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review 2015-02-22 13:20
Wanted - Amanda Lance

This author is new to me as such I had no idea what I would be getting myself into. I was intrigued by the premise of the story, hence my decision to read this title. This was my first time reading a captive/hostage story and I was eager to see the angle that the author would take. I was hoping to like this story; however there were moments when I found the story dull in some areas. Basically, it was not the exciting and gripping read I was expecting.



Wanted centres on Charles Hays and Adeline Battes. Adeline aka Addie and her father on a return home stopped at a convenience store to get some coffee. While there, Addie unwittingly walked in on a crime in progress. This led to her being kidnapped and held hostage by a gang of criminals. Charles aka Charlie, who is responsible for Addie being kidnapped is determined to keep her safe. I found his actions a bit strange; however, as the story progressed his need to protect her became clear.


Initially, Addie is wary of Charlie, however, when she realizes that his desire to protect her was genuine she let her guard down and began to trust him. I had difficulty wrapping my head around the idea of her falling in love with a known criminal in such a short space of time. It is evident that she is conflicted about her feelings and not sure how to deal with them.


She is a 17 year old who has been home schooled most of her life and never had much social interaction. She has no experience when it came to relationships, hence her struggle with her feelings. She may be book smart, but she was not street smart.



Charley was drawn to Addie before the kidnapping so it was understandable why he is determined to keep her safe. However, his desire to protect her would lead to conflict between him and his partners. He did not have an easy life growing up. He was abandoned by his parents and spent most of his life in foster care. He has deep rooted issues that are likely to be the reason why he has embarked on a life of crime.


These two are complete opposites, but they are able to find a common ground in their love for each other.


Based on the cover one would expect that this story would have some steamy love scenes. This however was not the case. This book is squeaky clean. Personally for me this was not an issue. My disappointment with this story stemmed from the author’s decision to take a long winded route to get her point across. This led to the story dragging in some areas.


In spite of this I kept reading because I wanted to find out if it was possible for these two to have a future together. While I may not have gotten the story I was hoping for I liked it enough to recommend it to readers who may find this type of story engaging and entertaining.

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text 2014-05-08 00:07
Free Today on Amazon
Wanted - Amanda Lance
Unfiltered & Unlawful - Payge Galvin,Ronnie Douglas
The Magic of Highland Dragons - Kella McKinnon
While It Was Snowing: A Novella - Elyssa Patrick

Wanted - Seems a bit Stockholm Syndrome-ish, but I'm still mildly interested.


Unfiltered and Unlawful - Interesting set-up for this one.


The Magic of Highland Dragons - One of the reviews said it was rape-y and I'm not even sure there are dragons in it. I'll probably skip it, but here is the link in case there are any takers.


While It Was Snowing - Features a virgin hero which I still find rare enough to be noteworthy.

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review 2014-03-31 20:05
4 SNIFFS REVIEW: Conviction by Amanda Lance




Our nose would be very happy to live in this book.



Addie Bates leaves for college in California to be with her former kidnapper and current boyfriend, Charlie Hays. She's really happy to finally be with Charlie with some semblance of normalcy, but all the half truths are starting to weigh her down, and Charlie's suspicions and jealousy over her friendship with FBI Agent Adam Harpsten aren't helping. Everything starts unraveling when a violent competitor of Ben Walden's hijacks one of their airport runs. When the final straw breaks and Charlie is arrested, Addie has to choose whether she will try to move on from him, or try to figure out a way to keep Charlie in her life.

CONVICTION has some themes from Shakespeare's Othello in that we have Addie and Charlie who have a secret relationship (from everyone but their group), and someone working behind the scenes to split them up, not to mention the attack from the rival group that could be compared to the Turks attack in Othello. There are more comparisons I could make, but then I'd give away a lot of the story, so I'll leave it at that. It was also cool how Addie's roommate, who is a theater major, was acting in the college's production of Othello.

In Wanted, where they were in a secluded environment, we were shown a lot of the positive traits of Addie and Charlie, but in CONVICTION, we see more of the negative traits. While on the Diyu in Wanted, the feel of the story was more...um...dreamlike? or fantastical? in that they are, mostly, alone and they are able to just be and enjoy their time together. But then in CONVICTION reality sets in, and everything becomes complicated.



The Guy: He loves Addie very deeply, but doesn't feel like he deserves her love in return. He's easily jealous, and his temper can be explosive. Addie seems to be the only thing that can calm him down. He has a driving need to protect her from everything that his job could do to her, so he keeps her out of the loop about anything concerning what he does on his jobs.

The Girl: Addie has gotten pretty good at lying in order to protect Charlie and their relationship. But all the half truths are getting bunched up and she starts making little slips. Her friendship with FBI Agent Adam Harpsten is the main source for Charlie's jealousy, but she won't let him dictate who she can be friends with. But when Adam starts poking around again, she begins resenting Adam and his friendship. Addie also starts to question her future with Charlie, when she realizes that they may never be able to have a normal relationship, may never be able to get married, or have children.




Addie and Charlie have a lot more complications in CONVICTION than they did in Wanted. Lies and half truths are thrown out like candy at a parade. Addie has to lie to her family about her relationship with Charlie and her real reasons for moving so close to where she was found in California. She has to lie to the FBI to protect Charlie and her friends. And she has to lie to her new roommate to keep her from learning too much about Charlie and possibly getting him caught.

But the real problems begin when they both start lying to each other. Charlie is keeping things from her about what he's doing for his job, in order to protect her in case something goes wrong, giving her plausible deniability, but that only makes her more anxious and paranoid. Addie is keeping her friendship with Adam a secret from Charlie and the interactions between them that he does know about cause extreme jealousy and rage in him. So all of this combined is crumbling their trust and security in each other, inviting in the whispers of those who want them separated for good.

But in the end, their devotion to each other wins out and their relationship is stronger than ever. But that may not be enough to keep them together if something happens to take them away from each other permanently.



Click the cover to go to Goodreads page!






Source: booksnifferbookreviews.blogspot.com/2014/03/4-sniffs-review-conviction-by-amanda.html
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text 2014-03-10 08:28
Blog Tour & GIVEAWAY ~ ENDANGERED HEARTS by Amanda Lance


Endangered Hearts by Amanda Lance
Genre: New Adult
Emilia Ward is being watched. And it isn’t just by her mother’s creep of a boyfriend or one of her many employers. Instead, she is certain it something else—someone else. However, in a life with college classes and alcoholic mother to look after, Emilia doesn’t have time to explore her suspicions. She would much rather think about her new job at Iram Manor, and more importantly—its mysterious and alluring owner. After a lifetime of isolation and trapped in a disfigured body Kasper Zafar thought he knew pain. Confining himself to his work as an architect and the love of his music, he never expects the beautiful Emilia Ward to enter his life. Young and naive, his new housekeeper does not flinch at the sight of him, and is even so bold as to call him her friend. Determined to teach her in all worldly things, the opposites grow closer and the role of student and teacher and interchange. Yet Emilia’s life outside the manor is not a happy one, and when Kasper’s attempt to watch over her fails, both will discover than love may be the most painful thing of all.
About the Author:
A native of New Jersey and lifelong nerd, Amanda Lance recently completed her Master in Liberal Arts at Thomas Edison State College after her BA in English Literature and AFA in creative writing. As an avid reader of all genres, some of her favorite authors include Hemingway, Marquis de Sade, Stevenson, Bukowski and Radcliffe. When she isn’t writing or reading, Amanda can found indulging in film noir or hiking with her other half and their extremely spoiled dog. She is obsessively working on her next book and trying to tame her caffeine addiction.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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review 2013-08-02 00:00
Wanted - Amanda Lance Stockholm Syndrome...or love?

A novel that explores the eternal question: Can you love someone who is bad for you?

As the attraction between Addie and Charlie grows, so does the risk, the danger, the thrill. Is a happy ending possible when the odds are stacked against you?


Like a thief, this novel will steal your attention...and your heart.
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