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review 2018-04-25 19:46
Have Tissues Handy
Star-Touched Stories - Roshani Chokshi

Please note that I received this book via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review.


I was so happy to get to read this book last night. I finished one book and decided to start this, the only reason why I finished it so fast is that one of the stories in this collection I just read the prior week. I skipped over that and read the second and third stories. I was maybe a blubbering mess at the end of this short story collection. Chokshi does a great job of having you wish for more stories involving the characters we have been introduced to in this fantastic world she has created.


Death and Night (5 stars)- Not too much to say here besides how much I loved the beginning to Death and Night or how we know them, Amar and Maya.


We read about both of these characters in "The Star-Touched Queen" but we get to read about how they met, how Death courted Night, and how she loved him. We know what will happen next (I read the first full book and only came back to read this prequel now) but it was great to read about how they came to love one another prior to Night choosing to leave him in order to be re-born.


Death is cursed to fall in love with a woman who will leave him. So he decides to just marry, but now love his wife. Until he meets Night and knows that she is the right person for him. They have a great dynamic that consists of challenging each other as well as realizing that the other person is truly who they want to be with.


I did like that we got some backstory on the friendship between Night and Nritti. You get to see why Night loves her so much. She's one of the few who is not afraid of Night.

I also loved how we got to see how playful Gupta was with Death. I maybe laughed at him trying to teach Death how to properly court.


The writing was lyrical and made me laugh at times. You can easily see why Death and Night fell for each other. 


Poison and Gold (5 stars)- We got to know Aasha in "A Crown of Wishes". Now that she is living with Guari and Vikram as they prepare to marry and unite their two kingdoms, she is scared that her powers are out of control. If she were to hurt one of them or someone else, she doesn't know what she will do. When she is given a choice to become their Spy Mistress or be sent away forever, she chooses to do what she can to stay with them. She begins training and finds out reserves she never knew she had, all while being brave enough to love someone. 


Rose and Sword (5 stars)-A story within a story, we have a little girl being told a fairy tale by her grandmother. The story revolves around a wedding night and death. It also involves some familiar faces to those who have read "A Star-Touched Queen" and "A Crown of Wishes". Seriously though you guys, please get tissues ready. If you can read this story without crying, you are stronger than me. I was a mess. I don't want to spoil for potential readers, but this story hit me with all the feels. 


Image result for crying gif



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review 2015-04-29 18:34
Burning Down the House (Skull Crackers Motorcycle Club) - Marissa Knight

1,5 Stars!
Well that was not so good. I was expecting a hot and sweaty erotic short story and in its place i got an awkward, poorly developed, menial, tiny tale, that was more frustrating than anything else.

The premise was ok, maybe naive and plain but i was looking for that kind of simplicity in this particular read. No matter how basic though the story is i still expect for some semblance of literature. The whole book is hardly 20 pages long, couldn't the author take a look at it and do a spell check? Am i asking for too much?

Anyway, like i said, this is nothing much so yeah! Ta ta for now!


- Some editing issues.
- I liked how shy Danny was.
- Stale usage of the language. Manhood, again and again!!??

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1267218044
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review 2014-12-28 13:43
Review - Winter Fall by Byron Tucker
Winter Fall - Byron Tucker

I grabbed this through Kindle Unlimited.  I tossed it in the DNF pile at 48%.  Dialogue is atrocious and the two teenagers sound like they are right out of Leave It To Beaver... not modern day.  The occasional chapters of the teenage son's 'diary' are very jarring and out of place.


The kicker for me was the scene where we are told that the uncle is going to teach the teenage boy to use a crossbow... then the entire description of the kid notching an arrow and the mechanics of firing the weapon are clearly for a standard bow... not a crossbow.  The author needs to do a little more research.

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review 2014-11-17 15:22
Review- Prince Lestat by Anne Rice
Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice

To be honest, I will state at the beginning I have no respect for Anne Rice as a person. She supports bullies. That said, in my younger years, the Vampire Chronicles were great companions and I couldn't resist checking back in to see some old favorite characters.

I found the same issue here as I did in her budding werewolf series... I loved The Wolf Gift, but the second book turned into nothing more than rambling and less a place for the characters than Anne Rice herself. This woman seriously needs a team of editors to keep her on track with the story itself, but that leads us back to her personality- she feels she is above that.

Don't waste your time and money... if, like me, you have to waste your time, do like I did, grab a tossed copy from a resale bin or a giveaway bin, or go to your library.

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review 2014-10-09 23:26
Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies - Marilyn Peake

This was poorly written, repetitive... little to no research... Will not read another story by this author. Do not waste your time.

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