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review 2020-05-19 00:40
Book Tour: GenTech
GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change and Who We Really Are - Rick Chromey

Did you wonder what generation you were born into? What about the Technology that made you who you are? Well, GenTech is a book that may help with that. It a book about the American story through technology.

I have found this book to be interesting. I even found it to be informational. I now know why my grandma and my mom both seem different than me. Though not by age much but by technology. Mom seems to be born during the Boomer Generation, Technology - Space Generation, and grandma was born during the Silent Generation, Technology – Radio Generation. I was born during the Millennials Generation, But my Technology – The Cable Television Generation or PC-CP Generation.

I seem to of come of age during three different Generations. As I know, I experienced the Cable Television and the PC/CP Generation and a bit of the Net Generation as well. I was born in the last month of 1986. So I am not exactly sure which Technology Generation I fall into. As my Coming of age is spaced though more than one.

Other than that. This book was enjoyable. I do believe it explain most of America and us as we try and make our world better. It does explain Generations better then laters and or what we are dubbed when we are born. I believe the technology does make us who we are and our country as well. The technology that we grow up on is what defines us more than anything else. Some historical events will define us as well.

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review 2020-04-21 01:35
Book Tour: A Curse of Mayhem With Giveaway
A Curse of Mayhem - Sunayna Prasad

A Curse of Mayhem is the second book of the series of Alyssa McCarthy Magical Missions. It is good. I seem to start up once again with Alyssa doing magic. How does she get this magic of hers? This seems interesting that she doing this and her ordinary person.


Do we find that there this person named Errol? Does Alyssa need to do somethings to defeat Errol? What they are you find out as she struggles to control her magic. It seems that she gets herself into trouble. Will her mentors be able to help or even Simon?


This book for me was slow going. It was adventures, but not as exciting as the first book. It is good with is as it is funny with animals that show up out of nowhere. Will Alyssa be able to save her loved ones and her friends?


If you are looking for a good book for your child or children this is good for them. As it teaches confidence in a person, responsibility. This is shown throughout the book. Not all at the same time. It has some fantasy to it. Good for fantasy fans and lovers of fantasy.




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review 2020-04-09 23:49
Book Tour: The Frights of Fiji
The Frights of Fiji - Sunayna Prasad

Well, I found a book to fall into during this strange time. That book is The Fright of Figi, it quite a good book. Once you get into it. This book is about a girl that somehow attracts magic into her life. Why this happens I do not know.

Her name is Alyssa and she lives with her Uncle and cousin. When things start happening, no one believes her. She gets into trouble. Will she get save herself and friends and family. Things get more interesting one she is kidnapped by an evil wizard.

This is good for middle-grade children and ages 8 to 12 years old. The author does a really good job with the plot of the story. The characters are developed well. If you are looking for a good fantasy book for your child or children this one is good. This one as a young girl as a hero.

This is a series. It is a good one at that. Alyssa McCarthy Magical Missions. I can not wait to pick up the second book. I am wondering if her friends from the previous book are going to need to help her or if she ends up doing it herself.

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review 2020-03-07 01:32
Book Tour: A Reason for Living
A Reason for Living - Julian Jingles

A Reason for Living is an okay book to me. I like the history of Jamaica part of this book. Though the other part was not my kind of thing. The writing in this book was done well. Though It seems the plot was about really one person though it says, three men. A reason for Living seems only like it is centered on one man named Howard. Though it shows this in three parts rather than three books.

If the author is trying to show it through three different views of people then I may get it a bit more. Though to me reading it seems like it was one story and centered on one person's emotions. What does this person want? Howard seems stuck. Everyone seems to want him, He seems stuck in the past. Does he know how to cope with what he loses? It seems that no one helps him understand this or what his plan for life. Except maybe towards the end of the book.

This book is set on sexuality throughout the book. I would not allow anyone under the age of eighteen to read this book. It has a lot of sexuality and talks about raping though out the book. This I did pick up on when reading the book. It always shows the time in Jamaica's history in this book and throughout.

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review 2020-01-25 17:50
Book Tour: The Nutcracker Conspiracy
The Nutcracker Conspiracy - Lauren Carr

Are you a fan of Murphy and Jessica? Then do not look much further than that of Lauren Carr. The Thorny Rose Mystery is picked up once again. We find that Murphy and Jessica are in the thick of things once again in “The Nutcracker Conspiracy”.

The plot seems to be interconnected a bit. Is it just that or is it two different things but involvement. This book seems too real like it really as if I am in real-world experience in my time. There seem to be Jessica who seems to in the middle of defending her friend Amy and her friend Kenneth. When her house is blown up and her husband is killed? Is it Amy that plotted it or is it someone else?

Murphy seems to be trying to find out who killed not one person but several different people. I seem to like this what my real-life government might be doing in a fictional tale. I hope not. But the plot seems to involve more than just the murder but also doing something called a spy ring?

What is the PEAA group? Will Murphy and Jessica come out of this okay and survive? This book has it all. It got surprises and twists and turns from beginning to end. We even get Chris Matheson involved to a point. What is going on? What happens with the President's assassination attempt?

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