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text 2017-06-15 06:43
Joy Ride by Cynthia Rayne Book Blitz & Giveaway

Joy Ride 
Cynthia Rayne
Publication date: June 15th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance

As an English professor at an Ivy League university, I’m at the top of my profession, but something’s missing. I gave up my artistic dreams to pursue an academic career. And I’m still haunted by the scars of my past.
I enjoy breaking the rules and doing what I damn well please. And a dangerous infatuation’s blooming—Darcy’s intelligent, innocent, and virginal. I long to be her first, to teach her every wicked thing I know.
There’s just one problem—she’s my student, the ultimate forbidden fruit.
I lead a well-ordered life with to-do lists and schedules. I always do the safe thing, make the right choices. I’ve made all my plans—got accepted into a master’s degree program, and I even have a graduate assistantship lined up.
Although, I long to be an author, like my father, but it’s not a stable career. Yet, I can’t stop thinking about seeing my name on a book cover.
To make matters worse, I keep my thinking about my sexy professor—he’s got a British accent, an attitude, and a bad boy streak. I hang on his every word. When we get close, all my barriers and rules break down. He’s encouraging me to throw caution to the wind and chase my dream.
Can I let go? Have the life I want and the man I long for?
Darcy cleared her throat. “Tonight was fun. I’ll see you in class tomorrow.”
“Yes, I had a good time too. I hope you get some rest.”
“You too, Ian.” She’d said her parting line, but neither one of us moved, like we were drawn together.
Darcy was so close—within arm’s reach. Before I knew it, I leaned down to steal a kiss. At the very last moment, I changed course and pressed my mouth to her cheek instead.
Thank God.
She gasped.
Dammit. I’d come so close to crossing that infernal line. When I stood upright, Darcy had a fingertip pressed her to lips, mouth parted as though inviting more intimate contact. Or my imagination was in overdrive.
“Um, good night.” She took a step back.
“Good night.”
Technically, a kiss on the cheek was innocent. Even if my intentions weren’t. Yet I’d breached protocol all the same.
Professors didn’t kiss their students. Period.

Author Bio:
Cynthia Rayne is a USA TODAY bestselling author of the Lone Star Mobster Series, Let it Ride Series, and the Four Horsemen MC Series. While Cynthia was born and raised a damn Yankee in Ohio, her parents hail from Dixie, and she grew up on homemade buttermilk biscuits and southern wisdom. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, reading way too many romance novels, and drinking a truly obscene amount of coffee.
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url 2016-05-10 04:25
FREE Box Set at Amazon
Four Horsemen MC Boxed Set: Books 1-2 - Cynthia Rayne
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review 2015-09-29 18:19
Devil May Care (Four Horsemen MC Book 4) - Cynthia Rayne,Sara Rayne

An intense story about love and truth.

I have never read a character like Eddie (Edna) before, nor a dynamic like the one she and Captain (Colin) shared: an older widow, younger divorcee, and a years-old secret that would be a game-changer for everybody.

I really liked Eddie. While I could relate her to people I have met, I wanted to meet her and just hang with her. The hand she was dealt wasn't fair at times, and I was rooting for her all the way.

Captain was true alpha male. Period. But, he definitely had a soft spot for Eddie, and he was not giving up until she was his.

Take a hard-core MC, murder, the FBI, then throw in a moonshine operation and an insanely wealthy family stirring up trouble, and you've got Devil May Care!

***i received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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review 2015-02-23 03:57
Damned (Four Horsemen MC #3) by Cynthia Rayne
Damned (Four Horsemen MC Series Book 3) - Cynthia Rayne,Sara Rayne

Damned begins with Rose trying to get on with her life after being kidnapped. Duke is the one who found her, and although she seems to have a strange attraction to him she isn't sure she wants to be any where near him. Until Duke starts to help her with her pain, and trying to move on from what happened. These two have a bond that no one understands, it seems to go beyond the age difference, and more. But when the threat comes back for Rose, Duke and everyone else must be on guard for her safety.


This book was really pretty good. There wasn't a whole lot of action in it. But there was a whole lot of awesome romance in it. I loved the relationship that developed between Rose and Duke. They were perfect together. I really loved this one. Now, I'm seriously looking forward to more in this series. Especially Shep's story. He's going to freaking rock!


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url 2015-02-16 22:15
New Romance Release
Damned (Four Horsemen MC Series Book 3) - Cynthia Rayne,Sara Rayne
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