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review 2019-02-21 16:34
5 Star Historical Fiction Novel – Songbirds Are Free by P M Terrell @pmterrell
Songbirds Are Free: Inspired by the True Story of the Abduction and Captivity of Mary Neely - P.M. Terrell

It has only been recently that I have begun to read outside my favorite genres, and it is because of authors like P M Terrell. I first fell in love with her writing when I was reading the Black Swamp Mystery series and I never looked back.


Songbirds Are Free: Inspired by the True Story of the Abduction and Captivity of Mary Neely

Amazon / Goodreads




Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your mind go. Imagine you are a pioneer woman, captured by the Indians, bound hand and foot and taken far from home.


Imagine floating in a canoe, smelling the trees, feeling the wind on your face and listening to the boat knife through the water. Around the bend the prairie spreads out in its vastness and a herd of bison grow larger. There is a white buffalo. Have you heard of it?


Songbirds Are Free by P M Terrell is told from two points of view. One is Mary’s, the other is Jim’s. A relative who never gives up in his search for her.


Captured by Indians, Mary chose to live and wait patiently to escape, adopting the life instead of dying and her determination to survive and return to her family is amazing.


Songbirds Are Free is a piece of P M Terrell’s personal history, spiced up with her ability to write a story that will have you white knuckled, sometimes pissed off, sometimes sad, sometimes even spreading a smile or two across my face as I travel with P M Terrell in Mary’s fictional footsteps.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Songbirds Are Free by P M Terrell.


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos5 Stars






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review 2018-05-23 20:45
The Great Train Robbery - Michael Crichton

Takes the true story and uses literary license gives us a novel of how the robbery was committed.  I enjoyed the book.  The language was colorful and I needed the translations provided in the book.  I liked how history was interspersed in the book as well as the social history of that time so I could understand how the people of that time period thought and lived.  Pierce was cool and collected throughout the book. 

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review 2018-05-21 03:28
Based on a True Story: A Memoir - Norm Macdonald


First off, Norm Macdonald did such a great job with this book. In the beginning when he was doing the voices of a young man, an older man, his father - they were all just great. He should really look into doing more audiobook narrations.

And speaking of the beginning of the book. I was feeling so sorry for Norm's family and the family friend with the squirrel. When I started the book I was telling my husband (a huge Norm Macdonald fan), "He's hit rock bottom Danny. He's drinking, doing drugs, has no money, people are tripping him as he gets off stage. It's horrible." Danny said he hadn't heard a thing and he still liked him. Then the next chapters started and I was thinking, "Wait a minute that doesn't sound right." I went online and he wasn't even born where he said he was and he wasn't dirt poor. Norm was interviewed and he said that the only part that was true was when he said there was water in a river. So the next day, I get home and tell Danny it was all a lie - or not really a lie, fiction. 

Norm does use living people in this book especially his friend Adam Eget who according to the book was giving hand jobs under a bridge when Norm made him his ASSistant. The difference between ASSistant and assistant went on a little too long. 

Overall, I loved the book. I'm listening to this book and trying not to smile and laugh like a loon while I'm on the train. The gambling bit went on way too long too but other than that, a real funny book of fiction.

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review 2018-05-08 18:20
Last Meal: Based on the true story of the Bloody Benders by Paul A. Ibbetson
Last Meal: Based on the True Story of the Bloody Benders - Dr. Paul A. Ibbetson,Eve Arroyo

This book is the story of the Bender family who 1873 were the family involved in the largest serial killing in US history. The book is filled with historical facts s well as some fiction. I am still on the fence about the addition of the fiction. I am all about historical events n their true telling but the fiction did add to the story to an extent. 


Between 1871 and 1873  the Bender family later known as the Bloody Benders murdered at least 12 people along the Osage Trail in Kansas. The family was able to escape being captured and disappeared. They were never caught. 


Paul A. Ibbetson  has done a really good job adding fact and fiction together to bring this book to us. Molly King narrates the audiobook and though she done a good job with the book at times I was a little put off by her rendition. Some of her voices grated on my nerves, sometimes she sped up and raced through parts. 


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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review 2018-04-13 20:18
Gambino: The Rise: A Novel Based on the True Story - James E. Pierre

This should be made into a movie! It's the story of Carlos Gambino, head of the Gambino family of the La Cosa Nostra. His beginnings, how he came to America, and his rise to become one of the major organized crime figures in America. And of the various "gangsters" he was involved with. It flows along very well. I thoroughly enjoyed it. As to those who are trying to diminish the author through the leaving of negative reviews.....it's a novel! It states that right on the front cover! So the author made some mistakes, having people traveling on the interstate instead of a highway. So what? Go with the story, which was the rise of Gambino. Quit being so negative. I, for one, cannot wait for the next installment of the author's story. I hope it comes out soon!

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