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review 2015-03-28 17:48
4 moons - 'Naughty King' by Michelle A. Valentine
Naughty King - Michelle A. Valentine

Prepare yourself for an ALPHA Jerk in Naughty King, when you first start reading it. The first scene alone with Alexander King aka Naughty King will have you loathing him a bit or a lot depending on how you take the scene. At least that was my first impression of him. So many titles other than Naughty King that Alexander could've been nicknamed, but his nickname definitely fit him perfectly in this installment. He has reasons why he is the way he is though.

The minute I'm introduced to his new assistant though (who he's being a jerk to by the way) Margo Buchanan, I knew I would adore her. Alexander is the one person who always gets his way, but he's met his match with his new assistant. The bad thing is Margo is supposed to be his enemy, but for some reason he can't stop thinking about her feistiness.

Let's just say Margo can put the Naughty King in his place.

I won't go into much details about Naughty King due it being short and having a cliffhanger at the end. Michelle A. Valentine did a great job on introducing the characters of the series and keeping this reader on the edge of her sit with the dominant Alexander King and feisty Margo Buchanan. Although, Alexander did piss me off at times, he was very blunt on telling it how it is.

The story includes not only drama between Margo and Alexander due to what Alexander is up as far as his company and Margo's future with her father's company, but some very HEATED moments between the two. Prepare for tension, mean & snarky comments, and lots of playtime in the bedroom with some toys. (or in the case of these two, a very interesting hotel room) That cliffhanger will leave you in a bit of shock. Definitely wasn't prepared for that kind of ending.

I give this book 4 stars and anxiously wait for the next installment. NOTE: ANXIOUSLY wait.  =)

Source: booklovinmamas.com/2015/03/28/blog-tour-naughty-king-by-michelle-a-valentine-review
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review 2015-02-05 04:02
4 moons - 'Hero' by Samantha Young
Hero - Samantha Young

Hero is the first book I've read from Samantha Young and I look forward to reading more books from her very soon. I have actually been meaning to read Samantha Young's books for a while, but my reading schedule has been hectic until now. I was excited to read Hero early because this type of book is one of my favorites to read. A sexy CEO who has made it even after his troubled past and the woman he tries to avoid but can't. The woman also has a trouble past, but she is determined to make it and she's also determined to help the CEO with his past.

Samantha Young had me continuously turning the pages from the minute I started reading Hero due to how the characters met in person. I swear I was on the edge of my seat because once the two characters met, I knew it was going to be a tension filled book.  The synopsis covers a little bit about what is expected, but in the story you go through a world wind of crazy tension (horrid and sexual) between the characters. Be prepared for lots and lots of tension…and of course lots and lots of sexual moments that are VERY heated.  (Is it getting hot in here?)

Caine Carraway had a rough life due to what happened to his parents and what ended up to him, but he made it through. Unfortunately, he holds a grudge against the person who put him in that predicament, when he was younger. Now, he's going to face off with the daughter of the man who ruined his life and he's going to make her pay for what her father did. Although, Alexa has her own hatred for her father and what he did, but it won't stop her from making things right. She is about to work for Caine and he's going to be difficult to her. VERY difficult….but Alexa is going to challenge him as well.  =)

Hero is all in Alexa's point of view, which I wish I could've been in Caine's head for a little bit during the story. I would have loved to read his point of view of what was happening, especially with the one secret that was revealed towards the end.

The only thing that really bothered me was Alexa letting everyone walk over her, especially her family. She just wants to feel loved and wanted and she couldn't even get that with her family. The ending of what happened irked me a bit with her family too…but the ending with her and Caine was amazing. Those two needed happiness.

This is a standalone, so there is no cliffhanger at the end or anything. I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy the contemporary erotic romance genre. Readers that enjoy reading books with sexy damaged CEOs in them, and a female character who is willing to do anything to fix the damaged CEO while fixing herself.

I give this book 4 full moons and look forward to reading again and again in the near future.

Source: booklovinmamas.com/2015/02/03/arc-review-hero-by-samantha-young
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review 2014-11-20 03:54
3.75 moons - Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James
Long Hard Ride - Lorelei James

Long Hard Ride is not the first book I've read by Lorelei James because two years ago I read another book in the Rough Riders series out of order. (I don't read out of order much because it's a pet peeve of mine, but the book's synopsis caught my eye)

I have been meaning to read this series from the beginning because the book I read two years ago sucked me into the Rough Rider series. I was ecstatic to get a chance to read Long Hard Ride for the first time, so whenever I had time between work and home I was reading this book. I wish I could've read it in a decent time, but my job takes precedence.

Things I enjoyed most about Long Hard Ride:

- Lorelei's James writing style, especially how she writes the steamy scenes. She's very detailed. =)

- Channing Kinkaid. She was a character trying to live her life and have fun. She didn't want her family to decide her life for her.

- The secondary characters of Long Hard Ride. Cash and Gemma. Those two were a riot at times.

Things that drove me crazy, but didn't stop me from reading:

- Colby McKay….Oh boy! He is one crazy alpha male who has emotions going everywhere in Long Hard Ride. He's not my favorite male so far from this series, but I know I'm going to like his brothers. I just didn't connect well with him.

- Trevor….He's such a pain in the butt with hiding something that I wanted to smack him. Other than that, I liked him a little more than Colby.

- I don't usually say this, but too many sexual moments between the characters that took away from the story. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed some sexual moments, but it was a lot with certain characters. Let's not forget how Colby handled certain sexual moments.  Crazy Alpha male!

Other than that I enjoyed reading Long Hard Ride. Channing was my favorite character from the book and Lorelei James did make me teary-eyed in certain scenes in the book. It's never easy to read scenes, when someone gets hurt, etc. I look forward to reading this series in order now, just need to find time in between work, soccer/dance schedules, etc.

I give this book 3.75 moons and recommend it to readers who enjoy reading cowboy (bull rider) books with lots of steamy romance scenes.

This book includes: M/M, some mild BDSM, anal, menage, and lots more.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from RockStarLit PR (via the author) in exchange for an honest review.

Source: booklovinmamas.com/2014/11/19/reviewlonghardrideloreleijames
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review 2014-10-29 01:42
5 moons - Falling In by Lydia Michaels
Falling In - Lydia Michaels

Falling In is the first book to Lydia Michaels Surrender Trilogy and it definitely was hard to put down. Another book from an author I never read before and I have to say I wish I would've known about this trilogy when it first came out.

Falling In reminds me of one of my favorite movies, where the female character Evelyn gets a chance to live the life of hotel tycoon Lucian Patras has to offer. Evelyn aka "Scout" has never had the luxury of sleeping in a comfortable bed, eating home cooked meals, or even wearing clothes fit for the weather. She's trying to live life though by working at the Patras Hotel with the help of her friend Parker. She ends up cleaning one of the penthouses of the hotel one day, and she ends up crossing paths with the resident of the penthouse by accident. Lucian Patras is intrigued by the maid that he comes upon in his room. He wants her for more than a maid for his penthouse and decides to try to seduce her into a proposition that he is made up. Scout is a little weary at first because she knows Lucian has his own intentions, but this her chance to live a life of luxury and get more help with her mother who still lives on the streets.

Lucian is going to meet his match with Evelyn because she is not someone who can be easily won over. She has dilemmas that come forward that are going to question Lucian's proposition with her. It doesn't help when Lucian's friends start noticing him changing because of Evelyn. Evelyn's friend Parker doesn't like Lucian, so be prepared for some moments of hatred between Lucian and Parker. (some very heated testoterone moments)

Falling In definitely has the same elements of my favorite movie, but it's definitely more seductive and wicked. Lucian is very domineering in Falling In and he may have a cold/hot attitude in the book that may drive readers to hate him. In my opinion though, it made me adore his character more. He grows in the book towards Evelyn and he's very protective of what he cares about. Evelyn is the sweet, innocent girl at first but she has a different side to her that is going to come forward throughout the book. She doesn't make it easy for Lucian and she likes to keep her vulnerabilities a secret, but she knows how to handle her vulnerabilities.

If you enjoy a story that has all the usual elements of contemporary erotic romance with some bdsm elements then Falling In is for you. I give this book 5 full moons and I really look forward to reading the next book in the trilogy. There is a slight cliffhanger for readers that need a warning ahead of time before diving into the book. I know some readers don't like cliffhangers, but in this case you need it.  =) It makes you want more after reading what certain characters have planned.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2014-10-01 13:00
Forever Starts Tonight by Roni Loren

I love novellas that follow up with my favorite characters. I feel like it’s a Where Are They Now? for romance novels. I loved Evan, Jace and Andre in Melt Into You and if any couple deserved a follow up, it was them.

Like many relationships, after awhile, mundane everyday life gets in the way and that’s what has happened to this triad. Add in the fact that Evan is working way too much and running herself ragged, Jace decides that the trio needs a romantic getaway for rest, relaxation and sex.

Each character is dealing with their own issues regarding their atypical relationship. While working as Evan’s fill-in assistant at a wedding, Andre runs into his ex-fiancee, Martine. Seeing Martine reminds Andre that he had dreams of marriage, a house and kids. Can he have that with Jace and Evan? Evan is dealing with a pregnancy scare and her own past as a pregnant teen. Jace wants his two lovers to feel safe and secure in their relationship so he comes up with the idea of the romantic getaway.

As much as I loved revisiting this trio, there was something missing. I felt like Forever Starts Tonight was heavy on the sex scenes but light on the plot. The introduction of Martine could have really been a great plot device to force Ev, Jace and Andre to fortify their relationship, for them to show a united front against the world. I wanted Dre to confront Martine with Ev and Jace and show her that he’s happy. None of that happened. It was kind of a let down.

Forever Starts Tonight was a quick read. I like the characters. I just wanted something…more. Loved the sex scenes between Jace and Andre. Evan could have stayed in the bed. LOL!

Source: lovetoreadforfun.com
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