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review 2017-06-02 19:58
Ashes to Asheville
Ashes to Asheville - Sarah Dooley

I absolutely loved this novel. It was fun, entertaining, captivating and it was delightful. It was a journey that had me turning the pages so fast, it was over before I knew it.


It was fun in the way that sixteen-year-old Zany and twelve-year-old Fella took off with Mama Lacy ashes on a mission to fulfill her last wishes by scattering her remains where she wanted to be. Entertaining because this mission involved many people, where they meet a police officer, where Zany drives a semi-truck, where they go shopping filling up a cart to the top and it didn’t cost them anything, where the conversations are endless and I learned a great deal about these young girls and their lives. It was captivating as I couldn’t put this novel down as the opening pages started with Zany snatching Mama Lacy off the mantel and the girls jumping into Mrs. Madison’s car. Haberdashery is making noise out in the yard and they can’t take him back inside for fear that they will wake up Mrs. Madison and blow their cover, so inside the car he goes, they now have a dog along on their trip. There is talk of a Mama Shannon amongst the girls, this woman I don’t know anything about but as the conversation continues I realize that she is Zany’s mother and that she loved Mama Lacy. Mama Lacy was Fella’s mother and she loved Mama Shannon. The four of them used to live under the same roof but that was before cancer took Mama Lacy away and that was before Mrs. Madison took Fella away from her remaining family. I love listening to the girls and their spunky conversation in the car. Fella is hoping that Zany had a plan when she picked today to start off on this trip and she does have a plan, to get the ashes to Asheville but it all the incidentals along the way that cause the glitches for the girls. It was delightful as it was an enjoyable read: it was exciting, it was comical at times and a very interesting read. What a fantastic novel, a good feel book for me. I highly recommend this novel.

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text 2014-10-17 16:22
The Little Free Library Movement Gains Momentum

Little Free Libraries are popping up in towns and cities across America. Often built and assembled or sponsored by local book lovers, the mini-library offers patrons to take a free book in exchange for putting another one back on the shelf. No library card is required. So far, there have been no reports of anyone trying to abuse the library boxes.


For more info on the Little Free Library movement, check out the website http://littlefreelibrary.org/getinvolved/. Also, If you spot any Little Free Libraries in your area, please take a photo and share it with all of us here at Booklikes! 


This Little Free Library was just spotted in the Asheville, NC, area by local photographer Sam Ganly.




This "Little Free Library" pre-dates today's models by about 80 years. This is from London during the 1930s. 


Source: www.facebook.com/rltownley?ref=hl
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review 2014-05-23 23:03
No River Too Wide
No River Too Wide - Emilie Richards


By Emilie Richards 

ISBN: 9780778316343

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA

Publication Date:  June 24, 2014 

Pages: 496 

Series:  Goddesses Anonymous #3

Format: Paperback   

My Rating:  5 Stars 


A special thank you to Harlequin MIRA and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest  review.

Emilie Richards has skillfully crafted another winner! NO RIVER TOO WIDE--her latest Goddesses Anonymous series, set in the beautiful Western Carolina mountain area of Asheville, NC.

As a long-time fan of the talented author, Emilie Richards, having read the previous Goddesses, and nearly every book she has ever written – She is definitely at the TOP of her game with her upcoming, NO RIVER TOO WIDE to be released 6/24/14. 

A suspense thriller packed with secrets, and domestic violence; one of courage, forgiveness, redemption, and reinvention—a must read book for teens and women of all ages. For those who have suffered from abuse or currently involved in an abusive relationship, and anyone currently dating or involved in any relationship. 

Readers will love reuniting with characters from ONE MOUNTAIN AWAY (Somewhere between Luck and Trust), a group of women banning together to reach out to other women in turmoil and despair. 

Janine, the forty-five year old mother of Harmony, has been trapped in a nightmare of a marriage for years, doing everything in her power to leave this abusive and unhealthy life. She finally escapes her abusive husband, leaving her home in flames in Topeka, Kansas, while looking over her shoulder.

With the help of an organization called Moving On (fictional), an underground highway for abused woman, she is able to quietly reunite with her estranged daughter, Harmony, and grandbaby,Lottie in Asheville, NC.. 

However, Jan is not safe, having to watch her every move, waiting and watching for THE ABUSER (Rex- Husband), as she is afraid for her life, those she loves, and ones trying to protect her. Rex, the abusive husband and father, has disguised himself as the caring professional business man, community leader, faithful church goer, father and husband, and has owned a successful insurance agency for years. No one except his family knows what a monster he really is. Jan has lived in fear for her life, and her children’s lives, protecting them for years.  


However, the day the fire starts, and Janine makes her escape, little does Jan know at the time, Rex has disappeared, as well.

As the suspense builds for a complex saga---another mysterious guy Alex, with secrets of his own, is hot on her trail, and becomes entangled (in more ways than one), with her new friend Taylor, the owner of a new health and fitness studio, Evolution. 

Richards definitely hits on the raw truths of domestic abuse—a real and difficult subject with over 1.3 million women being assaulted by their partners every year, and 85% of domestic violence victims being women. Domestic abuse is one of the most chronically under reported crimes. Women who have not personally experienced this sometimes find it difficult to understand-- why women stay with men who abuse them.

This insightful and powerful novel, explores ways in which women choose the men in their lives, warning signs to watch for in new relationships, and how women can make good choices, and avoid the bad ones. 

“As rivers run through many of our lives, not just geographical rivers, but rivers of feeling.” The metaphor of the river and what it represents to Jan definitely reminded me of personal rivers I have crossed, as will other readers. 

NO RIVER TOO WIDE, is an ideal book for book clubs, with some thought-provoking discussion questions included at the end of the book.

The book features three different and complex women with men in their lives: Jan, who is escaping a long term abusive marriage. Taylor, who is finally able to think about having a man in her life, and Harmony, who is trying to fall in love with the perfect guy. Taylor, of course from the first Goddesses Anonymous book, has problems trusting and forgiving. Wow, what a challenge she faces in this book!

NO RIVER TOO WIDE is a story of triumph, of a woman moving beyond her terrifying circumstances and is able to regain control of her life—demonstrating, with the help, courage, and support of other women--nothing is impossible. (Highly recommend the entire series)!

I am grateful to these authors--- bringing to light, the dark topic of domestic abuse- for more awareness with some of the new 2014 fiction releases such as: Emily Giffin (The One and Only), Darcie Chan (The Mill River Recluse), Randi Davenport (The End of Always), and especially, Emilie Richards (No River Too Wide) —a few books I have read over the last few weeks. A special thanks! 


Hats off to Emilie for dedicating this insightful book to women everywhere, who work tirelessly and creatively to help other women who need them. 

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/918693172
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