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text 2018-08-10 02:54
The NightShade Forensic Files: Under Dark Skies (Book 1) (Volume 1) by: A.J. Scudiere
The NightShade Forensic Files: Under Dark Skies (Book 1) (Volume 1) - A.J. Scudiere

Just finished the first volume yesterday. To be honest, I am really looking forward to watch the other volume. This kind of genre really piqued my interest. Cryptids? Cult? Investigation? Who doesn't love it? Also, the story gets more compelling after each chapter. The story has some interesting plot twists. But you can guess what is going on. And I really think that the bad guy in the story should have a more progressive story. But overall, this one is worth reading during the free time. 

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review 2018-06-08 00:00
Cryptid - Michael Kott View my review on my blog: www.diaryofdifference.com/2018/06/08/cryptid-michael-kott-book-review/

Cryptid by Michael Kott is the second book of these series. It is a sequel to the Piasa, and you can find my review on that here. I have to admit and say that I didn’t enjoy Cryptid as much as I would like to, and you’ll find out why soon.

About the book:

Cryptid continues to tell the story of Sara, a girl that survives a car accident, when all her family dies. While in the first book she meets Mike, who gets her a job as his assistant in his adventures, in this book we will see Sara still maintaining that position, but a little bit from the background. When a few cats that look like leopards will appear at the museum, people start to get scared, and the police wants to shoot the animals. Then Mike and the team come to the rescue, to try and identify what the cats are, and save them from dying.



In Cryptid, we will be introduced to a couple new characters, some of which I happened to be very fond of (Hi Xenia!). The good thing for me was, that I could get a bit of a break from all the Sara moments. The thing I didn’t like was the fact that their background was too short and untold, and they kept making decisions based on the past that we didn’t know (I will mention Shannon’s decision here).

My favourite moments of the book, were, of course, those where Sara wasn’t there. Followed by my previous review of the Piasa, I sometimes like the character of Sara. But I also couldn’t agree with her. I couldn’t understand her character, behaviour and decisions. Maybe it is because of my own childhood. I mean, luckily, I haven’t lost any of my family, but I have lived without both parents in those crucial years, raised by grandparents, while having a little sister to look after, and having an aunt similar to Pamela to guide me through my worst. But I was never this arrogant, self-centered and desperate for ME-ME-ME attention like Sara. Whoa, that lady really can push my limits sometimes.

The same goes with everyone around Sara that constantly tries to please her, and make sure she’s not upset.

And what is the reason that all of the characters are losing their shoes somewhere?

Unlike Piasa, in this book the focus is only on one big event, at two main places – the park and the museum. Apart from a few places in the introduction, the whole story keeps us around these places, which I particularly didn’t mind, but some people may or may not find it boring.

I was a bit sad because I really like Mike, and he wasn’t as present with his story as his was in the other book. I expected to see and learn a bit more of him.

Not to be all negative though, there were a few moments that I really enjoyed! I loved to read about the sisterhood of Pamela and Xenia, and the beginning of the book was fantastic. Xenia is also such an incredible character, and I really admired her. I also loved the explanations on the different kinds of cats and their latin names and meanings.

All in all, I am a bit sad to say that this will be a 3 out of 5 stars. Especially because the author, Michael Kott, is a dear friend of mine, and I greatly enjoyed the Piasa. I may have expected a bit too much of this book, that left me disappointed. But I do believe that some of you might greatly enjoy it! If you like Young-Adult fiction, and stories about mystery animals and cryptids, you will definitely enjoy this book!

Thank you Mike, for sending me a copy of the Cryptid, in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2014-06-11 10:00
Review: Reveal (Cryptid Tales #1)
Reveal (Paranormal Romance) (Cryptid Tales) - Brina Courtney

Shay can talk to ghosts, she can also see them, feel them too. Her best friend is a six year old, who happens to be a ghost. Shay finally meets someone like her in her senior year and gets to learn more of who she is and what she’s capable of.


I tend to steer clear of ghosts, I’ve read a few books with ghosts in and just not enjoyed them. I guess it all depends on how they’re used in the story. I had some doubts after signing up for the review blitz but I can now say with all honesty the doubts were unneeded. I really enjoyed Reveal and I’m glad I chose to sign up.


I’m not quite sure why I liked Shay. Usually a character like her would annoy me but she surprisingly didn’t. I felt sorry for her as she felt lonely, not knowing there were others of her kind. Even though she had her mum, her brother Chad and her best friend Liv, there was nobody to share her secret with. She’s good under pressure, thinks of others before herself (mostly) and does what she must. What did annoy me was how quick she fell for Hugh, sure she’d seen him around but they’d not known each other long before she used the L word :(


Hugh I didn’t like much even if he is a hottie. He was full of lies and hidden truths, why couldn’t he just be up front from the start? I hate it when characters hide things, surely their lives would be simpler if they told the truth from the get go, no? I did admire how he put Shay before himself though.


The story I enjoyed. It was different and full of surprises. I love not knowing how things will turn out and I couldn’t guess with Reveal. I even finished it in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down. A nice, fun quick read.


Now the ending is a completely different story. How can it end there? I wasn’t happy at all, it almost made me cry when I turned the page and there was no more. HELLO, more please?! I will definitely be reading book 2 at some point in the future, I’m curious to find out what happens next.


If you’re a fan of paranormal fantasy I’d suggest giving this series a go, even if you’re not a fan of ghosts!


**A copy was provided for review purposes**

Source: morphybooksblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/review-blitz-reveal
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review 2013-11-11 00:00
Reveal (Cryptid Tales) (Volume 1)
Reveal (Cryptid Tales) (Volume 1) - Brina Courtney I did enjoy this, but it was a pretty average YA PNR and it fit easily around the standard formula: she's always been speshul and OMG he's so fit and INSTA LOVE and then save the day cause together they're EXTRA speshul but oh wait this is a series so maybe the bad guy will come back.

That being said, sometimes you need a predictable read, something you know which is going to do its job. Reveal was entertaining and it did have it's standout points. The whole Cryptid idea was a pretty original take on what could have been bog-standard and just the same as so much other paranormal YA material.

None of the characters really made much of an impression on me, but I liked the ghost aspect. But then again, I love ghost stories.

I will probably read on in this series, because it really was an enjoyable read and I got through it pretty quickly considering how little times I was actually reading it.
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review 2013-10-03 22:38
Review - Settle by Brina Courtney
Settle (Cryptid Tales 3) - Brina Courtney

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*


Settle is the third book in the Cryptid Tales series. Warning, do not read this one without reading book #1, Reveal and book #2 Capture. This is not a standalone novel, and I guarantee you'll be lost without reading the first two books. Please see my review of Reveal & Capture for more regarding the background and characters.

Once again, we follow Shay and Hugh on their journey to find Shay's missing father. The reader is finally treated to answers to many questions that have accumulated through the last two books. As Shay follows leads to find her father, more and more secrets are revealed. I liked the fact that Lacey and Craig made a reappearance in this book, though, I could have done without Chad and Olivia. Both characters are rather annoying.
The plot moves at a lightning fast pace, just like the first two books which makes for a rather exciting read. Poor Shay doesn't have any downtime in this frenetic ride. The book changes points of view once in a while, so the reader is treated to Hugh's thoughts. Man is that boy addicted to Shay. The backstory surrounding the cryptids is complicated, and I still feel a bit confused about so many things.
The end is satisfying, I really enjoyed it. I like the way Brina Courtney gave the reader a great ending with Shay and Hugh, while still leaving things a bit open to continue the story. I recommend Settle to everyone high school and up that enjoys a fast paced paranormal romance.
Source: onceuponayabook.blogspot.com/2013/10/blog-tour-settle-by-brina-courtney.html
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