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review 2017-03-23 07:42
Book Tour: Red-Tailed Hawk by Nancy Schoellkopf
Red-Tailed Hawk - Nancy Schoellkopf

Nancy does it once more with the book called “Red-Tailed Hawk”. This book is about Mariah and her journey. What will Mariah learn along the way? Samatha also needs to learn something as well and so does her stepson.


The plot about this book is something different and amazing. There a love storyline. What a journey this book get the family on after a death in the family happens. Who has taken the special thimble that Mariah see as something special.

What do we learn about hawks. What will Mariah learn about herself. Samantha learns about something about herself. Will it bring healing to them all. We go along with Mariah when she goes on her journey. The plot is written well. I enjoyed every page of it. It got some surprises in it. I love the fact its got different meaning. Will Mariah find her twin or what happen? Will she find what is missing from her heart or her missing connection?

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2017/04/book-tour-red-tailed-hawk-by-nancy.html
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review 2017-03-23 05:45
Yellow-Billed Magpie by Nancy Schoellkopf
Yellow-Billed Magpie - Nancy Schoellkopf

I enjoyed this book about Yellow-Billed Magpies. Nancy does a wonderful job writing the plot and the story. I enjoyed every part of it. I loved that there was an autism and other disabilities as part of the story as well.


You get a bit of a spiritual in the story as well. We learn about Magpies somewhat in the book. We also go on a quest with Samantha O’Malley. We meet Craig and her old lover. She goes back to her teaching career.

What discoveries will Samantha and Craig find by working together and with her students? Nancy writing is done well. I have not been into a book that felt so real. I feel the book show us what it like somewhat of our world. Is our world what we think or is it an illusion? I start to wonder this and if we are just experiencing it as humans.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2017/04/yellow-billed-magpie-by-nancy.html
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review 2017-03-23 03:47
Book Review: A Royal Christmas Wedding by Rachel Hauch
A Royal Christmas Wedding (Royal Wedding Series) - Rachel Hauck

Book Title: A Royal Christmas Wedding
Author: Rachel Hauch
Genres: Christmas, Romance,
Series: Royal Wedding
Publisher: Zondervan
Publish Date: 2016-10-18 (240 Pages, Paperback)


Avery Truitt is someone who was going to college to be a professional volleyball player. 5 years before she meet Prince Colin when she was with her sister Susanna went to Cathedral City. What ever happen to Avery and Colin?


Susanna has invited both her sister and mother to Brington Kingdom for the Christmas season. Will their mother get over their father’s death? There appear someone brings Avery and Colin together at every turn. Will Colin father help or harm Colin? The old bell rings and who has pulled it and rung it?


People do not believe that god had pulled the 600 pound bell that started ringing and bring all people to the where the accident of Prince Michael died. I love that fact that there is a meaning and some true relationship trouble and Hauck shows that in each story in The Royal Wedding Series? She let the characters work it out their own problems. She does not rush them. Rachel Hauck does well with the plot and her writing is wonderful as well.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2017/03/a-royal-christmas-wedding.html
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review 2017-03-23 01:25
So cute!
Full Package - Lauren Blakely

Full Package - Lauren Blakely 


Awww, what a sweet friends to lovers story. And although I wanted to beat them both over the head when they wouldn't fess up about their true feelings, I loved the way they finally got themselves together.

Loved both the epilogues and can't wait to see more book set in this world. I'm enjoying them all thoroughly so far.

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review 2017-03-23 00:59
Just didn't work for me
Becoming Elite (Sin City #1) - Tricia Owens

*2.5 STARS*


So, I was trying very hard to like this one but there were a lot of things that turned me off. First, I listened to this one on audio, LOL.
The way the narrator did Maxmillian's voice was hilarious. For some reason, I just kept thinking of the movie Austin Powers and I'm not even sure why. Needless to say there was a lot of giggling that ensued.

Secondly, I'm not sure I liked this Max guy as a "master". He seemed really irresponsible to me. Ethan was a title newbie to the lifestyle and he didn't seem to help enlighten him too much prior to him uprooting his whole life to be with Max.

Next, it just seemed so weird that Ethan was a PI and a model. Did that strike anyone else as odd? I don't know, I guess it just seems to be that someone that is supposed to be blending into the shadows shouldn't be model hot. 

Anyway, there were just too many things about this one for me to really get into it. And with the fact that it was extremely short, the story itself fell (wait for it) short for me too. 

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