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Dawid Piaskowski

CEO & Co-Founder

Dawid is a real avid reader, he wants to discover new books and read all of them. Well, you can say that he is more than a book geek, he's a modern tech & book geek. He’s keen on knowing and creating new technological and network innovations. Before founding BookLikes, he was a business analyst in Allegro Group (the owner of over 70 online services worldwide). Dawid is also the co-owner of Okazjum.pl.


Best reading experience

He gets best reading experiences while reading business books. Eric Ries' The Lean Startup changed his life.


When not reading

He’s a sport addict with impressive successes in rowing and wrestling. Now working out at the gym.




Joanna Grzelak-Piaskowska

COO & Co-Founder

Joanna's passionate about books and getting to know other book lovers. She reads people like an open book as she obtained PhD in Humanist Studies. She’s always on the go, she is a university teacher, a writer and co-founder of Okazjum.pl. Joanna likes to combine her social and reading interests - that’s how BookLikes idea appeared.


Best reading experience

Joanna is a great enthusiast of history books, she reads plenty of those. She also likes crime stories and thrillers. Her favorite is Shining by Stephen King.


When not reading

Traveling and sport activity is something she loves to be engaged in.




Daniel Szwarc


Daniel is an IT specialist interested in the technological novelties. Apart from software engineering, he likes to track brand new hi-tech solutions, network innovations, technology highlights and to get the most out of them. He's an avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy books. He stays active, riding a bike or skiing is the best way of spending free time for him.


Best reading experience

Daniel is a science-fiction and fantasy book geek. His favorites are Blade Runner by Philip K. Dick and Lem's Solaris.


When not reading

He likes to be active - he rides a bike in spring/summer and skis during winter.




Kasia Nowaczek

Editorial Manager

Before joining BookLikes, she worked as a teacher, journalist and book reviewer in the newspaper. Sometimes she prefers to be immersed in the book world rather than in the real one. That's why she keeps her shelves filled up with books - her alternative worlds. She likes inspiring reads and creative writing. Coffee addict. Cat lover.


Best reading experience

The list is long and uncommon. Some of wow books include: A girl with glass feet  by Ali Shaw and Geim by Anders de la Motte, Małgorzata Saramonowicz's „book trilogy”.


When not reading

Skiing in winter. Staying lazy in summer. Reading all year. 




Paweł Kaczmarek

Software Engineer

He's a software engineer with a wide variety of passions. He likes complex schemes and algorithm building. When not programming, Paweł disappears in his garage where he's tinkering with cars' engines. Paweł craves for strong emotions as he wants to take part in an off road racing one day. In his free time he likes to immerse himself into fantasy and comic book world.


Best reading experience

He likes comics & fantasy books. His favorite is Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey.


When not reading

He's preparing his car to off-road racing or playing strategy games.







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