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review 2020-04-30 15:40
Tochter des Chaos // Daughter of Chaos!!!
Tochter des Chaos - Sarah Rees Brennan

german and english review (not spoilerfree, I need to vent)

mir wurde das Buch von Random House für eine Testleserunde zur Verfügung gestellt


Inhalt: Eine bisher unveröffentlichte Geschichte aus Sabrinas Leben, die zwischen den Staffeln 1 und 2 der erfolgreichen Netflix-Serie spielt.

Sabrina Spellman hat die härteste Entscheidung ihres Lebens gefällt: Sie lässt ihre Freunde an der Baxter High zurück. Jetzt muss sie sich unter den jungen Hexen und Hexern an der Akademie der Unsichtbaren Künste zurechtfinden. Ihre Macht wächst täglich, aber der Preis dafür ist hoch ... Kann Sabrina ihren neuen Klassenkameraden trauen? Vor allem dem charmanten Nick Scratch und seinen Gefühlen ihr gegenüber?


Meine Bewertung: Erst zum Ende hin hat mich das Buch wirklich gepackt!!!


Ich hatte mir ein bisschen mehr versprochen, das muss ich ganz ehrlich zu geben. Das Buch ist um einiges länger als der erste Band, deswegen hatte ich irgendwie mehr erwartet aber mich hat das Buch erst wirklich zum Ende hin überzeugen können und das war einfach zu spät.


Während ich in der Serie Harvey und auch Nick wirklich mag, haben sie mich in dem Buch nur gestört und viel zu viele Kapitel mit ihrem Hin und Her verschwendet, was ich nicht wirklich gebraucht hätte. Ich hatte das Gefühl, dass Sabrina in dem Band mehr oder weniger in den Hintergrund gerückt ist. Was nicht mal so schlimm gewesen wäre, wenn ich dafür interessantere Geschichten von anderen gehört hätte. An Stelle von Nick und Harvey, hätte ich mir einfach mehr Roz oder Susie gewünscht.


Am interessantesten waren für mich einfach viel mehr Sabrina's Kapitel und die von Prudence. Hier sind wirklich interessante Dinge passiert, die unterhaltsam zu lesen waren und wirklich Spaß gemacht haben.


Alles im Allem habe ich immer noch das Problem, dass die Charaktere in den Büchern für mich nicht so klingen wie die Charaktere in der Serie. Da die Beiden nun mal zusammenhören, bringt es mich einfach immer wieder raus.


Im Allgemeinen, die Bücher sind gut als Ergänzung, es stellt mich aber trotzdem nicht wirklich zufrieden.




Summary: Half-witch, half-mortal sixteen-year-old Sabrina Spellman has made her choice: She's embraced her dark side and her witchy roots. Now her power is growing daily... but will it come at too high a price?

Sabrina Spellman has just made the hardest decision of her life: She's leaving behind her beloved friends at Baxter High. Now it's time to follow the path of night and find her way among the witches and warlocks at the Academy of Unseen Arts.

Sabrina has always been good at the school thing, but now she has a whole new world to navigate. Her power is growing daily, but it comes with a high price. She must always remember her new allegiances and the cost they have on her friends... and on herself.

And then there's her new classmates. Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha are friends, kind of, but can Sabrina trust them? And what about Nick Scratch? He's as charming as ever, but will his feelings for Sabrina last?

Based on the hit Netflix show, this original YA novel tells an all-new, original story about Sabrina.


My review: I only really enjoyed this towards the end!!!


I expected more of this to be completely honest. This book was quite a bit longer than the first one, so I just expected more to be happening but this book took until the end to really grab my attention and that was just way too late.


While I actually like Harvey and also Nick in the tv show, they just annoyed me in this book and there were just so many chapters wasted on their back and forth and I just didn't need that. I felt like Sabrina was put in the background in this book. Which isn't that bad IF I would've gotten some actually interesting storylines instead. Instead of all the Nick and Harvey nonsense, I would have loved more Roz and Susie.


What held my interest the most were the Sabrina chapters and the ones from Prudence point of view. Here I felt like I actually got something interesting, that was entertaining and just fun to read about.


All in all, I still have the problem that the book characters don't sound like the tv show characters to me. And that just takes me out of the story all the time, cause these two are supposed to be intertwined.


Overall, the books are a nice add on but I'm not really satisfied.

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review 2020-04-30 13:06
Force of Chaos
Force of Chaos - Lin Senchaid

by Lin Senchaid


I can never resist a good antichrist story. At first I thought this one was going to be just a light hearted YA novel, but things started happening by chapter three that had me holding my breath! There are also some great laugh out loud one-liners between the more intense scenes.


Lucas is the antichrist, but with incarnation comes free will and he's having a teenage rebellion. Rather than being anti-social in high school, he has a few close friends that border on being followers, but most of the time treat him like any other teenager, albeit one with certain leadership abilities and a few, um, unusual skills.


Part of the amusement value is that he attends a Los Angeles high school where everyone knows he's the antichrist and it's just treated as another teenage quirk, except when things get too real. Some of his teachers assume it's just a fantasy thing, but he's got a crush on a girl with very religious parents who disapprove of him for what he is and won't let her go to a dance with him.


I hope there will be further books with these characters. I'm usually not big on series but there's room to further develop some of the peripheral characters and I rather liked the main ones. Yes, including Lucas. I used to wonder after the second of The Omen series films came out what would happen if the antichrist decided he just didn't want to fulfil his prescribed role or questioned the prophecies and this addresses those questions within the context of a fun, fast moving story. Highly recommended!

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review 2020-04-08 01:58
Sweet Chaos (Love and Chaos, #2) - Emery Rose

This was an awesome read for us and we loved it from beginning to end and everything in between.

This story was heart felt and emotional and one of those slow burn romance reads with and older guy in lovelust with a younger women but, with one major complication he used to be in love with his sister or thought he was .

We loved Dylan already from Wilder Love with his sister Remy the man was just a boy and one that was so strong and determined and so broken but, no matter what age he was and no matter what he had to do he would do anything to see what he considered his was provided for and taken care of.I loved the growth we saw from Dylan this time around although still broken in a lot of ways he made some of his dreams come true and was becoming a little less broken every time he spent with Scarlett.

Scarlett was the rebel of her family and planned to live her life on her own terms.We found Scarlett to be strong ,independent,beautiful on the inside as well as out but, her one weakness was never putting herself first.We loved how she always believed in Dylan when others never did all they saw was a punk from the wrong side of the tracks what Scarlett saw was what was below the surface the good along with the bad.

The chemistry between Dylan and Scarlett was scorching.These two who came from totally different backgrounds fit perfectly together. I loved the story and how this couples journey was wrought with tons of things stacked against them but, Dylan was determined to beat the odds and claim the one thing that would complete his own happiness. I loved the broken bad boy he made my heart just melt when it came to loving and taking care of the people he loved most in this world. Dylan with little Kai melted my heart each and every time and had me wishing that Dylan would someday have everything that his twin sister had because he deserved it for all the sacrifices he made in life in the sake of family.

This was one heart felt tale that tugged at ones heart strings but, also was one of hope ,healing,forgiveness and family.

"we absolutely loved it"

This is a fairly new author too us but, the books that we have ready by her have been both amazing and we are looking forward to seeing what this author creates for us.

"This one goes into the keeper pile!"

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review 2020-03-24 16:05
Children of Chaos
Children of Chaos - Greg F. Gifune

by Greg Gifune


The prologue alone sets a disturbing tone. A man with all over body burns is in the vicinity of a carnival in town and encounters some local boys, who assume he must be responsible for a little girl's murder that happened that day. It all goes downhill for them fast from there.


Then the first chapter jumps in time and the boys have grown up and gone separate ways, each affected in their own ways by the events of the beginning. Phillip, the protagonist is probably the least screwed up, but his past comes back to haunt him when the mother of one of the other boys asks for his help.


The author admits in his notes that part of this story was inspired by Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I can see the correlations, though the writing is riveting and most of it original. I'll admit that I didn't think the end measured up to the journey. I'd like to have seen something more original and unpredictable, though it served the story well enough to enjoy the read.


The horrific elements were pretty strong in places and the tension almost exhausting at times. The setting was depicted very effectively so that I felt I was there and the characters fit in well, each of them very unique. Although I didn't much like the ending, I can see why this author is becoming very popular with those who enjoy a good Horror novel. I have another of his that I'll look forward to reading soon.

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quote 2020-02-29 14:44
Bądź ambitny, nawet jeśli nie jesteś pewien, do czego dążyć. Na pewno lepiej jest, gdy ambicje dotyczą rozwoju charakteru i umiejętności, a nie statusu czy władzy.
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