to that night will always stay with me. ... more »
just a quick update: i'm declaring November and December as book holiday months for the group. i'm sure everyone will be very busy during these 2 months so i decided that we all deserve a break. we'll resume club activities January 2016. watch out for my updates here or on my dashboard (if you fo... more »
interesting prompts as always! i'll wrap my head around these ones later as i'm sorting things out at the moment. i do have ideas already though! :) more »
i think i did fine with the prompts again for October. i'll make a post on or before the month's end or Nov. 1st at the latest (keeping my typing fingers crossed!) :D more »
thank you Char and Lora! i'm all right. will let you guys know why on the 31st. no cause for alarm though, ok? :) more »
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