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review 2017-12-08 23:46
Charm School Night Play: Lesson 3
Charm School Night Play: Lesson 3 (Volume 3) - Lynn Carmer

Title:  Charm School Night Play:  Lesson 3

Author:  Lynn Carmer

Publisher: Lynn Carmer        

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Charm School Night Play:  Lesson 3  by Lynn Carmer

My Thoughts.....


I found this novel a very good read where you will find Athena one control person that will find at times  leave you shaking your head.  And then their was Tommy who you may find him him losing his temper at times but when it came to what he wanted he would definitely be found going after it and not taking no for a answer.  I did find several scenes that had me laughing so very hard.  Yes, this was quite a enjoyable read.  I liked the way this author wrote and separated the l's.  I could read it and thoroughly understand the story quite well and even thinking it was uniquely done. 

I found most of the characters somewhat complex but still so very interesting that will definitely keep you turning the pages to see what is coming next.


So, will Athena finally get the happiness she so well deserved?  With these two having that sizzling chemistry will they both who have had some many personal problems be able to finally get their HEA?  To find out you will have to pick up "Charm School Night Play:  Lesson 3" to find out.  Would I recommend?  YES!

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review 2017-10-09 03:56
The Penguin Book of Etiquette and Charm School
The Penguin Book Of Etiquette: The Complete Australian Guide To Modern Manners - Marion Von Adlerstein
Charm School: The Modern Girl's Complete Handbook Of Etiquette - Kathy Buchanan

I don't ordinarily review two books at once, especially two by different authors, but these are both reference books in a sense, and both deal with the rules of etiquette in Australia.


In my opinion, given my own demographic, I found The Penguin Book Of Etiquette by Marion Von Adlerstein  the superior book.  It covers everything and is the more obvious successor to Emily Post for the Aussies.  I've found this super helpful for those odd occasions when culture shock leaves me scratching my head.


Charm School: The Modern Girl's Complete Handbook Of Etiquette by Kathy Buchanan though, would be the better book for older teens, or those leaving home for the first time for university, first job, home, etc.  This is the book for the twentysomethings and it's frank, honest, and slightly amusing in style; much chattier and looser than Von Adlerstein's voice.  Note: This book is specifically aimed at women.

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url 2016-05-13 16:44
The Book Report: Charm School by Nelson DeMille
The Charm School - Nelson DeMille


The Book Report: Charm School by Nelson DeMille




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text 2015-12-29 03:37
Get Charm School novellas for pennies~~
Body Chase: The Fall of Fairer Than: A Charm School Novella - Elizabeth Watasin,Joe Nazarro at One More Time Editing

( I can't get the Witching Hour Collection to show up at BookLikes, so link below! )



WRECKING FAERIE, 1st in the Charm School novella series, is available now for .99 cents via the WITCHING HOUR COLLECTION. That price and the boxed set of ten novels goes Poof when the clock strikes 2016.


BODY CHASE: The Fall of Fairer Than, 3rd in the series and where Bunny’s cousin Honey Baker switches Fairer Than into Dean’s body, Dean into Fairer Than’s, Fairer Than into Bunny’s body—is still 1.99, the pre-order price, but will go up JAN 2nd. So do grab it now! http://amzn.to/1QhOmfK


I've been busy being sick, among other holiday celebrations! So I'm way behind on catching up here at BookLikes. I can't remember if I said HOT RODDIN' TO HELL, the 2nd in the Charm School series, was available, but at least I'm letting you know that BODY CHASE is. ;) 

I also have one Charm School short story live plus three of FAERIE TALES FOR SAPPHIC GIRLS, which is a series consisting (so far), of LADY FROST, THE GIRL WHO SET FORTH TO LEARN FEAR, and FAIR & RAVEN HAIR. I guess I'll promote those, later. (turns into a statue).

Please enjoy if you take advantage of the sales!

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review 2015-11-13 00:24
Hot Roddin' To Hell: A Charm School Novella - Joe Nazzaro at One More Time Editing,Elizabeth Watasin

I would read so much more in this series.   I don't usually buy novellas, but I would buy a whole run of these. 


I absolutely love this world, and if anything, these prose novellas prove just how much I'm still in love with, and in awe of, the world that Watasin has created.   It feels as slyly subversive and cheeky as it did when I first picked it up, cheerfully skewering so many comics that have come before, comics like Betty and Veronica, or even Sabrina, which were at heart full of wholesomeness.   (Arguably, Sabrina is more overtly controversial with the 'witch' aspect, even if Sabrina, and her predecessor, Bunny, are good witches.)   Except that Betty and Veronica would never consider cozying up to each other, and Bunny would definitely consider cozying up to her girlfriend, Dean. 


And thus Watasin cheerfully turns such standards on their head, and does it with a humor and warmth that charmed me from the start.   It continues to do so in this new form.   Not only does Watasin stay true to the origins of these characters, she makes the jump from visual media to that or pure words seamlessly.   It goes off without a hitch. 


Well, actually one hitch.  I really wanted to give this five stars flat and would have except the beginning of chapter three.   You get the three, an empty page, and then it starts of smack in the middle of a sentence: 


"poem or a song of a long ago time."


Location 494 for those with Kindles.   And I know it's not anything that important based on context.   I didn't lose any meaning as far as the overall story.  But I want to know what that said.   It annoyed me enough to put this down for a couple seconds, and then I plowed through.   And it was worth it.   The long awaited - has it really been nearly fifteen years? - last comic?   It's here.   It's not in the format I expected, but it's here, and it is glorious. 


It's the best ending I could have hoped for.   (I know there's another novella coming up, but this is the best ending for the comic series/this story that I could have hoped for.)


Loved it.   Highly suggested, even with that one hitch. 

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