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Discussion: October ~ Just For The Thrill Of It
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This month you will read a book:

1 ~ with characters disguised in some way.

2 ~ you had to read with the lights on.

3 ~ with characters who are scared or scaring someone else.

4 ~ with character, setting, or theme that thrilled you to your toes.
This will be a challenge! But game on...
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I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
would disguise mean assuming an identity or physical form (e.g. shifter) or would an unsuspected person who turns out to be the killer be considered "in disguise" as well - meaning in the guise of a normal person on the outside but crazy murderer on the inside.

i read this novelette btw, that responds to prompt 4. it thrilled me but not because of the horror or spookiness in it. but in a nostalgic way lol. would that count?
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I think you can view the prompts anyway you like. If you think a book fits a prompt, then please use it.

The challenge should be fun, not an assignment, so let the prompts speak to you in your own way.
sometimes i keep forgetting that stories speak to each of us in different ways. love your response Sock Poppet! thank you. :D
Well, I didn't really get going with it this month. :( The only book I read that responds to the prompts is The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

It was a really good read and - since I am a wuss - I needed to read it with the lights on.
It also hits prompt no. 3, as it the story is about a character that is terrified by the eerie house.

I'm really looking forward to next month's prompt, tho.
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I only finished two prompts, too. I think that's fine.

I think this month will be fun, too.
i think i did fine with the prompts again for October. i'll make a post on or before the month's end or Nov. 1st at the latest (keeping my typing fingers crossed!) :D

I read books for two prompts in October.

I am so behind on this I have been reading them and keeping track I just don't seem to get around to posting them so here goes for October I read books that worked for 3 of the 4 prompts.

1. With characters disguised in some way...
'In (Watch Me), Save You' by Avril Ashton we have one MC who is a cross dresser so the question is...Is the disguise when he's dressed as a woman or a man or neither? The other MC tries desperately to hide the part of him that he wants to keep from the world so in fact the disguise is the person he presents for the world to see.

3. With characters who are scared or scaring someone else. This was 'Slaying Isadore's Dragons' by C. Kennedy. This story had an MC in it who because of his life experiences spent his days living in fear of what would happen next, of who would hurt him and what would be taken away from him. This was a YA book and while I don't read a lot of them this one was definitely worth reading.

4. With character, settin or theme that thrilled you to your toes. 'Bear, Otter & the Kid' by TJ Klune, I've had this series for ages and I was so excited or if you will thrilled to finally start reading it and the more I read the more thrilled I became that I had picked up this book. I devoured all 3 books and by the end of it all I was over the moon. But this was the book that started my adventure with this incredible characters.
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Better late than later! :)
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True enough and it really wasn't too bad considering I could probably do my November post but have decided to wait until November is actually over. Who knows what I'll read between now and then.
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