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review 2017-09-12 21:50
This has all the makings of a country song...
Best New Artist - B.A. Tortuga,Brian Hutchison

There was a time when JT and Jonah loved each other, but JT wanted fame and fortune. Jonah just wants to make music. Both men are heartbroken when Jonah decides he needs to walk away from their relationship leaving JT to pursue the life he thinks he wants. 


Years later JT has a very public melt down and heads back to Texas knowing that what he thought he wanted was neither what he wanted or needed. He finally reconnects with Jonah and as JT starts to realize how much Jonah meant to him and to put himself back together he begins to realize just how much Jonah truly means to him and that what he wants is the man who walked away from him. But things have changed for Jonah and it's going to take all of JT's patience and love if he wants to get back what they lost.


Nobody does cowboys and rednecks like B. A. Tortuga. I love the men she shares with us. Their willingness to fight for what they want to give the person they want all that they've got and JT and Jonah are perfect examples of this. It's been 10 years since these men have parted ways and when JT reaches out to Jonah in need of a place to safely rebuild his life, Jonah in spite of what he's been through knows that helping JT is something he needs to do no matter how much it might hurt his heart because he also knows that JT would never knowingly hurt him and this is a chance that they both need to take if they're going to truly heal themselves.


For me this was an enjoyable and angst free read. I loved that JT and Jonah were both willing to talk to share with each other there were no miscommunications and in spite of the fact that JT didn't initially know the details of what had happened to Jonah he knew that Jonah needed love, patience and understanding and he was willing to give it, but he was also willing to take the risk of gently prodding Jonah to give them another chance and I loved all the dogs!!! So many dogs and can I just say Nana beats Kujo for dog names any day of the week. 


'Best New Artist' also gave me the chance to listen to a new narrator...or more accurately I should say a new to me narrator. Brian Hutchinson was the narrator for this story and I definitely enjoyed listening to him add color, depth and emotion to this story with the voices he gave to these characters.


I have to admit I'm not a big fan of country & western music but when it comes to stories I'd rather read about a couple of singing cowboys than rock stars 9 times out of 10 and this one was definitely one of those nine. I loved the characters and the story was a slow and sweet reunion of two men who both wanted and deserved a second chance...this one was purely delightful.



An audio book of 'Best New Artist' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2017-05-02 17:17
Sometimes less really is more...
Catch and Release - B.A. Tortuga

I really should have stopped at reading the e-book on this one.


I loved 'Catch and Release'. It's the third book in B. A. Tortuga's series 'The Release'. I loved it so much I gave it 5 stars...ok, it was 4.5 stars but I rounded up over on GR. Here's the link to my review of the e-book...be warned it's a long one because I loved this book it was a fun read...

Original Review - Catch and Release


So when the audio book came available I foolishly said yes because I loved the book and I've been on a bit of a roll with my books lately both e-books and audio so I was being optimistic...very, very optimistic.


I'm sure there audiophiles out there who have or will enjoy Lou Lambert and based on a couple of other samples that I've checked out I may join them in future but this time around it was so not happening. 


For me audio books are a very subjective point of view, especially if you've already read the books. The listener...or at least I go into it with some pre-conceived ideas of how the characters should sound and if you're lucky the narrator's voices match what's already floating around in your brain or at least they work in a general sense. For me there are some things that are a must such as each character's voice is distinct and I know who's talking just by hearing their voice and not because the story tells me that it's Sage or Jayden or Dakota speaking. Unfortunately in this instance the voices all felt the same no matter who was speaking it was like listening to the 50+ plus, redneck, good 'ole boys, cowboy club and the voices just all sort of ran together even the women sounded more like good 'ole boys than women.


On the upside at least that consistent voice wasn't flat and monotone...so there was that. As a matter of fact at times it just tickled my funny bone and I did get a few chuckles but I wouldn't say they were really for the right reason. I do have to admit this was one time that I was grateful for a book without any real sex scenes because honestly these voices doing a sex scene might have given me a fit of the giggles. I don't think I would have survived the actual event.


Initially the audio book was getting 2 maybe 2.5 stars from me but in the end I decided that anything that gave me a laugh...for whatever reason deserved 3 stars so I'm going with that. 


At the end of it all my 4.5 rounded up to 5 stars read gets 3.5 stars for the audio version...so as I said sometimes less is more.



An audiobook of 'Catch and Release' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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review 2017-04-28 00:00
Mates - Sean Michael,Julia Talbot,B.A. Tortuga The three stories were ok...but just ok.
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review 2017-01-25 14:37
was good, once it warmed up!
Just Like Cats and Dogs - B.A. Tortuga
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.
Sam, a cat shifter, has been bought up in a group of misfits who never really fit in anywhere. On a trip home, he runs into his childhood bully. A wolf no less. A very sexy, very grown up wolf. Gus' reaction to Sam is equally baffling. Because cats and dogs can't really be mates, can they?
I have a couple of *issues* with this book.
Firstly, there is a lot of dialogue at the beginning of the book. I mean, A LOT. I got to about 25% and its mostly dialogue and I was thinking to dump it. But something niggled and I'm glad I didn't.
Its get a little confusing along the time line. From when Sam goes home for his father's funeral, to when Sam and Gus meet again, I wasn't sure if it was months, or years. Got a little confusing!
And I wish, so desperately wished for more of what was happening to Sam in New York! Because that felt kinda thrown in there, like we needed to have some major conflict. I needed to know about it BEFORE they turned up at the flat, before they took Sam. Long before then, we should have been privvy to that information.
Like I said, I didn't dump it, and it does get better after a very slow warm up and I really did enjoy it (these points aside!)
Loved the little extra bit, that little short story tagged on the end. Loved that, while I saw one mating coming, I was totally off with the other! I really REALLY wanna read that next book!!
4 solid stars, once it warmed up!
**same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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review 2016-12-19 22:12
More of the same but not...
Catch and Release - B.A. Tortuga

I'm starting to find myself at a loss for words when it comes to this series. I loved the first two books 'Terms of Release' and 'Articles of Release' and I have to admit I wasn't sure how it could possibly get better but for me this book is just a tiny bit better than the first two. I'm not totally sure why or how but I just felt like I connected with it just a bit more than the earlier stories. 


Dakota Landry has spent the past 12 years in jail for a crime that he swears he didn't commit. When he's finally released it's Sage Redding (we met Sage in book 1 'Terms of Release) who meets him at the prison and helps him begin the task of becoming re-integrated into society. Once he's had a chance to meet him and talk with him, Sage becomes convinced that Dakota gave up 12 years of his life for a crime he didn't commit. Sage's partner, Adam "Win" Winchester, isn't quite as easily convinced and while this does create a bit of conflict between them, it's not over the top drama and they work through it, but not before asking his friend Jayden Wilson former prosecuting attorney to look into Dakota's case. Jayden's bored with his current life as a real estate lawyer so he's more than willing to take on the challenge. But it's meeting and getting to know Dakota that convinces Jayden that Dakota's been screwed over by the system. What he doesn't understand is why.


As Jayden continues to investigate Dakota's case and spend time with him these two men fall for each other but it's by no means easy. There are more than a few obstacles to overcome for both of them. The romance in this story is slower to develop than the previous ones, however, I was totally enchanted with this pairing and found that Dakota and Jayden while an unusual pairing were also a really good fit for each other. 


I loved the conversations in this book. The humor was often dry and at time self-deprecating, but not to the point of being demeaning.

"Oh yeah? My best friend in middle school did that. He left for the summer and when he came back, he was six inches taller and twenty pounds lighter and learned how to drink beer."


"Wow." Jayden tilted his head as if considering. "I think I learned how to get a wedgie."


"I learned that in the second grade, I  think. I'm an overachiever."

Along with all the laughs there were moments of heartbreaking and sometimes brutal honesty, especially from Dakota...

"...I'm still an ex-con that's never had a beer or a blowjob. I still won't be able to get a job in an office. I'm still a guy who's been raped so much that I don't think you can call it rape anymore. The whole idea that I'm going to be more than I am right now just isn't true. I'm sorry, but it's a fact." 

(yeah, my eyes were a little damp here, I probably need to dust or something.) I liked Jayden and how staunchly he believed in Dakota and wanted to make his world better but even more I loved Dakota. He was strong...not physically...ok, maybe that too. But he had the strength of character to want to move forward and create a life for himself and not dwell in the past and let himself become consumed by an anger that quite honestly he had every right to feel. I'm not saying he didn't have any, he just didn't let it run his life or make him a bitter person. 


While the story is predominantly Jayden and Dakota's it was also really nice to see a bit of Sage and Adam as well as Eric and Troy. We were also introduced to Jayden's parents. I have to admit I really liked them both. I did have a moment where I wanted to give Jayden's momma a shake, but as a mother I also understood where she was coming from and she did have the humility to realize that she'd been out of line and Jayden's dad was even better. He loved his son and I got the impression that maybe it took him a bit to get his mind around having a gay son but it was never about not loving and supporting him...so awesome parents in my books.  Dakota didn't do so well in the parent lottery so I was just as happy that his parents stayed off page. We also got to meet Patrick. Patrick is Jayden's administrative assistant and I adore him. He excels at two of my favorite activities (after reading that is) shopping and drinks. What's not to like, right? Just a thought maybe Patrick will get his own story...he needs somebody to love.


This story worked for me from beginning to ending and the ending was for me just right and that's all I'm saying about that.


'Catch and Release' is a story that can easily be read as a stand-alone but I have to say I loved that I'd read the first two books and it gave me so much familiarity with some of the secondary characters it's something that I really enjoy in a series where you get new MCs in each title, but that's just a personal preference and this book can quite easily be read on it's own if the reader chooses to do so.



An ARC of 'Catch and Release' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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