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review 2018-01-07 01:37
This, all this
Bloodshot Salvation #4 - Jeff Lemire,Mico Suayan

Man, this makes me want more Bloodshot.  


Daddy's history sets up a new threat, as Daddy tries to right what he sees as a wrong with his brother Danny.  


And although Bloodshot appears to be dead, Punk Mambo provides a connection - and surprising revelation as to where Bloodshot is.   I kinda need issue five now.  Although I guess I can wait until next Wednesday...

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review 2018-01-07 01:34
Still loving this
Bloodshot Salvation #3 - Jeff Lemire,Lewis Larosa,Mico Suayan

This gets more complex, more heartbreaking, as Bloodshot finds and confronts Daddy, Magic's father, and the leader of a cult.   Bloodshot is furious over what Daddy's done to Magic, and how Daddy is trying to get Magic back, breaking up the family that Magic and Bloodshot have made.   


No doubt Daddy wants Magic to bring her daughter, Jessie, to the cult, and although she has no plans to do this, the mere thought infuriates Bloodshot. 



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review 2018-01-03 23:48
You get a lazier review
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015-) #26 - Alitha Martinez,Natacha Bustos,Brandon Montclare

Because my dad thought it was a good idea to walk me up and down stairs and I got super dizzy, so there's that. 


Love this comic, love this time.   No cap, either!  Just Galactus giving a message to Lunella, who is told of a greater danger that she needs to stop.  


Still miss Devil but I hope he'll come back soon!

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review 2018-01-03 23:19
You get a lazy review
Black Bolt (2017-) #9 - Saladin Ahmed,Christian Ward

This was fucking brilliant.   The storytelling, the art, just top notch.   But it also had Captain America, and since Marvel hasn't apologized for gaslighting us about Hydra not being Nazi stand-ins, nor have the retconned the shitshow that was Secret Empire completely, I'm sticking by one-half starring everything with comic book version Cap in it.   MCU is excluded.   Ultimate Universe, and Spider-Gwen universe are excluded but 616 Cap?   Yeah, that dude gets an automatic one-half star. 


Black Bolt and Blinky tell Titania her husband is dead, and there is fall-out and a funeral.   There's also an old enemy who comes back, and when they're plan of kidnapping and killing Black Bolt fails, they take someone else instead. 


You're getting lazy reviews.  I was talked into giving blood by a nurse, so I'm feeling a little out of it. 

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review 2017-12-25 01:45
Fun trip through the mirror universe
Star Trek: TNG: Mirror Broken #1 - Scott Tipton,David Tipton,J.K. Woodward

The Empire has been run off back to Earth, and the Cardassion-Klingon alliance is hoping for a full victory: eradication of the Empire.   But there are those willing to fight for Earth, and the Empire, and one of those is Captain Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the ISS Stargazer. 


And yet his crew has no hope, until the rumors about a new class of ship start circulating.   this will be the pride of the Empire. 


And Captain Picard may not believe in the ship, at least not until Commander Data provides proof, but he wants anything that can give him a better chance at defeating his enemies.   So when he finds out that La Forge, formerly of the Stargazer, is working on the new, Galaxy class ship, well, Picard simply has to see if he can cut a deal with the under appreciated La Forge.


Fun times.   


Plus, Data with Borg parts.   Yay!

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