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text 2022-06-15 13:27
What Should You Know About Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is the procedure of firstly learning and then executing. Learners who involve themselves in practical experiences understand the topics well. The possibilities of experiential learning include a wide range of services.


The entab’s experiential learning focuses on K-12 Institutions, undergraduate research and student-teacher interaction. Many experiential learning apps enable the students to have a vast knowledge of their theories and find reality-based solutions.



What are the advantages of Experiential Learning?

When experiential learning gets linked to the Entab’s, it works wonders in the mood of education. This strong system will make the schools run without using paper and provide the administrative tasks to get carried out on a single platform.


  • This will help the students interchange their emotions and develop their intellectual abilities.


  • The competency-based education will promote a personalised way of teaching and help the students work flexibly.


  • The students will gain the potential of getting involved in the needs of different organisations.


  • They will have a diverse view of the world which will help them brush up on their skills, potential, and interests.


Why should you use Entab for experiential learning?

Entab is recognised as the most trusted and useful analytical learning program to help students embrace their skills and emerge as leaders. This will do so by providing them with quality education and many benefits.


The open tabs are the best system software with high speed, exceptional accuracy, powerful security, and many more. It provides the best quality of competency-based assessments for the bright future of learners. Entabs have a broad range of extremely beneficial functions and modules, making it ideal software for experiential learning.


Most Recognised Features of Entab

Some of the key features of Entab’s software are:


  • It has all the explanatory content of grades K-12, which provides the easiest ERP for learning and understanding.
  • It prepares for mock tests and provides remedial learning tools.
  • It serves you with AI-based practice worksheets and Assessments.
  • The live demonstrations of experiments and activities are also presented with the help of Entabs.




Benefits of AI-based Learning Platforms in Providing Experiential Learning!

The platform, which is based on AI, utilises a particular set of algorithms to have the right data assumptions and learn about it. The machine learning LMS has the potential to assist in providing a quality learning experience to the students.


It will do so by giving them all the knowledge which is highly significant but difficult to understand. This efficient learning environment will provide all the important elements to the learners. Therefore, they can get access to all kinds of presentations, lectures, lessons, training programmes, courses, and tests.



When linked with Entabs, experiential learning will always provide you with comprehensive tools. You will provide all the digital teaching resources with HD assets and technologies. It will design all the assignments and provide Computer-based results immediately.


Entabs will always provide smart lesson plans for the year to provide quality experiential learning. Hence you should always promote the innovative learning experience for the students to mold them into future leaders.





Source: www.entab.in/demo-enquiry.html
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text 2022-03-21 06:58
Entab — Experience Innovative Learning Lab for K-12!

With a specially designed experiential learning programme mapped to David Kolb’s learning style, Entab reimagines learning all over again. It's a portal to an immersive learning experience modelled to help you advance your aptitude. 


The experiential learning lab is specially aligned with NEP 2020 and it empowers the teachers and learners with:

  • Competency Based Education (CBE)
  • Competency Based Assessments (CBA)
  • CBSE's Learning Standard Framework
  • HD Quality Digital Content with Immersive Experiences
  • Campus Care ERP Solutions
  • LMS with AI-Based Assessments
  • Learning App for Students as an Extension of School at Home


Delve into a deeper and fuller understanding of the subjects with

  • Practical demonstrations of concepts
  • Live presentations of Lab Experiments & Activities
  • Explanatory content for deeper understanding of concepts


At Entab, knowledge is more about understanding and application rather than mere accumulation. Our Hybrid Learning Solution increases efficiency in management and directs a complete focus on learning. We offer carefully crafted Smart Lesson Plans, Digital Teaching Resources, Question Banks with the latest pattern of questions to empower teaching.  


Overcome monotony and get transported to a land where books come to life—Stand under a rainbow to understand its formation! Furthermore, Quick Revisions and elaborate revisions with Master the Chapter, enhance your understanding of the subject. 


Map out your learning journey and your progress with our AI-based Practice Worksheets and Assessments. Our learning programme helps you develop and sharpen your Critical Thinking Skills, Analytical Skills, and Judgmental Skills.

Our Experiential Learning Programme enlivens learning altogether and instils greater enthusiasm and commitment. With an independent learning experience and a clear and acute analysis of progress, Entab helps you embark on an outcome-based journey. 




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text 2021-09-28 00:55
How to Fix the QuickBooks Won't Open Problem [2021 Tutorial]

Need to do some urgent work with the QuickBooks Desktop application but continuously facing the QuickBooks won’t open problem? If yes, make sure to read this post until the end to know how to get over it quickly and continue working with QuickBooks. Generally, opening issues in QuickBooks happen when any necessary QuickBooks installation file gets damaged or corrupted. 

Want to get rid of the QuickBooks won’t open problem without wasting any time on tedious troubleshooting procedures? If yes, feel free to reach our QuickBooks professionals at 1.800.579.0391 and get the problem resolved in no time.


What causes the QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t start problem?

Below-down we have mentioned all the possible reasons due to which a user can the QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t start problem: 

  • Any QuickBooks installation file has been damaged or corrupted.
  • There is some damage done to QuickBooks program files.
  • What should you do to resolve the QuickBooks won’t open problem?


Solution 1) Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • From the Intuit’s website, download the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub ( on the computer.
  • Select the downloaded QuickBooksToolHub.exe file and start installing it by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Give consent to terms and conditions to finish installing the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub by double-clicking its icon and then select the Installation Issues tab.
  • Under Fix my Installation Issues, select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool option and let the tool run.
  • Once the tool is done repairing the installation issues, restart the computer.
  • Now, try to open the QuickBooks Desktop application. 

Solution 2) From the QuickBooks Tool Hub, run the Quick Fix my Program tool

Solution 2) From the QuickBooks Tool Hub, run the Quick Fix my Program tool

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub you have downloaded in solution 1.
  • Click on the Program Problems tab.
  • Under Fix My Program, select the Quick Fix my Program option and let the tool run.
  • Once the tool finishes, try to open the QuickBooks Desktop application.

Solution 3) Repair the QuickBooks Desktop application for Windows

Solution 3) Repair the QuickBooks Desktop application for Windows

  •  Select the Windows Start menu, type “Control Panel” into the search column, and open Control Panel.
  • In the control panel, look for the Programs and Features option and select it.
  • Select QuickBooks from the list of installed programs and then click on the Repair option.
  • Hit the Next button.
  • Once QuickBooks repairing is completed, select the Finish button.
  • Now, try to open the QuickBooks Desktop application.



 We hope you find this post informative and helpful in resolving the QuickBooks Won’t Open problem. However, if you still can’t open the QuickBooks Desktop application, then we recommend you to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop using the clean install tool and register it again using the product & license information. You can also get in touch with our QuickBooks error experts at 1.800.579.0391 for additional troubleshooting support.

Source: blog.accountinghelpline.com/quickbooks-desktop-issues/quickbooks-wont-open-heres-the-key-to-solve-it
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review 2021-01-31 23:00
Vogue Polska, nr 34/grudzień 2020
Vogue Polska, nr 34/grudzień 2020 - Redakcja Magazynu Vogue Polska

W grudniowym numerze, którego tematem przewodnim tym razem jest moda w stylu haute couture, najbardziej zainteresowały mnie:

"Heute hybryda" (str. 108-117) - ciekawy artykuł Piotra Zachary o historii narodzin pret-a-porter.
"Opowieści ukryte w podszewce" (124-131) - artykuł Filipa Niedenthala, w którym przedstawiono sylwetkę dziennikarza i kolekcjonera ubrań couture.
"Nie wszystko złoto, co się świeci" (str. 140-144) - interesujący artykuł Michaliny Murawskiej, w którym pisze ona o brokacie i jego początkach w modzie.
"Vanessa Kirby: wszystko na sto procent" (str. 202-204) - wywiad z aktorką Vanessą Kirby - tekst Anny Tatarskiej.
"Jane Birkin. Pierwsza It-Girl" (str.206-209) - wywiad Anny Konieczyńskiej z Jane Birkin.
- główna sesja z Anją Rubik z fotografiami-autoportretami jej autorstwa (str. 223-233)
- sesja zdjęciowa autorstwa Sonii Szóstak(str. 240-249).


Opinia opublikowana na moim blogu:


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review 2021-01-19 20:49
Pogromca lwów (Saga o Fjällbace (tom 9))
Pogromca lwów - Camilla Läckberg,Inga Sawicka

..."Nie ma wagi, która by pilnowała, żeby wszystko zostało rozdzielone po równo"...

"Pogromca lwów" to dziewiąty już tom bestsellerowej serii o Fjällbace Camilli Läckberg - pisarki, która osiągnęła światowy sukces literacki i wciąż prze do przodu. Ich charakterystyczną cechą jest nie tylko kryminalna intryga, ale szerokie tło obyczajowe, zarysowane bogato i barwnie. Nikt inny nie opisał szwedzkiej prowincji tak jak ona.
Tym razem przeniesieni zostajemy do serca fjällbackiej zimy - mamy styczeń, kiedy wprost pod koła nadjeżdżającego samochodu wbiega dziewczyna. Mimo pomocy w szpitalu umiera. Bardzo szybko okazuje się, że to poszukiwana Victoria, której zaginięcie zgłosili rodzice cztery miesiące wcześniej. W trakcie wychodzi, że nastolatka została okaleczona - pozbawiono ją wszystkich zmysłów. Ktoś poddawał ją okropnym torturom przez długi czas.
Wcześniej w niewyjaśnionych okolicznościach zaginęły cztery inne dziewczyny. Czy ma znaczenie, że były do siebie podobne? Czy psychopata działa sam? Na te pytania szuka odpowiedzi miejscowa policja, a wśród nich Patrik Hedström. Jego żona, która nie raz udowodniła, że ma talent detektywa przygotowuje zaś książkę o kobiecie, która przed laty zamordowała swojego męża, tytułowego łowcę lwów - miał na imię Vladek i przyjechał do Szwecji z cyrkiem. W tym celu spotyka się z więźniarką, ale kobieta nie chce udzielić jej zbyt wielu informacji. Erika musi się bardzo postarać, by czegokolwiek się dowiedzieć i zebrać materiał do książki.
Pisarka zręcznie operuję fabułą...raz zwracając uwagę czytelnika na jednego z bohaterów, by po chwili rzucić cień na innego. Dajemy się nabrać za każdym razem. Wszystko łączyło się w całość - głęboko ukrytą prawdę. Szokowało, zdumiewało, przerażało. Podczas czytania targały mną sprzeczne uczucia - strach, obrzydzenie, zdezorientowanie czy ciekawość. Żaden z bohaterów nie był nudny, mdły czy zbędny. Polubiłam Patrika, Erika i ich dzieci, przeżywałam smutek razem z Anną, obawiałam się o jutro razem z mieszkańcami. Byłam bardzo ciekawa kto był mordercą i jaki był jego motyw.
Książka bardzo mnie wciągnęła, że czytałam ją wszędzie, gdzie tylko się dało. Koniecznie chciałam odkryć prawdę. Ogólnie polecam!!! 

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